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Workspace Design Show 2024: KETTAL’s Groundbreaking Designs Redefine the Functionality of Workspaces

February 13 / 2024

KETTAL, a vanguard of innovation within the Spanish furniture industry, continues to pioneer with its range of furniture conceived for modern, functional workspaces. As the demarcation between work and life increasingly fades, KETTAL’s latest office furniture collections are poised to transform our working paradigms. In tune with the latest trends, these collections address the escalating demand for workplaces that not only bolster efficiency but also prioritise well-being and comfort.


PAVILION O & O modular sofa | KETTAL

Since its foundation in 1964, KETTAL has masterfully fused functionality with elegance, becoming emblematic of timeless designs that redefine contemporary living. Originally celebrated for its chic outdoor furniture, KETTAL has expanded its repertoire to include avant-garde furniture designed expressly for contemporary work settings. With a steadfast dedication to design excellence and sustainability, KETTAL has ascended as a global frontrunner, reshaping the way we perceive and interact with workspace furniture.

Here, you will discover a preview of the latest collections meticulously crafted to enhance workspace utilisation and foster an environment of creativity, well-being, and productivity for the modern professional.

A table & chairs | Naoto Fukasawa | KETTAL

PAVILION O. Step inside and do great work. By Kettal Studio

Meeting booths and pods have become staples of the modern workplace, spanning a wide array of sectors and industries. Kettal has designed a series of modular structures aimed at reinventing the workplace. The PAVILION O transcends conventional office setups, offering a dynamic answer for agile work environments. It serves as a flexible solution, enabling the division of offices into zones and providing enclosed workspaces.



Its aluminium structure, complemented by materials such as glass, wood, and fabric, incorporates practical fittings and allows for the integration of electrical cables and accessories tailored to specific needs.



Pavilion O exemplifies agility in office design, facilitating rapid adaptation to organizational changes. Step inside and prepare for an incredible work experience!

KALL booth. A Haven of Privacy. By Kettal Studio

Compact yet no less effective, the KALL booths revolutionise the concept of privacy within the workspace. With a minimalist design ethos, the Kall booth is centred around a glass door, establishing a feeling of openness whilst ensuring privacy. The design gives precedence to environmental and aesthetic considerations, presenting a warm, inviting alternative to the traditionally stark, enclosed spaces.



Electronic controls discreetly manage scene creation, table height adjustment, ventilation, and connectivity, and include interaction controls that mimic vintage hi-fi equipment to emphasise the simplicity of the cubicle as a user-focused, technology-enabled space. The Kall family comes in a range of sizes, from the basic “S” with space for a stool to the more spacious “M” with room for a low armchair. The “L” version, 30 cm wider, allows for the installation of a lounge-style swivel chair for a more relaxed working posture.



There is also a four-seater “XL” modular version for special configurations, accommodating a variety of workspace needs with elegance and efficiency.

O sofa. Versatility meets Aesthetics. By Kettal Studio

Elevate collaborative spaces with the transformative O sofa collection by Kettal Studio. Designed to merge functionality with aesthetics, this collection showcases modular sofas and a swivelling club chair, crafted to foster collaboration and well-being in offices and public spaces.


O modular sofa | KETTAL

The versatility and adaptability of the O Sofa reflect the flexibility required in contemporary work environments, making it a transformative element in any space.

A Collection. At Work as at Home. By Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa’s A Collection for KETTAL seamlessly blends the elegance of solid wood chairs and desks with the functionality demanded in office environments, effectively erasing the boundary between the comfort of home and the professionalism of the workplace.

A table & chairs | Naoto Fukasawa | KETTAL

This range stands out for its focus on fostering a tactile and visual connection with nature, presenting an assortment of stackable chairs that feature an upholstered seat and backrest for unparalleled comfort. These are complemented by tables in three sizes: Home Desk, Meeting Table, and Workstation, all available in natural and dark oak finishes.


A chairs | Naoto Fukasawa | KETTAL

The collection is further enriched by a variety of accessories, including a ceramic table lamp that provides ambient lighting, a desktop divider that creates personal space, and front and side panels in natural wicker that introduce a touch of warmth. Moreover, ceramic USB ports and outlets are thoughtfully integrated into the design, blending functionality with elegance.

EOLIAS Collection. A Breath of Freshness for Your Workspace. By Antonio Citterio

Infuse your workspace designs with a breath of freshness through the EOLIAS Collection by Antonio Citterio, a line that masterfully bridges indoor and outdoor environments. Crafted with an eye towards sustainability, the collection showcases a sleek tubular aluminium framework, beautifully paired with a variety of materials including outdoor wicker and rattan. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting Aeolian Islands, each piece in the collection captures the essence of the island it is named after, offering a unique blend of style and spirit.


EOLIAS indoor table & chairs | Antonio Citterio | KETTAL

The outdoor range includes teak tables, stackable armchairs, and both club and lounge club armchairs in outdoor wicker, along with an outdoor rattan dining armchair, designed to elevate any external space. The indoor selection builds upon this, introducing an armchair with wheels and a club armchair, ensuring the collection’s versatility across settings. Accompanied by dining chairs, seats, and plush cushions for both seat and backrest in various models, the EOLIAS Collection promises to bring comfort, elegance, and a connection to nature into the heart of your workspaces.

EOLIAS chairs | Antonio Citterio | KETTAL

KETTAL’s unveiling at the Workspace Design Show 2024 promises to set new standards in office design. With a focus on flexibility, well-being, and sustainability, the new collections offer innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern workspaces. Do not miss out!



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