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A Spectrum of Quality and Innovation: Spain is Back in Force at IMM Cologne 2024

January 9 / 2024

IMM Cologne is back to kick off 2024’s interior design season from January 14th to 18th, returning to its long-established January dates. This year’s edition promises to bring the interior business community together with new, innovative formats, focusing sharply on the varied lifestyles and interiors that define our times. It’s not just a trade fair; it’s a trendsetting event where industry leaders, from luxury to functional design, converge to showcase the future of living spaces.

Unveiling the Spanish Elegance & Creativity

Spain’s furniture design and manufacturing prowess is set to take centre stage at IMM Cologne 2024. With 12 exemplary Spanish exhibitors, visitors can expect a rich, quality offer that spans from outdoor furniture and designer solutions for innovative spaces to juvenile furniture and contemporary solutions inspired by the latest trends. These brands reflect the potent mix of tradition, innovation, and creative expression that Spanish furniture is renowned for.

The Pure, Home, and Sleep Experience

Pure: Luxury and Design Innovation


MODULAR collection | José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales | GANDIABLASCO

The Pure segment remains a distinguished domain for aficionados of luxury brands seeking unparalleled inspiration. In this exclusive space, innovative design intersects with high-end products to redefine elegance and creativity within living environments. Esteemed Spanish brands, including Gandiablasco, Gan Rugs, Diabla, Treku, and the Mobliberica Group (Mobliberica, Dressy, and Musola), along with Novocuadro and its exquisite selection of paintings, are set to dazzle attendees with their contemporary solutions and innovative designs.

Each brand stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of luxury and functionality, ready to elevate any space with its distinct style and forward-thinking approaches.


BALMA sofa, NUBO lounge chairs and JOIN coffee table | Santiago Sevillano | DRESSY, Mobliberica Group

Home: Stylish and Smart Living

Home is where style and comfort converge. This segment displays lifestyle-oriented interiors with stylish, sophisticated spaces and smart, dynamic furniture. Spanish exhibitors, including Trasman with its contemporary furniture, are recognized for their fresh, practical designs, infusing the Home sector with vitality and modernity.


SENDO dining table | Ibon Arrizabalaga | TREKU

Sleep: The Comfort Universe

The Sleep segment is dedicated to ultimate comfort, showcasing revolutionary mattresses, sleep systems, and accessories for superior rest and relaxation. The Spanish contingent, including notable brands Bsensible, Belnou, Relax, Sixty Confort, Smattex, and Velamen, is set to display an array of innovative products. These brands are known for their commitment to quality and cutting-edge sleep technology, aiming to transform sleep experiences with their advanced designs.

ON FIRE, original painting | Javier Torres | NOVOCUADRO

A Testament to Spanish Excellence

With Germany ranking 4th among Spain’s furniture export destinations and a robust export figure of 144.1 million euros in the first 10 months of 2023, the Spanish participation at IMM Cologne 2024 transcends mere product showcasing. It signifies a strategic expansion in the German furniture market, strengthening its foothold in both retail and project furnishing sectors. This presence is a testament to Spain’s commitment to quality, design, and innovation, poised to enrich Germany’s premier interior business event with unparalleled creativity and craftsmanship.

Be prepared to be inspired and impressed by the wealth of creativity and craftsmanship that Spanish brands will bring to IMM Cologne 2024. Auf Wiedersehen in Köln!

For product previews & list of exhibitors, click on the link below:

Furniture from Spain at IMM Cologne 2024


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