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Downtown Design 2018: GANDIABLASCO, essentially Mediterranean

November 8 / 2018

A leading brand in the outdoor furniture market, GANDIABLASCO has forged its identity by transmitting the Mediterranean design to the world. With one foot planted firmly in tradition and a long-term expertise on the global scene, the firm is determined to continue exploring new territory and create products that enliven and enrich the interior environment.


Since its foundation in 1941 as a blankets’ manufacturer, GANDIABLASCO has evolved to turn nowadays into an emblem of stylish outdoor spaces. In the mid-1980s, the once-modest family firm, located in Ontineyent, near Valencia, was completely re-geared for the new materials and products being created by GANDIABLASCO’s growing roster of collaborators. Now divided into two primary brands, GAN (responsible for the textiles side) and GANDIABLASCO (which handles the outdoor furniture), the company produces more than 300 different products distributed in over 90 countries through several directly-owned showrooms and dozens of licensed dealers worldwide. Since 2017, the brand has taken on a new challenge, the creation of DIABLA, a new brand of outdoor furniture, accessories and complementary items which are also sold online.


The style that today characterizes GANDIABLASCO is informed by its personality and Mediterranean roots that little by little have come to represent the company’s distinguishing values. More than furniture, the company creates original products that are both elegant, weather-resistant and hard wearing and that can be combined to design relaxing outdoor spaces inspired by the Mediterranean atmospheres.


The refined design and architectural quality of the brand’s first collections, made of aluminium profiles combined with polyethylene elements, filled a void in the market and has resulted in the international expansion of the business. The recent agreement of collaboration signed with the COSENTINO Group, which is aimed at integrating the exclusive COSENTINO ultra-compact DEKTON® surfaces into the firm’s collections, is another step forward in the innovation strategy of the brand.

Launched at the Salone Milano, the new attractive collections of the brand move now to Dubai to bring a sense of breezy modern cool to Middle East’s patios.

SOLANAS, elegance and innovation

Created by Argentinean architect and designer Daniel Germani, SOLANAS is the first outdoor collection that incorporates the innovative ultra-compact DEKTON® surface by Cosentino. The rounded and enveloping forms of this stylish, modular seating collection evoke the beach in Uruguay, where Germani used to spend his summers together with his family, and the sociable and welcoming spirit of his father, who he remembers fondly.


SOLANAS is made of high quality materials with finishes and fabrics that are resistant to extreme climate conditions. It powder-coated aluminium structure is available in different tones of grey, blue, green and orange that can easily be combined with the several finishes of the ultra-compacted DEKTON® surfaces (used for tables and armrest): the DEKTON® Solid Collection; the DEKTON® Natural Collection and the DEKTON® Industrial Collection.


TIMELESS, the integrity of everlasting designs

TIMELESS is one of the latest outdoor furniture collection created by Borja García and José A. Gandía-Blasco for the brand. Inspired by the rational architecture from the early 20th century, its design of subtle but distinctive forms communicates honesty, without any unnecessary ornament other than its structure.


Its various elements are carefully balanced in order to provide maximum comfort. The different colours of the aluminium structure and the various upholstery options allow for the easy adaptation of the collection to different settings, for both residential and contract applications.


The collection includes six modular sofas with chaise longues, two low armchairs, modular poufs, armchair, low and high stools, high tables and benches.

PERGOLA, shade and refuge

PERGOLA is a versatile system of pergolas that reinterprets in a modern way and with contemporary materials the traditional wooden pergolas. It’s part of the architectural OUTDOOR SPACES line, a collection of outdoor furniture aimed at bringing the indoor comfort outside.


Manufactured from powder coated anodised aluminium, the company’s iconic material of choice which is lightweight yet especially resistant to the elements, the five different modules of the PERGOLA system can be used to create sheltered spaces, porches, relaxation areas, outdoor dining areas etc… adjusting to the needs of clients and the layout of the spaces where they are used.




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