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IMM Cologne 2016: design from Spain (II)

December 30 / 2015

We continue our review of Spanish design brands on exhibition at the IMM Cologne in pavilions Pure & Pure Editions. SANCAL and VONDOM have some new designer items that will add style and a lot of personality to your indoors & outdoors. Discover more…



Be prepared for the unexpected! Imagine wonder-rooms full of the most exotic pieces, all housed in a golden-ratio-inspired setting. The shine of metallic colours, like the vibrant copper details or the silvers, mixes with soft, fur-like velvet and the scent of real leather and the warm marquetry contrasts with the cool elegance of marbles. It’s fairy tale, it’s real. It’s MAJESTIC, the latest fabulous collection of SANCAL, on display in an unparalleled, almost surreal, scenography.

SANCAL, MAJESTIC collection: TIPTOE sofa, MOSAICO coffee table TONELLA armchairs

The whole collection, which includes 6 designer items, takes inspirations from decorative styles from other periods; but it brings them to new life, avoiding an overwhelming idea of luxury. This way, the company stays true to its design principles of sophistication and humour.


As if enchanted, the products each have their own personality: the mini armchair TONELLA, by the Swedish design studio Note, is a more compact rethinking of a SANCAL’s old model; the outstanding MOSAICO range by Yonoh comprises of a set of tables and seating solutions that can be freely combined in a puzzle-like manner; the VICHY dining table by French designers BrichetZiegler boasts its full spread of marquetry. New pieces have also been added to the COLLAR and NUDO families.

SANCAL, VICHY dining table

Another highlight of the MAJESTIC line is the TIP TOE sofa which gets its name from its slender and airy legs. Like with most of his classics for SANCAL, Rafa Garcia put the emphasis on simplicity and functionality. Refined, subtle, and extremely cosy, TIP TOE provides any living room or lounge space with extra sophistication and comfort.

SANCAL, TIPTOE sofa by Rafa García

As a brand new launch, SANCAL will be unveiling at the IMM its new reading chair, TORTUGA, a creation by Nadadora. Sleek design and ultra-comfort run in tandem to ensure the best reading experience! Don’t miss…

Hall Hall 2.2 Stand H011


Take one of the most innovative processes in the field of decoration, the rotational moulding, add technological know-how, design and creative capacity and you’ll have VONDOM, a key player of the outdoor & indoor furnishing industry.

The brand will be showcasing in Cologne a selection of its latest creation, such as the SOLID collection designed by Stefano Giovannoni. With its classy and stackable design, the collection includes a group of elements: a sofa, an armchair, a chair, a chair with armrests a table and a coffee table, made of polyethylene resin, which means it is weather-resistant and 100% recyclable, available in lacquered or basic finish. These furniture pieces owe their stability to unique geometrical and well defined shapes, which seem to be chiselled from a rock.

VONDOM, SOLID collection by Stefano Giovannoni

Designed by Ramón Esteve, ULM is other proposal of the brand for the German market. A functional seating collection that impress for the perfect balance of design, technology and ergonomics. Playing with cubes, prisms and spherical shapes, the sofa, as well as the chairs, the daybed, which won the prestigious Best of the Year 2015 Award, the coffee table and the ottoman, feature rigid and resilient structures that provide support to softer elements. All the pieces can come with integrated lighting, an option that is aimed at enveloping ambiences in colours while highlighting the innovative quality of the collection.

VONDOM, ULM collection by Ramón Esteve

The goal behind the DELTA chair was to maximize emotions while minimizing resources. Playing with lines and empty space, Jorge Pensi has created a chair with a strong identity; nevertheless, it adapts perfectly to different interior and exterior architectural spaces without creating discord. The collection is complemented by a table with triangular base and folding top.

VONDOM, DELTA chairs by Jorge Pensi

The offer of VONDOM at the IMM is completed by BLOOM, the lamp-planter created by Eugeni Quitllet for public spaces. Thanks to the LED feature, the BLOOM lamp-planter establishes soon an intriguing relationship among beautiful sculptural form, colour and lighting.

VONDOM, BLOOM lamp-planter by Eugeni Quitllet

Hall 11.2 Stand K051


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