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MEGA MOBILIARIO celebrates its 40th Anniversary with an exhibition and the launch of a new collection

December 17 / 2020

Reaching 40 years of thriving activity is such a huge milestone that is well worth celebrating in style. This autumn, home and contract furniture specialist MEGA MOBILIARIO has put together an exciting programme of events aimed at providing a profound insight into the history of the brand, its philosophy and production management.

Among all the activities, the most relevant is the “Crea tu Espacio” (Create your Space) exhibition which is hosted by the Centro de Artesanía Comunidad Valenciana (Handcraft Centre of the Valencian Community) in Valencia and is entirely dedicated to MEGA MOBILIARIO’s most iconic pieces since 1980. Visitors can also learn more about the company’s business trajectory and have a look at its most recent developments, such as CREA, the new collection of living and dining room furniture for home and contract spaces which represents an admirable fusion of craftmanship and technology, natural wood and high-quality innovative materials. Follow us to the exhibition and get inspirations for your retail or interior schemes…

MEGA MOBILIARIO: a family company committed to design & quality

What began as a new venture into the furniture industry for a married couple – Francisco García, an expert craftsman, and his wife Vicenta Muñoz -, has turned over the years into a successful business model currently run by the second generation of the family: María García and her husband Vicente Vila.


Create Your Space Exhibition | Home & Contract furniture

It was 1980 when Francisco and Vicenta founded MEGA MOBILIARIO and started manufacturing furniture in a small workshop in Silla, at 14 km from Valencia. Since then they have evolved into a factory specialized in the production of contemporary furniture for the home and contract markets (hospitality, residential, commercial).


Create Your Space Exhibition | Company’s milestone panel | MYA sideboard

The company has also been expanding its international presence by increasing sales to other European countries, America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Always keeping true to their original essence and conquering new market shares with the great beauty of their in-house manufactured furniture, the great attention to detail and the uniqueness of their handcrafted textures.

Impeccable craftsmanship: an outstanding value

Strongly committed with high quality standards, design and innovation, MEGA MOBILIARIO strives to keep up with new trends, yet without losing its original identity based on impeccable craftsmanship and design. New collections are always fruit of a close collaboration with local designers who imbue their creations with Nordic simplicity and Mediterranean warmth. A sort of Skandi-Mediterranean style that effortlessly reproduces the essence of the brand’s philosophy and is highly appreciated for its timeless quality and serene elegance.


Create Your Space Exhibition | KENIA living and dining room furniture

What sets us apart is that, after 40 years, we still like to combine tradition with innovation, maintaining very competitive prices without lowering quality”, says Maria García, Export Manager and second generation at MEGA MOBILIARIO. “That’s the philosophy of my father, who still follows – in collaboration with my husband – every single phase of the manufacturing processes and takes care personally of the quality control of raw materials”.


Create Your Space Exhibition | MYA and CREA sideboards

At MEGA MOBILIARIO they believe that furniture contemporary in style but traditionally manufactured is unique in its kind. That’s why the use of natural wood and handcrafted textures has gained so much relevance in their collections. They pay a lot of attention to detail and finishes, with the aim of exceeding customers’ expectations.


KENIA modular programme: a stunning combination of American walnut wood & lacquers

Their exceptional team is formed by master carpenters and cabinet makers, expert in the art of joinery and marquetry, who carefully work the wood for the best effects, achieving compositions of great beauty and perfect finishes. This handicraft processes make it possible to customize pieces and work on bespoke solutions that meet different needs in terms of design, dimensions and finishes.


Create Your Space Exhibition | European oak wood & DEKTON®

Materials are 100% produced in the UE and include the finest American walnut and oak veneers, a wide array of finishing colour options, matt or glossy lacquers, and the ultracompact DEKTON® surfaces, a new material to combine with the wood veneers in the new collection. The choice of colour has been extended to include the earthy terracotta, the stone grey, and a pale khaki green.

Create your space with CREA!

Craftsmanship is also of key importance in this new, striking collection created by Spanish designer Victor Pinto for MEGA MOBILIARIO. CREA still retains the essence of the successful MYA collection, but its design concept is aimed at enhancing the artisanal features and appeal of each piece of furniture.


Create Your Space Exhibition | CREA sideboard

In this context, the designer has played with new dimensions and proportions bringing craft skills to the extreme. The perimetral frame serves as a handle and it is perfectly integrated on the fronts. Furniture fronts are produced with a surface of genuine wood veneer, with lacquered panels or DEKTON surfaces that add style and a personal touch to each piece.


Create Your Space Exhibition| CREA bar cabinet

Another front option is made of thin wooden strips – similar to those of the perimetral frame – that generate an original woodwork on the surface. Inspired by bar codes, this original design is perfect for adding a more contemporary twist to the décor scheme.


Create Your Space Exhibition | CREA sideboard

Wood options include the European oak and the American walnut, with veneers processed in a way that enhance all the beauty of wood grains and achieve a natural texture.

MYA Collection

Fresh and utterly contemporary, the MYA sideboards are the other great protagonists of this exhibition. The collection consists of modular units, sideboards and cabinets that can be combined to create stylish living and dining spaces.


Create Your Space Exhibition | MYA sideboard and CREA cabinet

Made of clean, essential lines, MYA features an extremely natural look thanks to the exclusive structural oak veneers and the fine lacquers. Handles are made of wood too. Fittings are all state-of-the-art.

KENIA Collection

Perfect craftmanship stays also at the art of the KENIA collection, one of the most iconic creations of the brands. Materials and finishes play here a great role. Take for example the mismatch design of natural wood veneers on fronts. Wood slices vary in width, shapes and colours so that wood grains create contrasts that enhance the beauty of wood while obtaining unique aesthetics effects.

mega-mobiliario- kenia-modular-programme-bookcase

Create Your Space Exhibition | KENIA living room space

The KENIA bookcase, a best-seller of the MEGA MOBILIARIO catalogue, is an eye-catching piece that takes the scene in every space where it can be used to contain book and décor items or as a space divider.

AFRICA & DUNA Collections

On display there were also two high chest-of-drawers from AFRICA and DUNA, two of the most iconic collections of the bedroom programme. The bedroom line encompasses more than 10 collections of stylish bedroom furniture, all of them featuring clean lines and a lot of attention to detail. Headboards are veneered in natural walnut and oak wood or lacquered in white or in warmer tones.


Create Your Space Exhibition | AFRICA & DUNA high chest-of-drawers

Their collections of furniture for home and contract use offer multiple possibilities of personalization to configure contemporary spaces full of warmth and character.


RH Hotel Canfali, Benidorm, Spain | MEGA MOBILIARIO Contract Division

“We are flexible enough to adapt pieces to every single requirement in term of aesthetic and space”, add Maria. “Thanks to our in-house Contract department, we can design and produce bespoke furniture and meet specifications for different sectors: hospitality, residential, commercial… “. As a result, you can find MEGA MOBILIARIO’s furniture in a significant number of four- and five-star hotels in Spain, Morocco and Algeria. See all the projects>>>

Finalist at Valencian Community Handcraft Awards

As recognition of their artisanal work, the MYA sideboard has been shortlisted for the seventh edition of the “Valencian Community Handcraft” Awards, organized by the Valencian Community Handcraft Centre, in order to encourage artisanal creation, innovation, commitment to sustainable development, adaptation to market trends, and reward the know-how of the local artisans.


Create Your Space Exhibition | MEGA MOBILIARIO family-run furniture company | First and second generation

At Mega they understand their profession as a commitment to create personalized spaces, environments with a soul and full of life to be enjoyed over time, being their leitmotif:

Create & Enjoy Your Space

Cheers to 40 years MEGA MOBILIARIO… and many happy returns!

For more information: www.megamobiliario.com


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