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Workspace Design Show 2024: NOW Carpets Reveals Innovative Rug Designs

February 22 / 2024

Can a simple rug truly transform a modern office space? NOW Carpets answers this question with a resounding “yes,” showcasing how in today’s design-driven office environments, aesthetics and functionality seamlessly blend. This Spanish company leads the way in the rug industry, demonstrating that the right piece can elevate a workspace from mundane to exceptional.

RADICAL rug | Modo Architettura | NOW Carpets

Rugs possess the unique ability to define spaces, inject warmth, and infuse personality into areas that might otherwise feel impersonal. More than just decorative elements, they play a critical role in absorbing noise—creating quieter, more focused areas conducive to productivity and collaboration. NOW Carpets takes this concept to new heights, offering designs that are not merely floor coverings but essential components that complete a room’s aesthetic.

MAUI rug | Ignasi Soler | NOW Carpets

Their expertise doesn’t stop at design; NOW Carpets is renowned for its participation in prestigious projects worldwide, ranging from luxury hotels to corporate headquarters. Each project benefits from their dedication to quality and style, utilising collaborations with top designers and their À la carte Carpet Service to craft spaces that are not just visually stunning but also elevate hospitality and working environments.

BLOOM Rug Collection | Genna Weiner | NOW Carpets

At the Workspace Design Show, NOW Carpets will showcase how rugs can play a pivotal role in redefining what it means to work in a space that feels as inviting as it looks.

BLOOM Rug Collection. By Genna Weiner

Genna consistently infuses her creations with vibrant energy and a hint of New York sophistication, whether in her role as a design director, materials specialist, or influencer. Her latest endeavour for NOW CARPETS, the BLOOM Rug Collection, features three unique designs, each a blend of New Zealand wool and bamboo silk, brought to life through the skilled hand-tufted technique.

BLOOM Rug Collection | Genna Weiner | NOW Carpets

Each piece in the collection is adorned with exquisitely detailed floral patterns, a signature element of Genna’s design ethos. The colours are masterfully blended to achieve a lifelike effect, making each rug a vibrant testament to her skill and creativity.

BLOOM Rug Collection | Genna Weiner | NOW Carpets

Beyond their visual appeal, these rugs offer a graffiti-like edginess, making them perfectly suited for both hospitality and contract projects. True art for the floor.

RADICAL Rug Collection. By Modo Architettura

Capturing the essence of the Italian Radical movement, the RADICAL Rug Collection from Modo Architettura stands as a dynamic homage to colour and geometric forms. Comprising three distinctive designs, this collection reflects the profound principles of architectural and interior design, from the initial concept to the final execution.

RADICAL rug | Modo Architettura | NOW Carpets

Each rug in the series exemplifies the striking interplay of colour, geometry, and the influence of pop culture, combining to create pieces that are not only welcoming but also energetically vibrant.

RADICAL rug | Modo Architettura | NOW Carpets

Crafted through the meticulous hand-knotted technique from 100% wool, every RADICAL rug is customizable, offering an ideal solution for a variety of project demands.

MAUI Rug Collection. By Ignasi Soler

Inspired by the natural beauty of Maui, this collection by Ignasi Soler translates the island’s landscapes and textures into geometric forms and contrasts. The MAUI Rug Collection encompasses 12 designs, each reflecting the island’s diverse beauty—from the softness of its beaches to the ruggedness of its volcanic rocks.

MAUI rug | Ignasi Soler | NOW Carpets

Made from recycled polyester, these rugs are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, offering endless customisation possibilities to fit any space or project requirements.

MAUI rug | Ignasi Soler | NOW Carpets

In pushing the boundaries of innovation within rug and carpet design, NOW Carpets consistently meets the dynamic needs of the interior design sector. Join them at the Workspace Design Show to explore how our unique approach can customise spaces to reflect individual character and ethos.

For more information, visit: www.nowcarpets.com


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