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MAISON&OBJET 2024: GUADARTE, Crafting Spaces of Originality and Sustainability

January 12 / 2024

GUADARTE, a beacon of haute décor from Seville, embodies luxury, quality, and exquisite craftsmanship. Since 1980, this Spanish firm has carved a prestigious niche in the luxury interior design industry. Initially lauded for its ceramic and wrought iron furnishings, GUADARTE expanded into a diverse range of high-end products, including furniture, lighting, and unique decorative pieces. Revered by interior designers and architects worldwide, the brand is known for its eclectic mix of styles, textures, and colours, creating spaces that are both dynamic and elegantly theatrical.

The new collections on display at the MAISON&OBJET 2024 exemplify the brand’s flair for creating spaces of originality and awe. These pieces, imbued with GUADARTE’s signature style, bring to life environments that impress with their innovative design and sustainability. Let’s discover more…


LIRIO sofa. By José Gris

A stunning creation by Jose Gris, the LIRIO sofa elevates the concept of outdoor luxury. This wrought iron sofa boasts majestic proportions and brings an air of elegance to any garden or terrace setting. Its artisanal craftsmanship is evident in every detail, from the graceful fleur-de-lis motifs to the intricate ornamental designs.


LIRIO sofa | José Gris | GUADARTE

The Lirio sofa, a symbol of sustainable luxury, is crafted from materials that are not only durable and recyclable but also have a low environmental impact. It transcends being merely a piece of furniture, embodying timeless elegance and contemporary responsibility towards the environment.


LIRIO sofa, detail of the decoration motifs | José Gris | GUADARTE

Geometric Large Planters. Century Collection. By José Gris

What better way to elevate the allure of an outdoor patio than with vibrant, artistically crafted planters? To perfectly decorate and complement not only your outdoors but also, intriguingly, your indoors, GUADARTE introduces a brilliantly creative addition from the Century Collection: the geometric flower pots.

guadarte pot

Geometric Planters | José Gris | GUADARTE

These handcrafted ceramic pots, available in a spectrum of over 12 vivid colours, transcend mere functionality to become pieces of art. Adaptable in size, they integrate flawlessly into diverse settings, enriching them with elegance and a burst of colour.

guadarte pot

Geometric Planters, rich choice of colours | José Gris | GUADARTE

Perfect for both residential and commercial projects, these geometric pots can be personalized with logos, making them ideal for hospitality spaces. Celebrated for their design, including receiving the prestigious Regalo Fama award, these pots embody GUADARTE’s unique blend of artistic expression, sustainability, and practicality.

Geometric Planters | José Gris | GUADARTE

GUADARTE’s latest contributions for MAISON&OBJET exemplify their dedication to blending luxury with environmental mindfulness and inventive design.


Handmade ceramic workshop at the Guadarte factory

The new LIRIO sofa and the series of ceramic planters represent more than just new products; they are reflections of the brand’s ethos, poised to enchant the interior design community. These pieces reinforce GUADARTE’s leading position in the luxury interior design industry, continuing to innovate and define the future of luxury furnishings. Do not miss them at the MAISON&OBJET 2024!

Hall 6 Stand A24-B23


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