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Virtual Salone Milano 2020: VERGES, nature and tradition in their purest essence

July 16 / 2020

Surrounded by breathtaking nature, the Spanish firm VERGÉS was born 50 years ago in the town of Tortellà, a welcoming location in the Alta Garrotxa (Girona). Today, this family company continues to develop its activity in the same place since its foundation. A permanence that helps to understand that tradition and vocation are part of the company’s philosophy and its way of working.


BERNARDES lounge armchair by Andreu Carulla | VERGÉS

VERGÉS designs and manufactures a specific product typology that focuses on chairs, stools, benches, lounge chairs, seating systems and tables. With half a century of experience, the company has turned itself into a global player in the contract sector and its products set a benchmark for interior designers and architects.


NAOSHIMA stool collection by Emiliana Carulla | VERGÉS

With the aim of offering a varied and attractive range of products that can be adapted to all types of residential and contract spaces, VERGÉS is collaborating with a large number of well-known designers. These include Untaller, Emiliana Design Studio, Yago Sarri, Lázaro Rosa-Violán, Claire Davies and Tarruelle Trenchs Studio, among others.


GLÖWR lounge armchair & stool by Claire Davies | VERGÉS

In 2020 VERGÉS celebrates its 50th anniversary with the launch of new pieces that expand its already wide range of products. Among them, the BOGART chair, the SANDWICH table, the CISTELL chair & armchair and the DULA modular seating system. Let’s have a look at all the details…

BOGART chair by Manel Molina

Wood, bulrush, craftsmanship and tradition, concepts and materials that together define the archetype of the traditional Mediterranean chair. This is BOGART, the iconic chair present in our collective memory, an authentic and familiar piece.


BOGART chair by Manel Molina | VERGÉS

BOGART is Manel Molina’s reinterpretation of the first wicker chairs created by the company in the 1970s. Based on a contemporary language, this new interpretation is intended to pay homage to our traditional chair.


BOGART chair by Manel Molina | VERGÉS

SANDWICH table by Untaller Studio

SANDWICH is the new proposal of tables conceived to furnish all kinds of contract spaces such as restaurants and cafeterias. Designed by Untaller Studio, the SANDWICH tables stand out for their great versatility, being offered in different shapes, sizes, and finishes.


SANDWICH round table by Untaller Studio | VERGÉS

The column, which is the most characteristic part of the table, can be customized in combination with the base or the top. A wide range of materials, including solid wood, wooden veneers, Formica, Dekton and lacquers, can be used to personalize the piece and allow contract spaces to have unique solutions. In this collection, the larger version of the SANDWICH table deserves special attention since its elegant column offers a striking visual game depending on the perspective from which it is viewed.


SANDWICH table by Untaller Studio | VERGÉS

CISTELL chairs & armchairs by Yago Sarri

CISTELL is the brand-new collection of chairs and armchairs created by the designer Yago Sarri. Its enveloping and comfortable seat makes these chairs and armchairs the perfect choice for unforgettable evenings in restaurants and coffee shops and for pleasant talks in meeting areas.


CISTELL chair by Yago Sarri | VERGÉS

The CISTELL collection is notable for its great versatility and the extensive possibilities of personalization it features. Chairs and armchairs are offered in different versions: with a wooden structure, an upholstered seat shell, metal or wooden legs, natural wood, stained or lacquered finishes,…


CISTELL chair by Yago Sarri | VERGÉS

DULA modular seating system by Yago Sarri

Rest and waiting areas in halls, offices and hotel receptions will no longer be boring and dull thanks to the new collection of seats launched by VERGÉS. Designed by Yago Sarri, DULA is a versatile, comfortable modular seating system which allows to create multiple setups for different spaces and needs. DULA modules can be arranged separately, as back-to-back groups to create islands or in original positions to define spaces in open-plan areas. In any case comfort is guarantee thanks to the large proportions and simple shapes of the different modules.


DULA modular seating system by Yago Sarri | VERGÉS

The DULA collection also includes a single or two-seater armchair version. Both models offer two types of arm: fully upholstered or with a visually light tubular wooden structure for an extra touch of modernity. Complementary side tables can be used individually or as part of a linear system, between the seats or at the end of the unit.


DULA armchair by Yago Sarri | VERGÉS

So far only a few examples of the product highlights for the 2020 season offered by the charming VERGÉS. Other novelties and collections such as NAOSHIMA, MIM, GLÖWR or BERNADES, can be found by visiting their product gallery and website.


For more information: verges.design


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