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MAISON&OBJET 2024: VONDOM Unveils Groundbreaking Collections in a Symphony of Design and Innovation

January 10 / 2024

In the heart of Spain’s vibrant province of Valencia, renowned for its creative dynamism and leadership in furniture design, VONDOM stands as a paragon of innovation and artistic craftsmanship. As MAISON&OBJET 2024 approaches, VONDOM is poised to captivate Paris with its latest creations, reflecting a deep-seated culture of design that has become the company’s hallmark.

Collaboration with esteemed designers like Jean-Marie Massaud, Ramón Esteve, Fabio Novembre, and Eugeni Quitllet has imbued VONDOM’s products with a distinct flair. Their range, encompassing tables, chairs, sofas, and more, is not just furniture; it’s an expression of contemporary art and design. Let’s delve into the highlights of what VONDOM will be showcasing at this prestigious event, exploring the unique elements that make each collection a testament to both natural inspiration and cutting-edge innovation.


Mediterranean Essence & Innovation. The MILOS Collection. By Jean-Marie Massaud

The MILOS Collection, an exquisite collaboration between VONDOM and the acclaimed designer Jean-Marie Massaud, is a masterpiece that encapsulates the soul of Valencia, a land cradled by the sea and mountains. Massaud, with his keen eye for nature’s splendour, has masterfully woven the essence of the Mediterranean into this collection, creating pieces that resonate with the rhythmic serenity of a landscape carved by winds and waves.


MILOS outdoor lounge furniture | Jean-Marie Massaud | VONDOM

Each piece in the MILOS Collection is a tribute to the natural world, a blend of art and functionality. The modular sofa and armchairs, a harmonious fusion of wood and polyurethane, are designed not just for seating but for an experience, inviting one to immerse in unparalleled comfort and tranquillity. These pieces, with their distinct designs, echo the gentle curves and rugged texture of seaside rocks, bringing a piece of the Mediterranean into any space.


MILOS outdoor lounge furniture | Jean-Marie Massaud | VONDOM

The low tables in the collection are a testament to Massaud’s vision of unifying diverse materials. The use of light cement combined with wood creates a rustic yet refined feel, reminiscent of the earthy textures found along the Mediterranean coast. These tables, complemented by the rotomoulded planters with a stucco finish, enhance the collection’s organic aesthetic, transforming each item from a mere piece of furniture into an embodiment of natural beauty.


MILOS sun loungers | Jean-Marie Massaud | VONDOM

One of the defining characteristics of the MILOS Collection is its remarkable versatility. Whether it adorns a chic urban apartment or stands amidst the natural beauty of a garden, the collection has the unique ability to blend seamlessly into its surroundings.

Coastal Sophistication. The HAMPTONS Collection by Ramón Esteve

Evoking the chic and affluent spirit of Long Beach, the HAMPTONS Collection by Ramón Esteve for VONDOM is a celebration of luxury and coastal elegance. This sophisticated range, drawing from the lifestyles of New York’s elite, seamlessly marries the resilience of outdoor furniture with the comfort of indoor aesthetics.


HAMPTONS outdoor lounge furniture | Ramón Esteve | VONDOM

The collection, with its sleek aluminum structure, polished legs, and intricate teak details, is a testament to Esteve’s mastery of design. From modular sofas to sun loungers, each piece embodies a balance of durability and style. The color palette is as versatile as the collection itself, fitting effortlessly into diverse settings.


HAMPTONS sun loungers | Ramón Esteve | VONDOM

The low tables, with their lightweight aluminum frames and HPL surfaces, are not only stylish but also durable, perfect for outdoor indulgence.

Indoor Comfort & Outdoor Durability. The TULUM Collection by Eugeni Quitllet

The TULUM Collection, designed by Eugeni Quitllet, represents a pivotal moment in VONDOM’s evolution, blending the boundaries between indoor comfort and outdoor resilience. This collection, a perfect harmony of natural materials and advanced technology, extends the comforts of the interior into the outdoor realm with effortless grace.


TULUM outdoor lounge furniture | Eugeni Quitllet | VONDOM

TULUM is a showcase of meticulous craftsmanship. From the extruded profiles, specially crafted for the collection, to the perfectly welded joints, each piece echoes VONDOM’s commitment to excellence. The teak wood details, resistant to even the most extreme weather conditions, add a touch of timeless elegance.


TULUM outdoor dining set | Eugeni Quitllet | VONDOM

The collection, including sofas (two-seater and three-seater), lounge chairs, and tables, stands out for its sophisticated aluminium profiles, treated with epoxy paint for durability. The upholstery, available in various densities and colors, is designed for both comfort and style, making the TULUM Collection a seamless addition to any indoor or outdoor space.


TULUM armchair | Eugeni Quitllet | VONDOM

As VONDOM gears up to unveil these remarkable collections at MAISON&OBJET 2024, it’s clear that they are not just creating furniture; they are crafting future classics. These collections, with their unique blend of design, materials, and functionality, are poised to redefine the way we interact with our spaces, marking a new era in the world of interior and exterior design.

Hall 7 | Stand F126

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