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Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024. Spanish Outdoor Furniture Enhancing Exterior Living

March 21 / 2024

Outdoor furniture trends are in a state of constant evolution, mirroring the shifting desires and lifestyles of consumers. Today, outdoor spaces are not merely adjuncts to indoor living but are increasingly seen as integral extensions of our homes—a place to unwind, entertain, and connect with nature. As such, there is a growing demand for outdoor furniture that seamlessly blends style, durability, and functionality.

SALINAS outdoor sofa | Santiago Sevillano | MUSOLA

Spanish outdoor furniture specialists have heeded this call, crafting pieces that not only elevate outdoor living but also embody the vibrant spirit of Spanish design. Here, we showcase a selection of groundbreaking products from Spanish brands set to debut at the Milan Salone.

BRISE table & ABRIL bench | Musola Design Team | MUSOLA

Crafted to perfection, BRISE captivates with its seamless fusion of sophistication and durability, redefining outdoor luxury. The collection features an array of fixed dining (H75) and coffee tables (H30, H40, H55), each adorned with glass-laminated technical ceramic tops—a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design, available in 43 colors.

BRISE table & ABRIL bench | MUSOLA

But BRISE is more than just a simple outdoor table; it’s a testament to engineering ingenuity and versatility. With 32 available colors, the 35X35 mm structural tube design ensures unwavering stability without compromising on the ethereal lightness that defines the collection. This union of form and function effortlessly transforms any outdoor space into an oasis of style and comfort, blending seamlessly into any environment, whether a chic urban terrace or a serene countryside retreat.


To complement BRISE and create spaces of unrivaled tranquility, meet the newly launched ABRIL bench. Crafted from premium stainless steel and available with optional upholstered seats and backrests, ABRIL beckons you to indulge in moments of relaxation and conviviality. Inspired by the enchanting allure of the Mediterranean, ABRIL infuses every outdoor setting with a breath of fresh spring air—hence the name ABRIL in Spanish—inviting you to unwind and savor the beauty of outdoor living.

TRENA Collection | By Yonoh Studio | EZPELETA

A harmonious blend of timeless allure and contemporary innovation, the TRENA Collection revitalizes traditional woven chairs with its modern design and cutting-edge materials. Crafted from fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene, these stackable chairs, armchairs, and stools epitomize versatility and style. This advanced material not only guarantees durability and longevity but also champions environmental sustainability, with the entire collection being 100% recyclable—an embodiment of modern ecological ideals.


TRENA chairs | Yonoh Studio | EZPELETA

Moreover, TRENA transcends mere functionality to become a statement of sophisticated living. With a spectrum of soft tones available, including the alluring Soft Pink, this collection allows you to infuse your outdoor spaces with the enchanting charm of the Mediterranean alongside a contemporary touch of elegance.

TRENA stools | Yonoh Studio | EZPELETA

Beyond outdoor spaces, TRENA seamlessly integrates into indoor environments, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space with its adaptable design and timeless aesthetic.

MARTINI Collection | Lagranja Design | iSiMAR

What defines the perfect blend of versatility and comfort in furniture? Meet MARTINI—a masterpiece that effortlessly transcends boundaries, whether indoors or outdoors. Its lightness and elegant design make it a seamless fit for any space, while its adaptability extends to diverse projects, be it hospitality, contract, or relaxation areas.

MARTINI Collection | Lagranja Design | iSiMAR

Crafted from galvanized steel and coated with polyester powder, MARTINI epitomizes durability and weather resistance. Designed with ergonomic backrests and seats, each piece ensures unmatched comfort for every user.


MARTINI chair | Lagranja Design | iSiMAR

Not only are MARTINI’s materials durable and weather-resistant for intensive use, but they are also 100% recycled and recyclable, reflecting the firm’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

NOA Sun Lounger | By Jordi Aguilar | BALLIU

For those seeking ultimate relaxation under the sun, look no further than the NOA sun lounger. Designed by Jordi Aguilar for BALLIU, this sleek and ergonomic lounger redefines outdoor comfort with its exquisite design and unparalleled functionality.

NOA Sun Lounger | Jordi Aguilar | BALLIU

Crafted with precision using polypropylene resin and fiberglass, the NOA sun lounger offers both durability and style. Its slender yet robust frame ensures stability, while the ergonomic design provides optimal support for lounging in supreme comfort.

NOA Sun Lounger | Jordi Aguilar | BALLIU

Versatile and adaptable, the NOA sun lounger seamlessly integrates into any outdoor setting, whether poolside or on a sun-drenched terrace. Its timeless design and weather-resistant materials make it the perfect choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

RIBS Collection | By Noel Royo | SKYLINE DESIGN®

Prepare to be enchanted as you immerse yourself in a world where sophistication meets allure amidst the Mediterranean breeze. The RIBS Collection, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, boasts distinctive woven patterns that imbue a sense of lightness, complemented by sinuous aluminum structures exuding strength and poise.


RIBS lounge space | Noel Royo | SKYLINE DESIGN®

From plush sofas and daybeds that offer luxurious comfort to meticulously selected premium fabrics like Agora, Spradling, and Cerdalon that envelop you in pure relaxation, each element of the RIBS Collection is thoughtfully curated for your utmost delight.


RIBS dining space | By Noel Royo | SKYLINE DESIGN®

In dining and bar areas, the allure continues with exquisite woven patterns gracefully showcased beneath glass tops. This captivating visual harmony between seats and tables transforms any outdoor setting into a feast for the senses. Notably, the functional bar area, adorned with stackable stools, proves irresistible to the hospitality sector, adding an inviting touch to any outdoor setting.

A harmonious blend of style, functionality, and craftsmanship, Spanish outdoor furniture stands out as a captivating choice to enrich and elevate any outdoor space. At the Milan Salone, visitors have the opportunity to experience firsthand the essence of outdoor living at its finest. We invite you to explore the innovative designs and exquisite craftsmanship of Spanish brands, where every piece tells a story of creativity and passion for outdoor living.


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