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Feria Hábitat Valencia 2023: Showcasing the Finest Indoor Furniture Designs

August 3 / 2023

Spanish design has carved a distinct niche in the global furniture industry, renowned for its ability to infuse indoor spaces with a perfect blend of elegance, innovation, and functionality. Whether for residential homes or contract projects, Spanish furniture offers a diverse array of styles and concepts to suit every taste and requirement.


BOLD coffee table | Studio Pepe | SANCAL

From avant-garde designs that push the boundaries of creativity to minimalist and versatile pieces that adapt seamlessly to any environment, Spanish furniture embodies an inherent charm that captivates the senses. With meticulous craftsmanship and a deep appreciation for quality materials and innovation, each piece exudes a unique personality, adding a touch of sophistication to any interior setting.


BALMA sofa & MILES sideboard | Santiago Sevillano, Sergio Rochas | DRESSY

Excitement fills the air as the latest creations from four esteemed brands, SANCAL, SYSTEMTRONIC, DRESSY, and MOBBOLI, are set to be unveiled at the upcoming Feria Habitat Valencia 2023. Let`s have a look…

Artful Geometry. The BOLD table by StudioPepe for SANCAL

Sancal’s new collections promise to elevate modern living with their bold and avant-garde designs that exude artistic brilliance and ingenuity. Among these standout creations, we invite you to discover the remarkable new creation by Studiopepe for the Spanish SANCAL. BOLD is a daring table that stands out for its extraordinary proportions and innovative design.


BOLD coffee table | Studio Pepe | SANCAL

The oversized top features an irregular outline, creating a mesmerizing visual game with three elemental shapes – rectangle, circle, and triangle – emerging at different levels while also serving as the table’s legs that extend through the surface. Despite its grand dimensions, BOLD seamlessly connects spaces, offering smooth and elegant transitions.


BOLD coffee table | Designer’s Edition | Studio Pepe | SANCAL

It is crafted in various materials and finishes, including a two-color version allowing distinct tones for the legs and top, which come either in MDF, ash veneer or with the unique vintage veneer of the Designer’s Edition. Monocolor options are available in Lima or Tabaco high gloss lacquers, or in the extra-matte range. The iconic Designer’s Edition pays homage to the audacious Memphis group, adding historical significance and artistic flair to this exceptional table.

Seating in style! The DAILY Collection by Christophe Pillet for MOBBOLI

Elevate your interiors and experience contemporary sophistication with the DAILY Collection by Christophe Pillet for MOBBOLI. Designed to exude simplicity and casual elegance, these chairs and armchairs redefine comfort with their soft seats and enveloping backrests, available in two height variations, including fixed four-leg models and a swivel design.


DAILY chairs & armchairs | Christophe Pillet | MOBBOLI

The firm offers an extensive range of upholstery and metallic steel structures, providing boundless possibilities for customization to suit each project’s unique vision. From a refined single-color palette to striking contrasts between upholstery and structure, DAILY invites you to explore the art of design versatility.


DAILY armchairs | Christophe Pillet | MOBBOLI

Play with different style options and delightful combinations to create warm and functional spaces with exceptional quality in details.

Mediterranean Chic. The CROMA Collection by Lagranja Design for SYSTEMTRONIC

Who says that accessories can’t be the heart of designing spaces? The CROMA collection, designed by the renowned Lagranja Design studio for SYSTEMTRONIC, breaks the boundaries between art, décor, and design, offering a range of furniture inspired by the warmth of the Mediterranean. With its curved lines, rich materials, and captivating finishes, this collection blurs the line between function and artistic expression.


CROMA occasional furniture | Lagranja Design | SYSTEMTRONIC

The CROMA collection comprises a variety of complementary pieces, including valet stands, wardrobes, mirrors, side tables, trolleys, and benches with or without planters. While staying true to Systemtronic’s commitment to sustainability, the collection presents volumes in a vibrant palette of deep and saturated colors.


CROMA occasional furniture | Lagranja Design | SYSTEMTRONIC

The clever combination of white ash, in its natural or stained version, with lacquered or chrome-plated aluminum creates a playful yet consistent geometric allure that is easily recognizable. CROMA is a key modern collection that embraces organic shapes and dares to explore the realms of emotion and serenity.

Distinctive Original Finishes. The MILES Collection by Sergio Rochas for DRESSY

Step into the realm of contemporary sophistication with the MILES collection by Spain’s furniture specialist, DRESSY. It embraces a new dimension of style with the captivating rhombus pattern, complementing other finishes like lacquered versions and modules with ceramic elements.


MILES cabinet & sideboard, BERTIZ dining table & NUBA chairs | Sergio Rochas, Santiago Sevillano | DRESSY

Designed by Sergio Rochas, it offers a versatile selection of storage furniture, including sideboards and highboards. Pieces come in three different heights, providing options for floor units made of MDF or modules resting on a solid metal structure, available in circular or rectangular shapes.


MILES sideboard, new rhombus pattern | Sergio Rochas | DRESSY

For added personalization, the upper module can be fully lacquered or adorned with ceramic elements, offering even more creative freedom. The sideboard module’s various dimensions allow for flexible divisions into two, three, or four volumes, ensuring a perfect fit for any space.


MILES high cabinets & sideboard | Sergio Rochas | DRESSY

Crafted with top-notch components, including HETTICH® and BLUM® hardware, the Miles collection prioritizes functionality and durability, guaranteeing lasting quality for years to come.


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