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Salone del Mobile.Milano 2018: xLux & Classic

March 1 / 2018

Spanish haute décor and classic brands all share certain distinctive traits that have enabled them to become global leaders in the supply of furniture for exclusive private residences, luxury and boutique hotels, embassies and institutional and commercial spaces.


At the base, there is a profound knowledge of every phase of the production process, which is mostly still hand-made by expert artisans. What’s more, the impeccable craftsmanship, a remarkable accuracy in the creation of every detail, inlay, finish and ornaments, as well as the relentless pursuit of beauty and timeless aesthetics, all play a decisive role in keeping Spain’s furniture interesting and appealing, strongly connected to its past, but keeping modern with its comfort and practicality.

The luxury factor: haute décor & exclusive designs

Spanish manufacturers are true luxury connoisseurs. Their long-established experience has helped them to keep alive the ancient crafts and their taste for exquisite details and noble materials. Combining opulent materials evokes emotions and ramps up the luxury factor, as Spain’s high-end furniture manufacturers COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA, MARINER, SOHER, TECNI NOVA, AGRIPPA and EPOCA display with their latest charming collections.

Handcrafted by the finest Spanish artisans, the ASTORIA Collection from SOHER makes a deep, intriguing impact for its amazing combination of Vavona burl veneers, bronze elements and top-quality leather. Committed to excellence but with a timeless appeal, EARTH, the other new launch of the Valencia-based firm, is natural, yet sophisticated, and has all the ingredients for a “luxe natural” statement.



ASCOT, from the Valencia-based lighting and furniture manufacturer MARINER, shares with mid-century modern furniture a subtle, timeless and urban appeal made of gentle curves, defined lines, and a thoughtful craftsmanship.


ASCOT living room. MARINER

Minimal can also feel luxurious – see, for example, the new creations by Spanish design studio estudi{H}ac_JmFerrero for COLECCION ALEXANDRA, such as the PAUL seating collection and the ANNETTE tables that effortlessly fuse luxurious materials, pure lines and timeless elegance. Handcrafted and perfectly customisable, the GEORGE cocktail cabinet and sideboard, another design by estudi{H}ac_JmFerrero for the brand, break with traditional cabinetry introducing a asymmetric geometric design embellished by an intriguing combination of leather, ceramic tiles, high quality veneers.


ANNETTE dining table, PAUL dining chair, GIORGIO sideboard. EMOTIONS catalogue. COLECCION ALEXANDRA

Sophisticated design, clean lines and well-proportioned volumes are the great protagonist of the FORTUNE II collection, the new living concept created by TECNI NOVA Deluxe Furnishing which is available with a complete range of pieces for different ambiences. Inspired by the Mediterranean landscape and culture, all the furniture is made of the finest materials, such as leathers and noble and exotic varieties of woods (iroko, zebrano, walnut), and finished with fine lacquers and attractive fabrics and velvets.


FORTUNE II collection. 1735 chester sofa, 4215/14 sideboard, 1748 pouffe, 4207/1 coffee table and 1730 armchair. TECNI NOVA

Known for its beautifully crafted furniture, all made in Spain by the most expertise craftsmen, EPOCA designs pieces that are real work of art, like EBONY, a stunning combination of extravagant designs, ebony wood and bird-eye maple which create impressive ambiences beyond classicism and trends.


EBONY living room. EPOCA

The finest cabinetry is represented by AGRIPPA (former CAMUS Collection) with their amazing catalogue of hand-sculpted furnishing pieces. All in solid American walnut and other precious materials (marble, leather, alabaster), these “functional sculptures” – as they are referred to by experts – include stunning ornaments which are sure to impress with their polished aluminium, glass, mirror, natural fibres and gold and silver details.


SAVOY dining table, SARA BOND chairs, SKELETON sofa, LUIS LUCANO mirror, ESGRIMA console, ROMINA side table. AGRIPPA

Contemporary classic furniture for refined ambiences

The trend for mixing high quality leathers, noble materials and sumptuous fabrics stays strong in the Spanish haute décor, although many brands are constantly adapting their luxury furnishing offer to new trends and tastes. The new collections of AMBOAN, GUADARTE, HURTADO and TOMÁS & SAEZ retain the luxurious quality of traditional furniture, but without the fuss of classic style. There is more emphasis on more large, geometric shapes that suggest comfort and utility, while still capturing the unique and attractive aesthetic of classic designs.

Contrast is often highlighted by the eclectic use of styles, colours and materials, as in the CENTURY collection that José Gris has created for the Seville-based GUADARTE. Geometric motifs, metals and mirrors combine with velvets, sculptures and wild patterns creating sophisticated and timeless atmospheres.



HURTADO plays with forms, lines and shapes delivering CORAL, a unique collection of dining room and occasional furniture. As its name suggests (coral is choir in English), the collection is inspired by musical notes and instruments that are each different from one another yet harmonious as a whole composition. This symphony of noble materials, which include noble wood veneers (walnut, maple, oak, mahogany, rosewood and ash wood roots), chrome elements and bronze details, accentuate the beauty of every piece.


CORAL dining room. HURTADO

In MITHOS, the new collection designed by José Vicente Puchades for AMBOAN, the use of oak and walnut veneers treated in a rustic way and tinted with natural colours, as well as the appropriate choice of wood and metal finishes, in satin chrome, brushed gold or graphite, have resulted into pieces that stand out for their uniqueness and refinement.



Beautifully crafted, CHIC and the newly-launch EMPIRE collections from TOMÁS & SAEZ, another creation by José Vicente Puchades, boast new striking designs, exquisite materials and refined finishes that create visual interest while setting an immediate glamorous mood in exclusive environments.


CHIC collection. Dining table, console & side tables. TOMAS & SAEZ

Classic furniture: a rich heritage

Spain’s classic furniture brands show an honourable respect for the past. Marquetry, intricate carvings, French polishing, gold and silver leaf applications and fine detailing are the hallmarks of Spain’s finest traditional furniture and what defines its inimitable style.

In an elegant Louis XIV style, the new exquisite dining and living rooms, bedrooms and office furniture from CREACIONES FEJOMI are the epitome of luxury and opulence. Made of solid beech wood, they feature intricate marquetry works in up to 7 different noble woods, such as rosewood, American walnut and elm burl, heavy carvings and precious handcrafted golden brass ornaments. Floral references dominate in its in-lay decorations that play with different colours to enhance the charm and refinement of each piece.


Model 750 home-office furniture. CREACIONES FEJOMI

Like all VICENTE ZARAGOZÁ’s collections, the exclusive FLORENCIA bedroom is hand-lacquered, with remarkable marble and brush effects, and decorated with designs in gold and silver leaf. With the launch of two new dining room collections, MOONLIGHT and SUNRISE, the company, which is a referent of classical furniture and custom-made boiseries, explore new modalities focused on the best combination of contemporary trends, high-quality craftsmanship and precious materials, such as the Pauferro veneers, Bubinga wood, leather, mirrors and bronze details.



Made of solid beech wood and embellished by elegant details and marquetry, the range of home furniture from PANAMAR includes a rich choice of pieces for different ambiences – living and dining rooms, bedrooms, home-offices, entrance halls… -, which spans from elegant classic compositions, where each detail has been carefully crafted to achieve a sense of harmony and subtle elegance, to the contemporary 900 series that combines white lacquers with natural oak wood to create eye-catching contrasts and accentuate the natural side of furniture.


WHITE & OAK collection. 900 series bedroom, 840.160 haedboard. PANAMAR MUEBLES

Spanish luxury and classic furniture brands will be pleased to meet you in halls 1,2,3 and 4 and show you their latest furniture collections, high-end furnishing solutions for the contract market and their new amazing launches for the most exclusive ambiences.



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