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Spain Takes Centre Stage at MAISON&OBJET 2024: A Showcase of Innovation and Design

January 17 / 2024

As the lifestyle, interior design, and design industries converge at the biannual MAISON&OBJET in Paris, the spotlight this January shines brightly on Spanish brands. With the event marking its 30th anniversary from the 18th to the 22nd, Maison&Objet Paris stands as the decoration and lifestyle industry’s most highly publicised event, drawing in over 60,000 visitors, more than 2,300 exhibitors each edition, and 1,000 journalists from around the globe.

Photo Credit: VICAL

This year’s edition is not just a celebration of creativity and design; it exemplifies Spain’s formidable presence in the global market. With 111 Spanish brands exhibiting, they bring to the table a rich array of customizable ideas and inspiring products. Their significant participation in the TODAY and FOREVER sectors, along with a notable presence in the SIGNATURE and PROJECTS spaces, underscores Spain’s impact in the world of contemporary and luxury home décor.



Moreover, Spanish creativity and innovation extend beyond just home décor. In sectors such as HOME ACCESSORIES, CRAFT, FASHION ACCESSORIES, KID&FAMILY, SMART GIFTS, and UNIQUE & ECLECTIC, Spanish brands are set to showcase an array of original gifts, toys, children’s furniture, tableware, and decorative objects. These offerings reflect a keen understanding of modern consumer needs, blending functionality with artistic flair.



Furniture from Spain: Highlighting Seven Elite Member Brands

In particular, the ‘Furniture from Spain‘ segment showcases seven standout brands:

  • VONDOM |Hall 7 | Signature | Stand F126
  • VICAL | Hall 6 | Forever | E60/G59
  • POINT | Hall 6 | Today | I4/J3
  • CALMA | Hall 6 | Today | J112/K111
  • GUADARTE | Hall 6 | Forever | A24/B23
  • NOVOCUADRO | Hall 6 | Today | E128
  • PERSPECTIVA 10 | Hall 6 | Today | E156/F155

These brands represent the pinnacle of Spanish creativity and craftsmanship, offering bespoke solutions for residential interiors, hospitality venues, and service sector projects.

The event, renowned for its diverse 360° product offering, is a melting pot of high-end home décor, design, textiles, fragrances, and more. Spanish exhibitors, known for their innovative approaches to both indoor and outdoor spaces, perfectly encapsulate this diversity. Their offerings are not just a reflection of current trends but also a forward-thinking approach to sustainable and stylish living.


Novocuadro Art Company

Spain and France: A Flourishing Design Trade Partnership

Spain’s significant export relationship with France – accounting for 28% of its total exports and a staggering 704 million euros in the January-October 2024 period – further solidifies its position as a leader in the design industry. This robust economic relationship is mirrored in the innovative designs and quality craftsmanship on display at Maison&Objet.

So, if your January plans include a visit to Maison&Objet, make sure to explore the rich array of new-to-market products and exclusive furniture collections from Spain. It’s more than just a display; it’s an inspiration and a glimpse into the future of design. See you there, and as they say in France, “Au revoir!

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