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Furniture from Spain and BIMobject, the global marketplace for the building industry, form an alliance on behalf of the furniture sector

July 7 / 2021

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the new digital design methodology with which thousands of architects, engineers and interior designers are already working all around the world. BIM is not only about 3D design: it is a collaborative work methodology that seeks to connect people, processes, and digital models in building and equipping projects, thereby allowing fluidity in the transfer of information and communication. By providing accurate data about all aspects of the projects, BIM can help fix inaccuracies and save time and costs through the entire process – from the early design stages to the regular maintenance of a constructed building.


BIMobject.com is the biggest BIM content platform in the world. With more than 2,000 manufacturers and 2 million registered users, BIMobject offers architects and interior designers a digital space where they can quickly find the necessary products for their projects in BIM format, as well as CAD, PDF, JPG … And not only can they find product inspirations for their next design, but they can also download BIM files for free and access all information about the products, the suppliers and even contact the commercial reps of the companies. Everything from just a single platform!


With BIMobject.com architect and designers don’t really need to spend hours on the Web looking for inspirations as the platform puts at their disposals thousands of products from many vendors in just one click. In the era of digital building design, the download is the new lead. So, when a designer downloads a BIM files, companies know they are a part of their project and they have the opportunity to promote their products at the moment of design.


The furniture industry is represented by approximately 300 brands with around 8,000 families of furniture and decoration products. Some Spanish furniture brands are already present in the platform, including SANCAL, ENEA, VICCARBE, KOO INTERNATIONAL or ANGEL CERDÁ, just to name a few. In 2020 alone, more than 5.1 million downloads of furniture products have been generated on this platform.


In a conference, Alejandro Lorca, architect of the L35 Studio, showed how they used BIMobject.com to choose the furnishing products for the new Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid

Although at first it may seem that BIM is oriented to the design of large infrastructures and buildings, the truth is that the interior design industry can also benefits from the use of this technology. Fitting a sofa into a confined space, placing a countertop at the correct height, or simply choosing the chairs that best match the wallpaper in a restaurant are all actions that are much easier to preview and design working with BIM files.


In large projects, such as the design of a hotel or a restaurant chain, BIM allows to make changes to all the units of the same product at the same time. This way, with just one click all the headboards in all hotel rooms can be changed with a different model. It’s just that simple…

The advantages for both interior designers and architects are obvious: greater reliability, time savings and a proper selection of furniture, materials and finishes.

This technology is already used by numerous Spanish brands, that this way provide their clients with the necessary tools for an efficient project management. The new Collaboration Agreement signed between Furniture from Spain / ANIEME and BIMobject aims at promoting the BIM technology and the use of the BIMobject.com platform among all manufacturers specialized in the contract channel.




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