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Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024. Spanish Luxury Décor Unveiled – Where Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

March 1 / 2024

Today’s luxury décor embodies an elusive fusion of artistry, heritage, and innovation, creating a symphony of opulence that transcends time and trends. Spanish brands at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024 epitomize this ethos, showcasing their exceptional craftsmanship and unique approach to luxury furniture design. From the meticulous detailing to the use of noble materials, Spanish luxury décor sets a new standard of elegance and sophistication.

Join us as we explore the intersection of tradition and contemporary elegance in the offerings of the Spanish luxury sector at this prestigious international event.


SOFIA living room furniture | SOHER

SOHER. Exquisite Craftsmanship & Timeless Elegance

Combining beauty, quality, and grandeur, SOHER has been a stalwart in crafting bronze items and luxury furniture for bespoke interiors since its establishment in 1942. Upholding a tradition of meticulous handcraftsmanship, SOHER consistently employs the finest materials throughout its manufacturing processes. Drawing inspiration from both avant-garde trends and enduring classic styles, SOHER’s designers imbue their furniture collections with a distinct allure, perfectly complementing the most sophisticated and exclusive environments.


SOFIA dining room room furniture | SOHER

SOFIA Collection. Experience luxury redefined as SOHER unveils a collection that transforms furniture into an exquisite art form, elevating every living space. Crafted with rich American walnut wood veneers, delicately accented with brass details, and luxurious Nubuck leather elements, each piece radiates timeless elegance.


SOFIA sideboard | SOHER

The collection seamlessly blends artistry and functionality, offering enchanting tables, complemented by captivating chairs, display cabinets, and sideboards, creating a dining space that exudes charm and sophistication.


SOFIA cabinets | SOHER

The centrepiece of the collection, a sumptuous sofa, invites unparalleled comfort, while round walnut tables, finished with delicate brass accents, showcase the meticulous artistry infused into every SOFIA piece.


URBAN LIVING lounge furniture | SOHER

URBAN LIVING Collection. Embark on a journey of boundless possibilities with the URBAN LIVING Collection, seamlessly marrying contemporary design with customizable luxury. This modern line presents a chic and welcoming ambiance, featuring graceful round coffee tables, a generously proportioned 3-seater sofa with adaptable dimensions, and matching individual seats.


URBAN LIVING 3-seater sofa | SOHER

Adorned in sumptuous ivory-coloured fabric with delicate leather details, the sofas radiate warmth and sophistication, making them the perfect choice for crafting stylish and functional living spaces. The sofa is thoughtfully complemented by the sleek rectangular central table, graced with charming onyx white exclusive marble, enhancing the contemporary allure of your living area.

For an extra layer of refinement, the collection introduces exquisite brass finishes, seamlessly integrated from the sofa legs to coordinating lamps. These brass accents imbue a sense of timeless elegance, lifting your living space to new heights.

MARINER. The Epitome of Supreme Luxury

Established in 1893, MARINER, based in Valencia, stands as a beacon of luxury furniture design and manufacturing, seamlessly harmonising classic and contemporary styles. Every collection, whether classic or contemporary, undergoes meticulous crafting using the finest noble materials, enhanced with exquisite details and finishes.


KENSINGTON Collection. With a steadfast dedication to exquisite design and impeccable craftsmanship, each piece within the KENSINGTON Collection, curated by Vicente San German, showcases the pinnacle of cabinetmaking expertise. Crafted from premium European cowhide leather, maple wood, and embellished with brass detailing in 24k gold, it embodies elegance and cosmopolitan luxury, perfectly suited to adorn the most esteemed residences, palaces, hotel suites, and yachts worldwide.




As the inaugural piece of the collection, the sofa boasts plump seats and a gracefully curved design, intricately adorned with carved décor, casting a timeless allure upon any interior space.

WELLINGTON living room furniture | MARINER

WELLINGTON Collection. Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of the Empire era, the WELLINGTON Collection exudes opulence in every detail. Each piece stands out, boasting a striking blend of black piano, white, and high-gloss lacquers, enriched by an abundance of precious gilded bronze ornaments, medallions, and intricately carved elements adorned with antique gold leaf. Upholstered in alluring fabrics, the chairs, armchairs, and sofas showcase elegant shapes, further enhancing their allure.



Additionally, the collection offers a walnut burl-veneered version for those seeking a touch of sophistication. Notably, the sofas are now available in two appealing designs: curved and linear.


WELLINGTON living room furniture | MARINER

If you’re in search of inspiration for furniture that your clients will truly adore or a unique, handmade piece that appeals to their senses, your quest ends here. Explore the stands of MARINER and SOHER to discover a plethora of new, luxurious inspirations!


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