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EquipHotel 2022. MOBLIBERICA presents its furniture for high-class urban hotels

October 27 / 2022

Agile, dynamic, always on the move. Since it was set up in 1979, MOBLIBERICA manufactures a wide range of contemporary furniture at its own facilities located in Crevillent, Alicante (Spain). A pioneer in the use of high-quality ceramic surfaces, the company has expanded its offer through its other two brands, DRESSY and MUSOLA, with which it covers the high-décor segment and the outdoor sector, respectively.


SALINAS modular sofa, NANSA armchairs, JOINT coffee table | Q DREAMS Catalogue | MOBLIBERICA Group

The company has also launched the Q DREAMS catalogue that gathers the offer of the three brands of the MOBLIBERICA Group – MOBLIBERICA, DRESSY, MUSOLA – for the hospitality market. They present an urban hotel project fully furnished from the lobby to the roof-top with pieces from the three brands. Professionals will find a unique furnishing concept full of interesting solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces, all of them representing a perfect synthesis of commercial expertise, stylistic research, and innovation in the name of sustainability and natural living.


NUBO armchairs & JOINT table | Q DREAMS Catalogue | MOBLIBERICA Group

Personalization plays a key role here making it possible to integrate a distinctive touch into every guest room, lobby, or outdoor space. The Q DREAMS catalogue allows to select from different sizes, colours, materials, and design to produce spaces that reflect the concept of hotel brands and are totally adapted to the specifications and needs of customers.


KEDUA armchairs & LEMON table | Q DREAMS Catalogue | MOBLIBERICA Group

Among all the furniture that MOBLIBERICA will exhibit at the EquipHotel 2022, we highlight some of the most outstanding pieces from the three brands. Have a look…

NUBO chair & armchair. DRESSY. By Santiago Sevillano

With NUBO, one of the latest creations by Santiago Sevillano for the brand, meticulous craftsmanship has found a new expression. Its unique design is based on the piling and fusion of the different elements that shape the backrest and give volume to the piece.


NUBO chairs | Santiago Sevillano | DRESSY

NUBO has a shell made of injected polyurethane foam that provides the seat with great comfort and ergonomics. It is offered with four different metal legs, one of them with a swivel mechanism; and in two backrest options (low and high).


NUBO chairs | Santiago Sevillano | DRESSY

One of the latest additions to the collection is the lounge chair that adds further versatility to this seat family.

SALINAS modular sofa. MUSOLA. Santiago Sevillano

The outdoor experience is taken to the next level with the new SALINAS modular sofa created by Santiago Sevillano for the Spanish brand. Aimed at bringing patios, decking, pool areas and terraces to life, the collection is just as luxurious, comfortable and inviting as its indoor counterparts allowing to create even more living space.


SALINAS outdoor modular sofa | Santiago Sevillano | MUSOLA

Its main feature is the flexible system of three-size modules, which can be configured with or without backrests allowing innumerable combinations.


SALINAS outdoor modular sofa | Santiago Sevillano | MUSOLA

The structure is completely made of stainless steel and seats have removable covers with interiors protected by a water repellent polyester material.

GALET chair. MOBLIBERICA. By Mobliberica Design Team

One chair, 9 different versions that take personalization and versatility to the extreme. Sounds great, doesn’t it? GALET is offered in three different design options with three different metallic legs. You have the version with fully upholstered shell, the variation with upholstered shell and separate upholstered seat and the option with lacquered wooden shell and upholstered seat.



If you add the rich choice of upholsteries and lacquer colours, it’s easy to understand why the chair proves a great choice for restaurants and meeting rooms. In addition, one of the foot options allows the chair to be stackable.



MOBLIBERICA’s extensive catalogue includes tables, chairs, stools, sideboards, cabinets and side tables in different sizes, materials and colours to fit different tastes and needs. The company, which is highly committed to innovation in design and production, stands out for its customer service, quality and constant development of new products, all accredited by the ISO 9001 certification. The adoption of environment-friendly production processes has also earned them the ISO 14.001 certification.

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