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MAISON&OBJET 2024: NOVOCUADRO Unveils Nature-Inspired Masterpieces

January 16 / 2024

NOVOCUADRO Art Company, celebrated for its artistic excellence in the Spanish furniture industry, leads the way in distributing original artworks on a global scale. Boasting over 15 years of enriching experience, the company has firmly established itself as a key supplier to specialized decor stores, architects, designers, and interior decorators. It is highly regarded as a provider of exquisite artworks for both contract and residential projects. Renowned for its profound understanding of decorative art, NOVOCUADRO consistently aligns with the latest trends. Their handcrafted works, encompassing a variety of styles, transform any space into a unique experience.

At MAISON&OBJET 2024, attendees will have the opportunity to witness a selection of NOVOCUADRO’s most recent artworks and explore new launches, thereby gaining an exclusive insight into the latest innovations and artistic endeavours of NOVOCUADRO.


BIG SHAPES I | Jaime Jurado | NOVOCUADRO Art Company

Shapes Composition by Jaime Jurado: A Harmony of Art and Nature

Bringing the tranquillity of nature into the realm of contemporary interiors, NOVOCUADRO’s latest exhibition at M&O 2024 is marked by a palette rich in earth tones. These tones are skilfully woven together to create a warm, inviting atmosphere, while the subtle use of soft colour flashes adds an unmistakable touch of elegance and style, capturing the serene beauty of the natural world.


BIG SHAPES I, II, III | Jaime Jurado | NOVOCUADRO Art Company

The crowning feature of this collection is Shapes Composition by Spanish artist Jaime Jurado. This outstanding work is divided into two series: BIG SHAPES I, II, III, each a significant 150 x 150 canvas framed in oak, and SHAPES I & II, each measuring 120 x 90, created using mixed techniques on specially treated wood. These pieces together form a harmonious blend of decorative elements, originality, and elegance, showcasing Jurado’s exceptional ability to merge diverse artistic components into a singular, impactful vision.


SHAPES I& II | Jaime Jurado | NOVOCUADRO Art Company

Jurado’s carefully chosen earth-tone palette reveals a deep connection with nature, while the ingenious contrast in his work adds a dynamic layer to the composition.


SHAPES I & II | Jaime Jurado | NOVOCUADRO Art Company

Jurado’s art goes beyond limits, redefining contemporary harmony. Each brushstroke reflects mastery, forming a visual dialogue between canvas and wood, harmonizing form and function. This collection by Jaime Jurado showcases not just skill but a unique vision, inviting viewers into a world of sophistication and originality.

NOVOCUADRO’s latest collection, set to be showcased at MAISON&OBJET 2024, underscores the brand’s dedication to blending artistic expression with practical design. This approach is particularly significant for retailers and interior designers, as it offers them a range of original paintings that are not just visually stunning but also adaptable to various interior settings. The collection is poised to provide fresh inspiration for those in the interior design industry, showcasing how art can seamlessly become a part of everyday spaces. Each artwork, with its natural themes and masterful execution, is designed to enhance the environment in which it is placed, adding both beauty and a sense of calm to any room.

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