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Conquering the North. New VONDOM spaces in Norway

December 20 / 2022

Normally it’s pretty freezing in the northern latitudes in this season, but since last October a warm Mediterranean breeze has started blowing across the North Sea. That was when Norwegian interior design studio Butikk Service decided to open in its exclusive showrooms new exhibition spaces dedicated to the Spanish outdoor furniture specialist VONDOM.


Located in the beautiful city of Haugesund on Norway’s southwest shore, where the icy fjords flow out into the North Sea, the showrooms exhibit a selection of VONDOM’s best sellers designed by Ramón Esteve, Eugeni Quitllet, Teresa Sapey, Stefano Giovannoni, and A-Cero, among many others.


VELA semi-circular sofa & coffee table | Ramón Esteve | ADAN planter | Teresa Sapey | VONDOM

One of the attention-grabbing pieces of the showroom is the VELA semi-circular sofa and coffee table set designed by Ramon Esteve, a new combination which has just been added to the VELA Collection. Placed next to this semi-circular set, there is the iconic ADAN planter, a creation by Teresa Sapey which has rapidly turned into one of VONDOM’s most eye-catching best sellers.


SURF sun lounger | Karim Rashid | VONDOM

Modern and unique, the SURF sun lounger boasts its sinuous design, created by renowned, bold industrial design Karim Rashid, on the shore of Ålfjorden. On another space overlooking the fjord, a dining area has been arranged with the FAZ table by Ramón Esteve and the AFRICA chairs by Eugeni Quitllet. This combination is a good example of how designer pieces from different collections can be combined to create a set of elegant and minimalist outdoor furniture.


AFRICA chairs | Eugeni Quitllet | FAZ round table | Ramón Esteve | VONDOM

On a nearby terrace, the VELA daybed by Ramón Esteve provides maximum comfort and invites to calm and relaxation. Complemented with the PIXEL side tables, the VELA sofa recreates a very minimalist yet sophisticated atmosphere with its lineal and pure aesthetic.


VELA sofa & PIXEL tables | Ramón Esteve | VONDOM

The upper outdoor terrace overlooking the city hosts one of most iconic collections designed by Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni, the STONE collection composed by a set of sofas, lounge chairs, coffee table, and planters.


STONE outdoor lounge furniture | Stefano Giovannoni | VONDOM

The attractive REST collection designed by A-cero has been used to create an incomparable outdoor space that perfectly blend with the beautiful surrounding landscapes providing comfort and style.


REST outdoor lounge furniture | A-Cero Studio | VONDOM

Ready to get a taste of the stylish Mediterranean lifestyle? Just set sail northbound and pay a visit to the Butikk Service showroom, at Industrigata, 6.5537 in Haugesund, Norway.



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