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IMM Cologne 2024: Unveiling MOBLIBERICA’s Design Mastery

January 3 / 2024

Neuheiten 2024 | MOBLIBERICA Pressemappe | Deutsche Version (PDF)

From its base in Crevillente (Alicante), MOBLIBERICA is recognized as a leader in the Spanish furniture industry, celebrated for its elegantly designed tables, chairs, and storage solutions. Their innovative use of durable ceramic surfaces is a hallmark of their commitment to design excellence. With an eco-friendly approach and a focus on customer needs, MOBLIBERICA meets the rigorous standards of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, reflecting their dedication to quality, sustainability, and continuous innovation.

In 2024, MOBLIBERICA unveils a fresh selection that introduces new pieces along with an expanded range of ceramic finishes, textiles, and metallic hues, all designed to satisfy a broad spectrum of tastes and environments. Once again, ceramic takes center stage in these latest creations, showcasing MOBLIBERICA’s mastery in applying this versatile, durable, and hygienic material to tabletops and furniture fronts. We invite you to discover MOBLIBERICA’s latest collections that embody the perfect blend of functionality, elegance, and progressive design.

PLEC table. By Mobliberica Design Team

Imagine a table that adapts to your life’s evolving rhythm. The PLEC table, a central piece of the Mobliberica Design Team’s new collection, does just that. Fixed (19 sizes) or extendable (13 sizes), it boasts a central leg ingeniously crafted from an 8mm folded steel sheet, promising both elegance and strength. The magic lies in the synchronized central opening system, which gracefully expands the table while maintaining its steadfast stance—no more shuffling of legs, just seamless, fluid motion.


PLEC ceramic-top table | MOBLIBERICA

But the real delight is in the customization. The tabletop, a sleek blend of technical porcelain and glass, invites you to express your unique style with 32 structure colors and 43 vibrant ceramic hues.


PLEC ceramic-top table, base detail | MOBLIBERICA

From subtle tones to bold statements, your PLEC Table is more than just furniture; it’s a reflection of your personal taste, designed for every mood and moment.

GAVI armchair. By Arnau Reyna

Born from the creative mind of Arnau Reyna and inspired by the elegant anatomy of bird wings, the GAVI armchair emerges as a unique blend of sophistication and comfort. This seating collection is distinguished by its two finishes: a smooth and soft upholstery, and a draped design, offering the opportunity to choose according to your aesthetic preferences. The double-density foam seat ensures a pleasant sitting experience, emphasizing both style and comfort.


GAVI armchair | Arnau Reyna | MOBLIBERICA

The chair’s robust 16 mm Ø metal foot combines structural integrity with a contemporary design. Practicality meets customization with the Quickclick pads by Wagner® with interchangeable inserts. The extensive chromatic palette of 32 color options for the structure and a range of 280 upholstery references allows effortless personalization of your decor.

ARESTA table. By Mobliberica Design Team

A table that’s as multifaceted as your needs. This is ARESTA. Fixed (H75) or auxiliary (H30, H40, H55), each table is a canvas for creativity, framed by a slender aluminum profile. The dining table is available in 38 sizes while the auxiliary version comes in 36 sizes, each awaiting your choice from an array of 32 structural colors and 43 ceramic finishes.


ARESTA ceramic-top table | MOBLIBERICA

Embrace the fluidity of design and the promise of enduring style with ARESTA, where each table is not just a piece of furniture but a pivotal element of your personal space.

LISSE chair. By Mobliberica Design Team

Experience the difference with the LISSE chair, a new launch from MOBLIBERICA inspired by the charming village of Lisse and its iconic tulip fields. This chair seamlessly merges ergonomic design with modern aesthetics, providing a comforting retreat in any setting. The backrest, crafted from high-density injected foam (65kg/m3 density), and the upholstered seat ensure superior comfort.



Supported by Ø16 mm metal legs, available in 32 colors, and customizable with 280 upholstery options, the LISSE chair, with its petal-like shape, represents a perfect blend of style and personalization. It’s ready to complement any interior with elegance and ease.


ESLA ceramic-top table, new oval version, and LISSE chairs | MOBLIBERICA

The chair is perfect in combination with the ESLA extendable tables which are available in three different shapes: round, rectangular with rounded adged and tha new oval version, all of them with amazing glass-laminated technical ceramic tops.

You are invited to experience the fusion of innovation, sustainability, and design at MOBLIBERICA’s stand. Discover how their ceramic surfaces redefine contemporary living spaces and let the versatility of their collections inspire your next design project. Welcome to the MOBLIBERICA experience.

Hall 4.2 Stand C049 | C041

MOBLIBERICA on Furniture from Spain


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