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Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022. High-style furniture collections for exclusive, inspiring interiors

May 25 / 2022

Defining the true essence of luxury interior design might sound simple but it is actually an arduous task. Not only the whole concept of luxury has changed significantly over the last few years, but it also means different things to different people – whether time, space, craftsmanship or personalized service. For some it may be a certain atmosphere of grandeur, opulence, and spaciousness. However, for others, it may be defined by clean lines, neutral colours, plenty of light and minimalistic décor.


ALEXANDRA FORWARDS living space by estudi{H}hac | ALEXANDRA

Although luxury is in the eye of the beholder – as it is commonly recognized-, when it comes to luxury interior design some common unifying themes emerged: quality, detail, personalization, and sophistication. Just because trends veer more towards minimalistic aesthetics in interior design, this doesn’t mean the decor can’t be luxurious. By introducing high-quality, comfortable materials, and design-forward furniture, you can create a luxurious aesthetic in a pared-back space.



Observing latest developments in the industry, we have noticed that in the latest years designer furniture has become strategic for the luxury market. Spanish brands have met this trend forging exciting new collaborations with big names of the national and international design scene. The added value and the improvement of their products in terms of quality, functionality and versatility are really making the difference. As you can see in the new collections that Spain’s high-end furniture manufacturers will present at the Salone…

ALEXANDRA. X-Lux. Hall 3 Stand F23

Good designer furniture will look always stylish regardless of temporary fashion trends and last a lifetime or longer. That is why, when it came to restyle their brand and forge a new identity under the name ALEXANDRA, the firm, the prestigious high-end furniture manufacturer Colección Alexandra, decided to work on a new challenging project: a brand-new product line called ALEXANDRA FORWARDS focused on avant-garde aesthetic and signature design. The roast of collaborators includes some of the world’s biggest talents in the design industry, such as Ramón Esteve, Ben Wu, Francesc Rifé, Yonoh, estudi{H}hac-JM Ferrero or Jacobo Ventura.


TEMPO living space | Alexandra Forwards | Ramón Esteve | ALEXANDRA

Inspired by high-quality leather craftsmanship, the TEMPO collection, designed by Ramón Esteve, is the first launch in this line. The metal inlays, the use of genuine leather, the choice of colours and textures give as a result furnishing pieces that are characterful and exude timeless sophistication. The collection will be completed by a dining table, dining chairs, sideboards, cabinets, armchairs, a modular sofa complemented by coffee and side tables.


DISC modular sofa, PALMA armchair & CORO coffee tables | Mediterranean Luxury | Yonoh | ALEXANDRA

The starting point for the new collaboration with Yonoh Studio has been the MEDITERRANEAN LUXURY capsule collection. All an achievement for the Spanish studio that wanted to explore new possibilities by introducing in their designs the sense of luxury and refinement that only a brand like Alexandra can ensure. Key to this collection is the harmonious combination between form and function that creates not just great pieces of furniture but also a whole that works coherently to create idyllic settings full of Mediterranean sophistication. Simple, subtle, elegant pieces with a high level of added value.


CORO coffee and side tables | Mediterranean Luxury | Yonoh | ALEXANDRA

One of the most outstanding pieces of this spectacular collection is DISC, a modular sofa designed by Yonoh to add comfort and a great dose of style to spacious lounge areas. Its generous proportions and the reclined backrest and armrests maximize comfort and improve ergonomics. DISC is perfect in combination with the other pieces created by Yonoh for this collection, such as the PALMA armchair and the CORO coffee and side tables.

PUNT. Hall 16 Stand E27 bis-F24

Impeccable craftsmanship and design are also founding values of the Valencia-based PUNT MOBLES, and the trademark of all their collections. Take for example the latest products on display in Milan…


STOCKHOLM table | Mario Ruiz | CHICAGO sideboards | Norm Architects | PUNT MOBLES

For the CHICAGO sideboard, one of the latest from the brand, the Norm Architects studio drew inspiration from modernist and mid-century modern architecture paying homage to this successful artistic movements. Its elevated top and position off the grounds make CHICAGO at once structural and visually light. Wood and steel are perfectly combined to create a minimal framework that supports an elegant stone top – available also in wood.


CHICAGO sideboards | Norm Architects | PUNT MOBLES

Offering a rich choice of materials and finishes, CHICAGO almost appears as a piece of modern architecture itself. The storage unit is ingeniously designed to be seen from every angle with a continuous grain on the top, sides and back, making it optimal for use against a wall or as a room divider. It is available in two heights, with wood or glass doors and with internal lights.


VELASCA sideboard with extendible console | Ludovica+Roberto Palomba | PUNT MOBLES

A new launch and another great design, this time by Italian architect and designers Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, is the new VELASCA sideboard, a minimalist masterpiece that evoke emotions for its excellent execution, the warmth of its materials and the purity of its shapes. Wood is the protagonist in its essence and in the vertical pattern that decorates the piece adding three dimensionality and texture. Highly versatile, the collection of sideboards includes three versions, all of them in different dimensions: the storage unit, the storage unit supported by a wooden base in different lengths, and the storage unit with extensible console.


STOCKHOLM table, cabinets and hanging console | Mario Ruiz | PUNT MOBLES

A new addition to the iconic brand’s family, the STOCKHOLM table by Mario Ruiz features a delicate and sophisticated marriage between noble woods and anodized aluminium that makes it particularly charming. Available in a variety of finishes, the rectangular tabletop is made of hard and beautifully grained wood with the supporting multi-faceted legs made from the same wood. The tabletop features a tapered edging, creating a sleek silhouette. Outlining the edges of the legs are metal profiles that add a distinct uniqueness to the furniture. There is also a version with stone top.

SOHER. xLux. Hall 4 Stand E08

With its innate style based on luxury and timeless class, SOHER has always strived to maintain the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship that make their collections so special and unique. IRIS, their latest collection for dining and living spaces, subtly combines eclectic inspirations, contemporary aesthetic, and the finest craftsmanship to create atmospheres full of character and charm.


IRIS dining room furniture | SOHER

The IRIS collection exudes a mid-century appeal, yet it draws from Nature most of its key identifying features: the dark, sophisticated grain of ebony, the bronze floral handles of cabinets and sideboards and the slender bamboo-shaped bases of tables and cabinets.


IRIS living room furniture | SOHER

Thanks to its pure, linear shapes dining room furniture, which includes tables, chairs, display cabinets and sideboards, draw the attention for its distinction and visual light appearance. On the other side, the counterpoint to the light, linear structures of the dining room pieces is given by the armchairs and sofas created to bring comfort and sensual charm to living spaces.



On display in Milan, there will be also the METROPOLIS bedroom, which is part of the collection that evokes the Art-Deco era and pays homage to the homonymous futuristic film by Fritz Lang (1927) and its fabulous Art Deco-inspired set designs. Made of crown cut walnut, all the furniture features a charming combination of noble materials and precious finishes, such as top-quality leather and gold-plated bronze elements.

NOMON. Hall 5 Stand E02

Specialized in the design of exclusive clocks for home, office and public spaces, NOMON has a main aim: to restore the antique prestige and distinction of clock as decorative elements, to give them its central role in ambiences. Handmade in Barcelona, with a technique that combines artisan processes and innovation, all NOMON’s clock collections are recognizable at first glance for their refined aesthetic and the use of noble materials treated with jewellery standards in their finishes and presentation.


BARCELONA PREMIUM wall clock, brass finished ring | NOMON

The firm is back to Milan with a selection of their most successful and iconic clocks, among them the renewed editions of the iconic BARCELONA clock from the PREMIUM Collection and the DARO ring clocks from the AROS collection.


BARCELONA PREMIUM wall clock, graphite finished ring | NOMON

Two rings, infinite atmospheres. The restyling of the iconic BARCELONA PREMIUM wall clock is composed by a double fibreglass ring available in two versions, black or brass finished, with box and hands in natural walnut wood. Minimalist yet with a nod to mid-century style, it has a diameter of 90 cm and is perfect to decorate a lounge, the reception of a hotel or the waiting room in train stations or airports…


DARO wall clock | NOMON

Sometimes unique details make the different. This is the case of the DARO wall clock. With a design reduced to the essential, DARO radiates lightness and understated elegance. It is characterized by two elegant walnut wood hands that are supported by a delicate matt polished brass ring (polished brass or graphite), which acts as a suspension and frame. The clocks are provided with high quality quartz movement.



The NOMON HOME catalogue includes a new generation of high-end occasional furniture, a series of small exclusive objects that generate a luxurious experience based on the beauty of simple, well-crafted things.

In conclusion, the Spanish haute décor offer includes a selection of well-executed furniture that has been specifically conceived to increase the luxury feel of spaces by improving people’s quality of life and the experience of their surrounding environments.

Furniture from Spain. Live. Work. Enjoy. Create…


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