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Party time: VICAL celebrates its 70th Anniversary in style

March 4 / 2020

70 years in the furnishing business, but they don’t look like it at all. High-end home décor specialist VICAL retains all the enthusiasm and the passion they injected 70 years ago into their former business, a wicker weaving workshop that produced baskets and other handcrafted products. Since then the company has evolved turning into a leading brand in the high-class decoration industry with a well-marked identity.


A long journey: past, present and future of VICAL

Founded in 1950 in L’Olleria, an inland village of the Valencian Region famous for its blown glass manufacturing activities, VICAL began its life as a producer of handcrafted wicker decorative objects with a very competitive price.


1950: from the handmade willow basket workshop…

Over the years, they have been specializing in home décor creating an exquisite range of high-quality furniture in different styles and materials: the VICALHOME line. In September 2014, they embarked on a new adventure launching the VICALCONCEPT line, which responds to the most innovative and avant-garde trends in furniture and decoration.


2020: launch of the third brand: EXKISITO, a line of hospitality furniture

VICAL has begun 2020 marking its 70-year anniversary with the launch of a brand new hospitality furniture brand: EXKISITO, a line of elegant furniture rich in styles and finishes to adapt to different environments, be it a restaurant, a luxurious gastro-bar or a five-star hotel lounge.

Impeccable craftsmanship: the defining feature of VICAL

Reacting to ever-changing lifestyles and the prevailing impersonal furnishing trends, VICAL has stayed true to its roots and artisan expertise. This does not mean that they have given up experimentation. On the contrary, creativity is their fuel. They enrich their own stylistic language with influences and materials taken in different parts of the globe; they mix styles and play with different cultural references. This way, the final result is always unique, original, even timeless. A genuine work of art that has its own identity and still retains part of its history and cultural heritage.


VICALHOME living room environments

The brand is on the market with two home furniture lines that respond to different living concepts and lifestyles. VICALHOME conveys above all the intrinsic beauty of simple things and the purity of unrefined materials. In this line, used objects are brought to new life by the expert hands of craftsmen that are able to forge unique pieces with a strong yet natural charm.


VICALCONCEPT dining room environment

VICALCONCEPT, on the other hand, takes us to the world of great beauty and sophistication. Made of rich materials and pure geometries, the collections of this line are conceived for glamourous environments, with a strong character of exclusivity.

Production processes based on sustainability

VICAL’s admiration for the natural beauty of our planet could be expressed in no other way than through the adoption of sustainable, environment-friendly production processes. This has been part of a gradual, well-thought process that has led to the creation of a green business model based on the reutilization and transformation of recycled furniture and materials previously used for other purposes.


VICAL, reuse of old materials…

All these pieces are recycled, treated and shaped to form new pieces that will be included in the VICAL’s catalogue. Committed to maintaining the natural life cycle of each piece, they source pieces directly in the origin countries and rework them respecting indigenous traditions and local techniques.

When ageing can be a distinctive feature

As strange as it may seem, at VICAL ageing is considered an added value, a feature that makes each VICAL piece special. They are strongly convinced that genuine, imperfect things can acquire a special charm over time. The ageing process reveals the natural beauty of the noble woods, imbuing each groove, flaw or irregularity with personality and distinction.


VICALHOME bathroom environment: antique furniture, new uses…

The living materials their furniture is made from are transformed and disclose an inner beauty that gives character to spaces and add warmth to the home. This way, imperfect finishes join forces with craftsmanship and sustainability to create the very essence of VICAL.

A full programme of events to mark their 70th Anniversary

70 years in business is a significant milestone for this company, that has always worked hard in forging its specific identity and expanding its market niche.


VICALCONCEPT, living room environment

To mark their historic milestone and celebrate their achievements in the furnishing industry, they have create a full programme of activities and events that started in February 2020 with the launch of the new hospitality brand, EXKISITO, and will continue in March with a very special design competition that will have the 70th Anniversary as a central theme. In April, they will celebrate this special birthday at the CASADECOR, the Spanish platform for interior design, trends and lifestyles.


EXKISITO hospitality furniture

Another highlight of the programme will be the opening of a brand new 1,200 m2 showroom, a space in which to show a broad selection from their new catalogue. And June will see the launch of a special 70th Anniversary design collection true to the mood and look of the brand.


VICAL, stand at INTERGIFT 2020: click on the image for a virtual tour

In addition to all this, they have also increased their participation in fairs to showcase a selection of furniture pieces and decorative elements that have marked a milestone in the successful career of the brand. The trade show circuit started in January at the Maison & Objet Paris and in February with the Intergift in Madrid. After a stop in summer, it will restart in September with the participation in Feria Hábitat Valencia and the September edition of Intergift in Madrid.


VICALHOME contemporary living room environment

VICAL is indeed a brand that has both an eye to the past and an eye to the future and is, therefore, working on new challenges, new products, new business developments. Keep an eye on them!

Have a look at the new catalogue>>>


For more information: www.vicalhome.com


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