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Feria Habitat Valencia 2022 Highlights. Sofas that make the difference in any lounge space

September 16 / 2022

Admit it or not, sofas are probably the place where we spend the majority of your waking time at home. And they are undoubtedly the key piece when decorating such an important part of the house as the living room or any welcoming and relaxing areas in offices or hotels.


BALMA sofa | Santiago Sevillano | FAMA

Major trends on the sofa scene focus not only on snug, comfortable sofas, but also on clever features that offer help with storage and styling. While you can still find plenty of straight-armed sofas and conventional designs, you will also see distinctive shapes and unique fabrics. Contemporary designers do their part elaborating new concepts and improving quality, sustainability, and customization – a trend which has moved to the forefront across the whole interior industry.


LARGE sofa | Ramón Esteve | LEBOM

Whether you are looking for a statement piece or something soft and plush, at Feria Hábitat Valencia there will be a sofa for every taste. Here we give you some good examples….

Breaking down conventionalism. The LINK & LOOP sofas from RAW COLOR for SANCAL

Why can’t a seat be a piece of art when it is not in use? In collaboration with SANCAL, Dutch industrial designer studio Raw Color challenges any conventionalism associated with resting and socializing with LINK & LOOP, the duo of playful upholstered sofas based on the creative use of cylindric volumes.


LINK & LOOP sofas | Raw Color | LEBOM

Inspired by the sinuous volumes of chains, the LINK pouf is the result of a reflection of the creative duo on alternative furnishing solutions. By breaking all formal barriers, their approach is here undoubtedly freer, and this has led to shape a rebellious, even anarchic, seat. With endless possibilities of use, fun is guaranteed.


LINK sofa | Raw Color | SANCAL

In terms of finishes, each of the LINK pieces is available in a carefully selected range of 6 plain colours, a couple of multicolour versions: multitone bold & multitone pastel, and the Kvadrat x Febrik Sprinkles sample collections.


LOOP sofas | Raw Color | SANCAL

The LOOP soft seating range not only offers different sizes, but also a selection of special finishes that break the loop and turn it into a real tailoring job. The standard version can be upholstered in a wide selection of fabrics.


LINK & LOOP sofas | Raw Color | SANCAL

On the other hand, the LOOP “Designer’s Edition” is available in 4 versions of the Planum textile collection, also designed by this studio for the Danish textile company Kvadrat. Like a patchwork, each version combines three different hues of the same colour, playing with reds, yellows, blues or greens depending on the option chosen.

A new twist to the classic Chesterfield design. The JUMBO sofa and armchair by Ramón Esteve for LEBOM

Beloved since the 1700s and considered a reference piece in London high society clubs in Victorian England, the Chesterfield sofa is just as stylish today with more contemporary versions and modern features. Just like the JUMBO sofa, one of the latest launches from sofa specialist LEBOM, which is a fresh, practical adaptation that keeps this classic model abreast of the times.


JUMBO sofa | Ramón Esteve | LEBOM

Designed by Ramón Esteve, JUMBO has been conceived as an element capable of adding character and interest to any pleasant and comfortable contract environment, like the lobby of an urban hotel. The metal frame is available in a black or gold finish.


JUMBO armchair | Ramón Esteve | SANCAL

The JUMBO armchair is also a contemporary reinterpretation of the English classic, this time in a compact and stylised version. The piece maintains the same characteristic personality as the sofa in the collection and works perfectly as a complementary armchair to the sofa or individually in a sober and elegant space.

A new way of enjoying art. The ARTY EDITION by José Azorín for FAMA

Is there a way of enjoying art while lounging comfortable on your sofa? From now on, it is possible and directly at your home. Sofa specialist FAMA, in collaboration with Spanish artist José Azorín, has just launched a new, different way of enjoying art through the ARTY EDITION, a series of fabrics based on the reinterpretation of some of the most famous works in art history, as well as others inspired by avant-garde movements: from “Las Meninas” by Velázquez or “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by El Bosco, passing through the surrealism of Salvador Dalí to the Bauhaus and Dadaism or the Picassos’s Cubism.



A total of twelve exclusive FAMA designs that will fill homes with art turning it into something dynamic and alive, so that everyone can enjoy it without moving from home.


PACIFIC modular sofa & MONDRIAN relax chair | ARTY EDITION | FAMA

New sofa launches, such as the TEMPO modular sofa and the KORINTO&LUXOR sofa + armchair, can be upholstered with the ARTY EDITION series to set a playful, intriguing mood to lounge spaces. You can also alternate plain fabrics to add more dynamism and fun…

Style & compositional freedom. The BALMA sofa by Santiago Sevillano for DRESSY

Sartorial quality, comfort and style are main features of BALMA, the first collection of modular sofas and armchairs from DRESSY, a specialist in high-style tables and chairs.


BALMA sofa | Santiago Sevillano | FAMA

Drawing inspiration by a geographic toponym – Balma, in the Valencia Community – that indicates a shallow cave shelter, a concavity in the rock produced by erosion and weathering, Spanish designer Santiago Sevillano has created the refined and sumptuous BALMA sofa. Taking the idea of a natural refuge and its concave shapes as a reference, the new modular sofa, with its generous proportions, soft seats, and slightly curved backrests, offers a niche of comfort and relaxation, a refuge after a busy day.


BALMA sofa | Santiago Sevillano | FAMA

The metallic structure supports a wooden board where the seats are placed. Comfort is taken to a higher level by an innovative upholstery that combines TRIAFILL® microfibre and injected polyurethane foams of various densities.

Sit in style and fill your spaces with creativity, choose the sofas from Furniture from Spain…


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