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NATURTEX, rugs & carpets with soul. New collections 2021

October 21 / 2021

1993 marks the beginning of NATURTEX, a family business that soon specialized in the production of artisanal sisal baskets. Since then, this Alicante-based firm has evolved towards the design and manufacture of all kinds of fabrics and rugs, incorporating new production processes and materials that are respectful of both people and the environment.



There are the three pillars on which Naturtex’s trajectory is based: craftsmanship, innovation and responsibility. The use of traditional working methods is combined with a commitment to the future through research and experimentation with new manufacturing processes and groundbreaking raw materials such as stainless steel, a material that is very rare in textile manufacturing. A constant challenge that puts collaboration at the core of the development of new products.



With all these premises, NATURTEX presents its novelties for 2021 including the following collections …

AMALFI rug collection. Outdoor & Indoor. In-house design team

The strong commitment of the firm to sustainability has led to the creation of the AMALFI collection. Made of 100% recycled polyester, these rugs allow intensive use both in residential homes and in contract spaces. Featuring a simple design with timeless patterns – squares, spikes and rhombs -, the AMALFI rugs are finished with different types of borders and are ideal pieces to decorate both indoor and outdoor areas, combining perfectly with different styles of furniture and materials.



BELTS rugs. Design by Félix Diener & Naturtex

Making use of elements that are generally used in the world of fashion, NATURTEX once again shows us its most innovative side with BELTS. Made of polyurethane and cotton braids, this rug is available in a wide variety of colours.



Thanks to its most innovative components, this rug can be used both in residential spaces and in contract projects. This has been the case of the Eden Rock Restaurant, located on the Caribbean Island of San Bartolomé.


BELTS white rugs | Eden Rock Restaurant, San Bartolomé | NATURTEX

The firm has participated in the renovation project of this space, covering the ceilings of the restaurant and bar area with the BELTS model in white.

ESPADRILLE rugs. Design by Grit Roetgering & Naturtex

Working in collaboration with Dutch designer Grit Roetgering, the Spanish firm has expanded its catalogue with the incorporation of a new original model: ESPADRILLE. It is a particular jute braid rug interwoven with coloured threads that stand out against the natural background of jute bringing originality and a colourful touch to spaces. It is available in three design options: linear, circular, and braided.



GRIT rug collection. Design by Grit Roetgering & Naturtex

Suitable for both residential and contract use, the GRIT rug adapts to all types of spaces thanks to the matt or glossy versions available. Made of high-quality cotton cords with a wax coating, GRIT is perfect to provide a distinctive touch of distinction to timeless, elegant décor schemes.



Available in a wide variety of colours, this rug has been the first choice for many outstanding projects, such as the JW Marriott hotel in Malta, the Lobito de Mar Restaurant in Madrid (Spain) and the Vaqueta in Valencia (Spain).


GRIT Curve rug | JW Marriott Hotel, Malta | NATURTEX

SISAL SOUTAGE rug collection. In-house Design Team

If you are keen on spaces with a touch of craftsmanship and warmth, the SISAL SOUTAGE collection is, within the wide range of NATURTEX’s models, one of the best options. Made with sisal and processed jute, these rugs have the ability to instantly transport you to Mediterranean shores.



The SISAL SOUTAGE collection adapts to all types of projects and has been the collection selected to decorate the original Amazonico Restaurant located in London (UK).


AMAZONICO Restaurant, London, UK | NATURTEX

With a presence in more than 20 countries, NATURTEX manufactures its models in Crevillente (Alicante), its place of origin, thus promoting local industry and the economic development of its surroundings. This control of the production processes allows them, on the one hand, to use the materials, resources and energy necessary for each order, always ensuring the sustainability of their products and, on the other, to collaborate closely with their customers by customizing each project as much as possible.


For more information, visit: www.naturtex.es


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