Use policy

A) Use policy

The owner of this web site and service provider of the information is the Spanish National Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters (hereinafter ANIEME), with address Vinatea, 22 (1º, 8ª), with NIF G28527448 and registered in “Oficina Pública de Depósito de Estatutos de Asociaciones Sindicales y Empresariales” from Employment and Social Security Office with Deposit Number 99000586.

In the expression “site or web site” they are included -as to define but not to limit- the data, texts, graphs, images, animations, musical creations, videos, sounds, drawings, photographs and others included in it and, in general, all creations expressed by any mean or support, tangible or intangible, independently of whether they are capable or not of intellectual and industrial copyright according to the in force applicable rules.

The access to the site implies that the user acquires a series of rights and obligations, in order to guarantee the suitable use of the services and contents found in it and that ANIEME puts at disposal of the user for free.

The user is conscious that the access and utilization of the services and contents of the site are carried out under his only and sole responsibility.

The user’s condition is acquired by means of the access to the web site.

ANIEME gives notice to the user of the following general conditions of use, which are accepted expressly and fully by him by the mere fact of acceding to the web site and/or the visualization of the contents or utilization of the services contained in the web site. If these general conditions were replaced with others in everything or partly, they will be understood accepted of identical form to the exposed one. The user is responsible and must access to these general conditions periodically to know the successive versions that are included here.

In case the user does not accept these general conditions or the particular conditions that regulate the use of a certain service and/or content destined to the users of the web site and that ANIEME determines, the user will have to abstain from accessing the web site.

The user will have to establish the security measures of technical character suitable to avoid actions not wished in his information system, files and computer equipments used to access Internet and, especially, the web site, being conscious that Internet is not totally safe.

B) Object of the web site

Through the access to the site, the user will be able to enjoy the use of different contents and services that will be offered by ANIEME or, in its case, by third suppliers in the conditions decided for them.

ANIEME will be able to modify in a unilateral form and without previous notice, the rendering, configuration, content and services of the site, as well as the conditions of use and the access to the contents offered and services rendered.

The cost of the telephonic access or another type of expense for the connection to the access to the web site will be chargeable exclusively to the user.

C) Users allowed and prohibited

The user will be able to access, for free and without need of previous authorization, the available contents and services, as such of the site, without affecting the technical, particular conditions or the need of the previous registration with regard to services and specific contents, as decided in these general conditions or in the particular conditions of above mentioned services.

In no case the user will be allowed:

  • To access or to use the services and contents of the site with illicit purposes, harmful to rights and freedoms of third parties, or that they could harm, damage or prevent by any way, the access to the same ones, to the detriment of ANIEME or third parties.
  • To use the services, total or partially, to promote, to sell, to contract, to spread advertising or own information or of third persons without previous authorization and in writing of ANIEME.
  • To include hyperlinks, in his particular or commercial web pages, to this web site which are not just only and exclusively to the access to its main page.
  • To eliminate or to modify anyhow the devices of protection or identification of ANIEME or its legitimate holders that the contents lodged in the web site could contain, or the symbols that ANIEME or the third parties that are legitimate holders of the rights incorporate into their creations object of intellectual or industrial property in this web site.
  • To include, in web sites of his responsibility or ownership, “metatags” of brands, trade names or distinctive signs property of ANIEME or third parties.
  • To reproduce totally or partially the present web site in another web site; it will not be allowed to make frames to the site or to the web sites accessible through it that hide or modify –as to define but not to limit– contents, advertising spaces and brands of ANIEME or of third parties, independent or not of whether they mean acts of disloyal competition or of confusion.
  • To create frames inside a web site of his responsibility or ownership that reproduce the main page and/or the pages accessible through it, respective to this web site, without ANIEME’s previous authorization.
  • To include in a web site of his responsibility or ownership a hyperlink that generates a window or session of the software of navigation used by a user of his web site, in which there are included brands, trade names or distinctive signs of his ownership and through which the main web page is shown and/or any of the pages accessible through the same one, concerning this web site, without ANIEME’s previous authorization.
  • To use the brand, trade names, as well as any other identifiable sign that is subject to rights of intellectual or industrial property, without the previous express authorization and in writing by its owner.

D) Rights and obligations of ANIEME

ANIEME reserves for itself the following rights:

  • To modify the conditions of access to the site, technical or not, in a unilateral way and without advance notice to the users, without prejudice to what has been arranged in the particular conditions that regulate the use of a certain service and/or contents destined for ANIEME members and/or users of the web site.
  • To establish particular conditions and, in its case, the demand of a price or other requirements for the access to certain services and/or contents.
  • To limit, to exclude or to condition the access of the users when they do not meet all the guarantees of correct use of the site in conformity with the obligations and bans assumed by them.
  • To finish the provision of a service or supply of a content, in any case and, in particular, when the same one turns out to be illicit or against the conditions established for the same ones, without prejudice to what has been arranged in the particular conditions that regulate the use of a certain service and/or contents destined for the users of the web site.
  • To modify, suppress or update all or part of the contents or services offered through the site, without need of advance notice, without prejudice to what has been arranged in the particular conditions that regulate the use of a certain service and/or contents destined for the users of the web site.
  • To undertake any legal or judicial action that is suitable for the protection of the rights of ANIEME as of third parties that provide their services or contents through the site, provided that it turns out to be proper.
  • To demand the compensation that could derive from the undue or illicit use of all or part of the services and contents provided through the site.

E) Use of cookies

ANIEME can use cookies when a user surfs the sites and pages of the web site. Such cookies will be used by ANIEME under the conditions and with the aims described in its Cookies Policy.

F) ANIEME’s exemption and disclaimer

ANIEME remains exempt from any type of responsibility for damages of any nature in the following cases:

  • For the impossibility or difficulties of connection to the network of communications through which this web site turns out to be accessible, independently of the kind of connection used by the user.
  • For the interruption, suspension or cancellation of the access to the web site, as well as for availability and continuity of the functioning of the site or of the services and/or contents in it.
  • ANIEME does not take any responsibility with respect to the services and contents, nor with regard to the availability and conditions, technical or not, of access to them, which are offered by third parties that are service providers, especially with respect to the service providers of the information society. By service providers of the information society they will be understood those natural or juridical persons which give the following services to the public:
    • Transmission, through a communication network, of data provided by the addressee of the service.
    • Services of access to the mentioned network.
    • Services of storage or housing of data.
    • Supply of contents or information.
    • Service of temporary copy of the data requested by the users.
    • Provision of links to search contents or tools.
  • ANIEME never takes responsibility for the damages that could be caused by the information, contents, products and services –as to define but not to limit– given, communicated, lodged, transmitted, exhibited or offered by third parties foreign to ANIEME –included the service providers of the information society– through a web site to which one may access by means of an existing link in this site.
  • Nor for the treatment and later utilization of personal data done by third parties foreign to ANIEME, as well as the relevance of the information requested by them.
  • Nor for the quality and speed of access to the site and of the technical conditions the user must combine in order to be able to access to the site and to its services and/or contents.
  • ANIEME will not be responsible for the delays or failures that would take place in the access and/or functioning of the services and/or contents of the web site, due to a case of Force Majeure.

G) Intellectual and industrial property

The user knows that the contents and services offered through the site -including texts, graphs, images, animations, musical creations, videos, sounds, drawings, photographs, all the comments, displays and html code of the same one, with this enumeration not having a limitative character- are protected by the laws of intellectual and industrial property. This site’s copyright and its right of economic exploitation belong to ANIEME and/or to third entities.

Thus, the brands, trade names or distinctive signs that appear in the web site are property of ANIEME or, in its case, of third entities, and are protected by the laws of industrial property in force, and needs the authorization by their legitimate owners.

H) Hyperlinks

The use of hyperlinks to the present web site will only be authorized by ANIEME through written authorization and provided that the hyperlink is done in the following terms foreseen in the present Conditions:

  • The link will allow access only to the home page of this web site.
  • With the intention of avoiding the confusion of the web users it is banned to load any page belonging to the web site, in one of the sections of another web page divided in frames, so that it provokes a distortion in the presentation of this web site inducing to confusion to the Internet users (“framing”).
  • The authorization to insert a link does not presuppose, in any case, consent to reproduce the visual and functional aspects (“look and feel”) of this web site.
  • Likewise, it is explicitly banned the creation of an environment or navigation bar on the pages that compose this site, without previous authorization.
  • Link outlook: the hyperlink may only be a text. For the use of graphs or logos a license to use the graphs or logos will have to be obtained previously from ANIEME. Anyhow, the text will have to express roundly that it links with the present web site. As a rule, the look, the visual effect, the location and, in general, the characteristics of the hyperlink will have to show evidence that the same one leads to ANIEME’s web site and that the latter is independent and it is not tied by a relationship of collaboration, association, sponsorship, working nor of any other type, to the web page that contains the hyperlink.
  • Any web page that contains a hyperlink to ANIEME web site, will have to respect unavoidably these General Conditions of Use of the present web site, be characterized for being loyal and lawful hyperlinks and obey any legal applicable dispositions and the requirements of the morality and the good customs generally accepted.
  • Finally, it is banned to insert hyperlinks to the web site in web pages with contents, allusions or orientation opposite to or not compatible with those that inspire ANIEME web site.

I) Personal data protection

ANIEME guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data provided by the users and its treatment in agreement to the in force legislation on protection of personal data: Organic Law 15/1.999, of 13 December, of Personal Data Protection (LOPD) and Royal Decree 1720/2.007, of 21 December, by which it is approved the Regulation of development of the LOPD (RDLOPD). The personal data gathered through the web site will be incorporated to one or several processings or files responsibility of ANIEME. To such effects, ANIEME will provide the users, before the delivery of the personal data, information about the content of the processing, in accordance with Article 5 of the LOPD, without prejudice to the possibility of the user to access the Privacy Policy.

J) Nullity and voidability

Supposing any clause of these general conditions or, in its case, particular conditions that regulate the use of a certain service and/or content destined for ANIEME members and/or users of the web site, turns out voidable or void, totally or partially, this nullity or cancellation will not affect the validity of the other clauses, which will remain with full efficiency and validity, unless the party who invokes its nullity or cancellation proves that, without the clause which turns out to be voidable or void, the purposes pursued by the present General Conditions and/or particular applicable will not be fulfilled.

K) Legislation and Jurisdiction

These general conditions are governed by the Spanish legislation. The parties, with express resignation to their own jurisdiction, surrender themselves, for the resolution of all the litigations that could be derived, to the Courts of Valencia capital.