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FAMA obtains the Zero Waste Certification from AENOR

February 11 / 2022

One of the most complicated and challenging environmental issues that society and companies are currently facing is the generation and management of waste. The development of our societies and the consumption habits are affecting our planet since the volume of waste generated on a global scale continues to increase. The inadequate waste management has a negative impact on the environment, as it is the main cause of environmental pollution contributing significantly to climate change and the degradation of ecosystems. On the other hand, when waste is managed properly, it can be converted into resources that help preserve raw materials, ensuring economic sustainability with a positive effect on the conservation of natural resources and ecosystems.


Always at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, FAMA, a leading company in the production of sofas and upholstered furniture, has received the Zero Waste Certification from AENOR. This is an important distinction that recognizes those companies that guarantee the recovery of more than 90% of the waste they generate, thus avoiding its final disposal in landfill sites and promoting, at the same time, sustainability through the circular economy. In this way, the waste can have a second useful life, either in the form of reuse, the creation of new raw materials or shredded to create solid recovered fuel (SRF).


In the case of FAMA, in the last 8 months, the Yecla-based company has managed to recycle 99.985% of its waste, separating and giving a second useful life to all types of waste, from small solid rubbish, such as obsolete fluorescent tubes or filters, to large quantities of production refuses, such as plastic, wood or rubber.


Caring for the environment and reducing waste have been at the core of FAMA’s brand philosophy for many years, but it is in the last decade that efforts in this direction have intensified. When the company obtained the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification four years ago, it decided to strengthen its commitment to the environment, maximizing the reuse of waste by adopting all the necessary measures and changes in the production process.


One of the most important changes has been the recycling of refuses generated from fabric cutting machines. Before changes were adopted, FAMA used to generate 100,000 kg of industrial waste in a year; now, all the refuses are being separated and properly disposed so that they don’t end up in a landfill. What used to be 100,000 kg of industrial waste has now become 70,000 kg of fabric scraps and 30,000 kg of plastic waste, two raw materials that can be recycled separately. The former to create new fabrics, or new products such as insulation for homes, and the latter to generate new plastics.


Thanks to this new project, FAMA has obtained the certificate and achieved these incredible results. A project that has not gone unnoticed and for which the company has been selected among the “101 Business Examples” by Acción #PorElClima, a recognition that serves as a stimulus to continue reducing environmental impact, constantly implementing small improvements in production processes and company culture.


With a final objective: to promote the circular economy through the recovery and re-uses of waste, improving both the environment and the health of people.

For more information, visit: www.fama.es


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