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Mobliberica Group launches new 2024 products at past edition of EspritMeuble 2023

December 12 / 2023

The MOBLIBERICA Group, comprising MOBLIBERICA, DRESSY, and MUSOLA, showcased its expertise in crafting contemporary furniture for modern living at the recently celebrated EspritMeuble. Based in Crevillent, Alicante, Spain, since 1979, the group is renowned for its integral production of high-quality pieces.

With an in-house design team and external collaborations, MOBLIBERICA developed exclusive collections, notably pioneering ceramic tabletops. Their catalogue spans chairs, stools, sideboards, wardrobes, sofas, and more, with a focus on diverse sizes, materials, and colours. At EspritMeuble 2023, visitors had the opportunity to witness their latest creations, a testament to their commitment to high-quality furniture design.


MOBLIBERICA | PLEC table | Mobliberica Design Team

The fusion of versatility and top-notch craftsmanship establishes the PLEC table collection as a standout addition to MOBLIBERICA’s portfolio. With fixed tables available in 19 sizes and extendable options in 13 sizes, all anchored by a central base, this collection seamlessly blends style and practicality. Crafted from folded 8mm steel, the base provides stability and flair. The synchronized central opening mechanism ensures a seamless user experience, eliminating the need for leg displacement.


PLEC table & GAVI chairs | MOBLIBERICA

The tabletop, a combination of laminated technical porcelain with glass, not only showcases aesthetics but also guarantees durability.


PLEC table, detail of the base | MOBLIBERICA

Customization options abound in the Mesa PLEC collection, offering 32 colours for the structure and an impressive array of 43 ceramic colours. The table pairs perfectly with the new GAVI chair, a comfortable design by Arnau Reyna, available in two versions: with a sleek, smooth surface or with an elegantly draped design.

MUSOLA | BRISE table | Musola Design Team

Are you ready to elevate your outdoor space with a touch of elegance, versatility, and functionality? Explore the newly launched BRISE tables, available in two enticing versions: fixed dining tables (H75) and side tables (H30, H40, H55). These tables boast tabletops made of laminated technical porcelain with glass, elegantly supported by a 35×35 mm aluminium profile.


BRISE outdoor table & SORELL chairs | MUSOLA

Similar to its counterpart, Mobliberica, Musola offers extensive customization options. Tailor your BRISE table to match your outdoor aesthetics by choosing from 32 structure colours and 43 ceramic colours. The dining table impresses with a remarkable selection of 38 sizes, while the side table caters to various spatial needs with 36 sizes.


SORELL outdoor chair | MUSOLA

But that’s not all – the BRISE table opens up endless possibilities as it can be paired with the BAGA chair or the new version of the SORELL chair. Now available with armrests, the SORELL chair is crafted from stainless steel with a seat and backrest in hydrophobic polyurethane foam (Dry Feel). Stackable up to 6, the SORELL chair adds an extra layer of comfort and style to your outdoor experience.

DRESSY | MILES storage collection | Sergio Rochas

Elevate your living space with the MILES storage furniture collection. DRESSY’s debut in storage solutions, MILES comprises a variety of sideboards and highboards, seamlessly marrying a sleek metal structure in circular or rectangular shapes with a robust MDF floor base. Designed by Sergio Rochas, MILES stands out for its versatility, offering options of lacquered or ceramic-coated finishes for the upper module, and diverse configurations, ranging from two to four volumes for the sideboard, in varying dimensions.


MILES sideboard & highboards (Sergio González Rochas), BERTIZ extendable table & low-back NUBO chairs (Santiago Sevillano) | DRESSY

In an alluring update this year, the Miles collection embraces a sophisticated lacquered finish adorned with a captivating rhomboid pattern. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also infuses a touch of elegance into Dressy’s storage furniture series.


MILES sideaboard, new rhomboid pattern | Sergio Gonzalez Rochas | DRESSY

Imagine a stylish corner featuring the chic MILES storage collection alongside the extendable BERTIZ table with wooden legs and the contemporary NUBO chairs. Among these, the star of the show is the Miles cabinet, showcasing doors with a distinctive rhomboid relief pattern – a testament to Dressy’s commitment to innovative design.

In conclusion, the participation of the MOBLIBERICA Group and its brands at EspritMeuble 2023 was a resounding success, showcasing their commitment to innovation, quality, and design excellence. The novelties presented by MOBLIBERICA, MUSOLA, and DRESSY not only impressed visitors at the exhibition but also set a high standard for the future of contemporary furniture design.


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