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MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA is the brand created by ANIEME, the Spanish National Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters, to bring together and promote the most relevant brands of the Spanish furniture industry among retailers, wholesalers, contract specifiers, interior designers, architects and a wider international audience.

Each with its own personality and identity, the brands of MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA are all export-oriented manufacturers of furniture and home décor products. The union of all of them under the collective brand of MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA reinforces the image of Spain as a producer country of furniture and a provider of interior design solutions for professionals in the interior design industry. Both the brand and its business promotion web have been created to increase awareness of the key features that define Spanish furniture and to provide the market with maximum information about the brands, their products and their services.

With a rich offer, which covers everything from classical furniture inspired by traditional artisan work to contemporary furniture and ground-breaking designs, MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA can be an answer to different commercial proposals and the perfect solution for endless requirements in a highly competitive environment.

The significant growth of Spanish exports in recent years and the presence of our brands and products in many countries in the five continents reflect the great dynamism and the versatility of the Spanish furniture industry, a sector that can easily adapt to the ever-evolving global market and meet the demand of the most quality conscious consumer.

Firmly rooted in tradition but with a strong international projection based on design, quality and service, the Spanish brands have worked hand in hand with leading studios in decorating not just the most exclusive hotels, villas, and apartments but also important universities, airports, embassies, offices and public spaces. Whatever the projects, ambiences furnished with Made in Spain products feature an exclusive emotional appeal, which is, by the way, the hallmark of many Spanish design products.

The diversity and excellence of the Spanish furniture offer are on display throughout the pages of this web. The search engines will make it easier for professionals and end users the search for contacts and suitable products. Enjoy MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA!



* Figures in million euros

At the end of 2023, Spanish furniture exports registered an increase of +3.0%, amounting to more than 3,042 million euros.

On the import side, figures indicate that Spain’s furniture imports in 2023 were worth 3,837 million euros, which represents a -5.0% decrease compared to 2022.

Import and export figures reveal that the deficit of the Spanish trade balance amounted to -795 million euros, while the import/export coverage ratio made up 79.3%.

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