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DRESSY, elegance and distinction for stylish interior schemes

November 23 / 2021

Committed to high quality and excellence in design, DRESSY is a global ambassador of style and elegance. As the premium brand of the Mobiliario Auxiliar de Diseño Group, DRESSY can rely on the expertise of the parent company, a dynamic enterprise that manufactures all of its products from its factory in Crevillente (Alicante). The full control over production processes and quality of materials provides great creative freedom allowing the company to maximize personalization and adapt to every scheme and project.


MILES storage units, NUBO chairs and lounge chairs, JOIN coffee table, JOPLIN table | DRESSY

Wood, ceramic and metal fuse in DRESSY’s collections providing furniture with character and unique style. The warmth and beauty of wood partner with the versatility of the ceramic surfaces and with the character of the metal and oxide finish creating products that stand out for their contemporaneity and distinctive aesthetic.


NUBO chairs, PARKER table, MILES sideaboards | Living room environment | DRESSY

DRESSY is also renowned for its beautiful ceramic surfaces that are applied to tables and cabinets and are available in a multitude of finishes that imitate materials such as cement, stone, oxide or marble. Made of inorganic materials, these ceramic surfaces are attractive, ultra-resistant and remain unaltered over time. In addition, they are offered in a wide variety of colours that allow to personalize the look and adapt it to the surrounding environment.


JOIN coffee table & NUBO lounge chairs | Lounge area | DRESSY

The collaborations with prestigious Spanish designers, such as Santiago Sevillano, Sergio Rochas and Yonoh, have expanded the possibilities of furniture and their performance in both public and private spaces. Tables, chairs, armchairs, storage units are all available in a rich choice of sizes, shapes and finishes that make it possible to adapt every single piece to the requirements of clients. Most of the models can be used in contract projects as they comply with the highest standards of quality and have therefore been included in the Q Dreams catalogue that gathers the hospitality furniture from the three brands of the group – MOBLIBERICA, DRESSY and MUSOLA. Let’s discover some models…


JOPLIN tables & LAP chairs | Restaurant environment | DRESSY

NUBO chair & armchair. By Santiago Sevillano

With NUBO, one of the latest creations by Santiago Sevillano for the brand, meticulous craftsmanship has found a new expression. Its unique design is based on the piling and fusion of the different elements that shape the backrest and give volume to the piece.


NUBO chairs | Santiago Sevillano | DRESSY

NUBO has a shell made of injected polyurethane foam that provides the seat with great comfort and ergonomics. It is offered with four different metal legs, one of them with a swivel mechanism; and in two backrest options (low and high).


NUBO chairs | Santiago Sevillano | DRESSY

One of the latest additions to the collection is the lounge chair that adds further versatility to this seat family.

MILES storage furniture. By Sergio Rochas

Designed by Sergio Rochas, MILES is DRESSY’s first line of storage furniture for living spaces, including sideboards and cupboards in different sizes. Pieces are offered in three different heights: on the one hand, there is a floor storage unit made of MDF; on the other hand, modules rest on a solid metal structure that is available in two heights and two different shapes – circular or rectangular.


MILES sideboard | Sergio Rochas | DRESSY

For further customization, the upper module can come completely lacquered or finished with ceramic elements. In the case of the sideboard, this module is available in various dimensions and can be divided into two, three or four volumes.


MILES cabinets | Sergio Rochas | DRESSY

Finally, pieces have been designed with the best components on the market, such as the BLUM ® hardware.

JOIN coffee table. By Yonoh

Inspired by industrial designs of the 50s, JOIN is a collection of coffee tables that amazingly combine elegance and sobriety, resulting in timeless pieces that match different looks and styles.


JOIN coffee table | Yonoh | DRESSY

The design of these 35 cm high coffee tables creates a beautiful combination between the tops in technical porcelain available in four different shapes – square, rectangular, round and oval – and the structure made of Ø12 mm metal tubes.


JOIN coffee table | Yonoh | DRESSY

The metal support comes lacquered in different colours to match or create contrast with the ceramic surfaces.

LAP chairs. By Santiago Sevillano

An iconic collection of the brand, the great family of the LAP chairs takes versatility to the next level.


LAP chairs | Santiago Sevillano | DRESSY

Chairs are available with different legs, either in metal (fixed or swivel with or without self-centring mechanism) or in wood (beech and ash) and with two seating solutions: fully upholstered shell and removable seat or lacquered shell and removable upholstery.


LAP chairs, swivel version | Santiago Sevillano | DRESSY

The upholstered shell is made of 65 kg / m3 injected polyurethane, while the lacquered one is made of rigid polyurethane foam of 1050-1150 kg / m3.

JOPLIN table. By Sergio Rochas

Inspired by the American mid-century style, the JOPLIN table takes its name from renowned jazz artist Scott Joplin.


JOPLIN table, rectangular top version | Sergio Rochas | DRESSY

It comes in four different shapes and with a laminated technical porcelain top with glass that is available in more than 40 different finishes.


JOPLIN table, round top version | Sergio Rochas | DRESSY

Tops are elegantly supported by two metal legs with an innovative, intriguing design that recalls the keys of a piano – hence the dedication to Scott Joplin.


For more information, visit: dressy.design


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