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Maison&Objet Paris 2022. ORMO’S presents their new RETRATO seating collection

March 15 / 2022

Lounge in style and comfort with the new RETRATO Collection from Seville-based ORMO’S, a long-experienced specialist in upholstered products. The new collection marks the first collaboration between the Spanish firm and an external designer, Spanish interior designer Erico Navazo. The synergy between them has been very productive. Navazo has contributed his vision and talent, working in full creative freedom; for its part, the company has supported him, contributing the experience and the know-how of their artisans.


RETRATO Collection | Erico Navazo | ORMO’S

The result is really amazing. Known for interiors that convey a sense of serenity and luxurious austerity, with RETRATO Navazo has achieved to create a collection that is – in his words – “a personal redefinition of classicism” and therefore integrates and works well in any environment. “Every seat has, of course, a primary function, which is none other than to sit and be comfortable in it, but it can also poetically complete a space; and, in that sense, the pieces in the collection work almost like sculptures”, he adds.


RETRATO Collection | Erico Navazo | ORMO’S

Made up of four armchairs and three sofas, one of them modular, the collection emphasizes above all the fluidity of organic forms, the quality of its materials –pine and beech wood, lacquered metal, high resilience foams, natural feathers, velvets, tweeds, bouclé wool fabrics, as well as other textured textiles – and the great attention to detail, which by the way is also the trademark of ORMO’s, a company founded nineteen years ago in Pilas (Seville), with a long and renowned upholstery tradition.


RETRATO Collection | ALEJANDRO sofa | Erico Navazo | ORMO’S

One of its most outstanding pieces is the ALEJANDRO sofa, a modular corner sofa with soft, fluid forms that adapts perfectly to the trend for sofas that can turn easily into multitasking islands in the centre of a lounge space. Its great modularity allows you to create multiple customized configurations and to design micro-environments where you can be alone, share moments with the family, chat with friends or even work.


RETRATO Collection | DANIELA sofa | Erico Navazo | ORMO’S

Soft, organic profiles are not only gentle on the eye but create a more relaxed appeal within the scheme. The two other sofas of the RETRATO Collection, DANIELA and ELISABET, are perfectly suited to contemporary, minimalist schemes and make a beautiful, sumptuous statement, particularly when paired with tactile fabrics such as velvet or bouclé wool.

With its contemporary appeal, the DANIELA sofa combines clean, curved lines with a deep seat cushion, a plump, low backrest and a wraparound frame.


RETRATO Collection | ELISABET sofa | Erico Navazo | ORMO’S

Upholstered in plush boucle, with its sculptural silhouette the ELISABET sofa will level up every living space. This armless curved sofa is perfect solo or paired and has a cool comfortable vibe that is ideal to create a focal point in lounge spaces.


RETRATO Collection | ARIADNA armchair | Erico Navazo | ORMO’S

Curved profiles are also great protagonists in the line of chairs and armchairs of the RETRATO Collection. ARIADNA is a small circular accent chair that is as curvaceous as it is comfortable. Featuring a retro, compact design, this plumped up rounded lounge chair looks great in pairs.


RETRATO Collection | CLAUDIA armchair | Erico Navazo | ORMO’S

In addition to providing extra seating, accent chairs are meant to add visual interest to your home, helping to pull together and infuse personality into any space. Retro-inspired, the CLAUDIA armchair features a cute, cut-out style and an architectural shape that make it perfect to add elegance and depth to any contemporary living room. The frame has interesting folds and curves that immediately catch your eyes.


RETRATO Collection | ALBA lounge chair | Erico Navazo | ORMO’S

Inspired by mid-century design, the ALBA lounge chair and the ARTURO chair stand out for their elegant, minimal black lacquered metal frame that supports a padded seat and, in the case of ALBA, the backrest. In both chairs, the smooth metal structure contrasts beautifully with the richness of the soft boucle available in different colours.


RETRATO Collection | ARTURO armchair | Erico Navazo | ORMO’S

Based in southern Spain, in the province of Seville, ORMO’S was born with the idea of covering a large share of the market with handmade, quality products that bring a fascinating fusion of styles while maintaining all the authenticity of tradition. The range of products is wonderfully diverse and includes sofas, armchairs, pouffes, benches, chairs, stools and headboards in a range of styles that easily suit different tastes and environments – from traditional and retro styles to the most contemporary trend options with sleek styling and incredible accessories.

On display at: Hall 6 – Today Sector – Stand E94-F93


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