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IMM Cologne 2018: ACOMODEL, DISCALSA, MUSOLA and NOVOCUADRO in Pure and Comfort halls

January 5 / 2018

With the focus on Mediterranean character and charm, ACOMODEL, DISCALSA, MUSOLA and NOVOCUADRO will exhibit in halls 10.1 and 6.1 a selection of stylish outdoor furniture, lounge collections, ceramic top tables and original paintings that fit any contemporary environment, filling it with style and creativity. Professionals will be impressed by the variety of finishes, materials and colours available to adapt pieces to every indoor and outdoor scheme.

ACOMODEL. Exclusive mechanisms & designs

Originally set up in the 80s, the family-run ACOMODEL, a specialist in contemporary upholstered furniture (sofas, sofa beds, armchairs, relax chairs…), is strongly committed to providing clients with the highest quality available in the market. To ensure the originality and the functionality of models, they have patented a range of different manual and electrical patented relax mechanisms that include sliding seats and backrests, sliding chests and reclining backrests, reclining backrests and extendable footrests etc (Losa, Duetto, Adesso, folding arms, etc.).


BITAE modular lounge collection. ACOMODEL

Most of the models are composed of a pine wood structure and a DM board with steel spring. The seats can come filled with high-density polyurethane foam and a layer of memory foam. The backrests are made of polyurethane foam covered with fibre and can have reclining, folding or fixed headrests. The arms are usually made of hollow conjugated and siliconized fibres.

TELMA sofa. With its clean-lined design that focuses on comfort and modern functionality, TELMA is a great addition to every contemporary living room. Provided with power headrests and relax mechanism, it offers a harmonious fusion of comfort, beauty and versatility.



SPACIO sofa. A fixed sofa specifically designed for small spaces, SPACIO offers exceptional comfort thanks to its plump seats and soft backrests that invite to lounge and relax. It is provided with electric relax mechanism and has chrome steel legs.



CISNE sofa and armchair. A perfect duo to set immediate relax and ultra-comfort at home. Upholstered in quality fabrics and provided with relax mechanism, the sofa features sumptuous seat and back cushions, soft arm pads and inbuilt lumbar support. The timelessly stylish design of the sofas and the armchairs suits both classic and modern homes alike.



Discalsa. New experiences around the table

Set up over 50 years ago as a table and chair manufacturer, in 1996 the Rioja-based DISCALSA took a qualitative leap forward turning into one of Spain’s leading companies in its sector. Focusing on innovation, design and great attention to detail, the firm has been able to adapt to international demands and trends, developing a new line of tables that strike the perfect balance between high performances and luxurious materials.


FIOCCO ceramic top table & LENNA chairs. DISCALSA’s core product in 2007

At the IMM, DISCALSA will showcase its latest innovative table models that break with cold minimalism, featuring a new timeless, luxurious appeal. The incorporation of technological materials, such as the ceramic tops that imitates marble, natural stones or cement, the high-tech FENIX NTM surfaces and the epoxy paints, has resulted in decorative tables that stand out for the harmonious combination of functionality and beauty.

EIFFEL ceramic top table. Rafa Cambra. Featuring an urban aesthetic inspired by Modernism, the EIFFEL table shares with the famous Parisian monument not only the name but also its sturdy metal structure and the open-lattice metalwork that ensure reliable support and stability to the piece. Its characterful, urban aesthetic makes it ideal for contemporary open-plans and loft living or for creating contrasts to classical interiors.


EIFFEL ceramic top table & SAVOYE chair. DISCALSA

EIFFEL is available in fixed or extendable versions and in 7 different dimensions. Thanks to a sliding leg extension system, it extends up to 1.20 m to comfortably seat 14 people.


EIFFEL ceramic top table & LENNA chairs. DISCALSA

HERA ceramic top table. Rafa Cambra. With a 5mm solid metal frame, this table manages to present itself with distinct class and elegance yet still has an industrial chic styling that adds to its character. The refined, slanted legs support a sturdy apron that conceals a telescopic extending mechanism with fold-out system. The table extends from one end maintaining nevertheless its centred position and stability. It is offered in 4 different dimensions.


HERA ceramic top table & SAVOYE chairs. DISCALSA

The DISCALSA’s catalogue offers 27 different finishes for ceramic tops and 4 for the Fenix NTM surfaces. Metal structures come lacquered in 16 epoxy colours that can match tops or create intriguing contrasts.



New models of tables can be complemented by the SAVOYE chair, whose compact modular design, inspired by the Modernist homonymous villa by Le Corbusier, makes it suitable for a wide range of use from the living room and the bedroom at home to hotel rooms and high concept restaurants.

MUSOLA. Outdoor feeling

With innovation as a core value, the newly-born Spanish brand MUSOLA designs and manufactures outdoor furniture that easily adapts to private and contract use. The brand has managed to provide its collections with a great dose of personality that makes them unique, with pieces easily identifiable for their exciting designs and colours.


MUSOLA outdoor furniture: SUNBRELLA weather-resistant fabrics and fashionabel epoxi colours

Rather than changing the overall look of spaces, the brand strives to change the way people experience ambiences through an intriguing combination of materials, shapes and chromatic ranges. That’s what they call “Outdoor feeling” and you will get a taste of it in Cologne with the first new launches of the brand for outdoor spaces: the CANASTA chair, the NANSA lounge collection and the SALVIA ceramic top table.

CANASTA chair. Yonoh Studio. Fun and extremely versatile, CANASTA features a one-piece seat shell made from a grid of welded stainless-steel wire.


CANASTA chairs. Yonoh Studio. MUSOLA

Two upholstery options complement the grid structure providing comfort and style: a seat cushion with removable covers; or a removable upholstery that covers the seat and the back leaving the back grid visible. The powder-coated finish, which comes in different colours to match or create contrast with the structure, allow the al-fresco use of the chair.


CANASTA chairs at the EspritMeuble 2017. Yonoh Studio. MUSOLA

NANSA outdoor lounge furniture. Santiago Sevillano. With its fresh yet elegant look, the NANSA collection is a great option to bring outdoor spaces to life. It consists of a chair, an armchair, a sofa and a coffee table.


NANSA outdoor lounge collection. Santiago Sevillano. MUSOLA

The chairs, which come lacquered in any of the fresh matt tones of the MUSOLA colour palette, are stackable and provided with removable cushions.


NANSA outdoor chairs. Santiago Sevillano. MUSOLA

With their attractive powder-coated stainless-steel structures, the two- and three-seater sofas, as well as the generous armchair, come with removable upholsteries and are complemented by a set of 43 X 43 cm scatter cushions.


NANSA outdoor sofa & coffee table with ceramic top. Santiago Sevillano. MUSOLA

To withstand weather conditions, the coffee tables, which are offered in various sizes and shapes, come with stylish ceramic tops that imitate natural stones that blend perfectly with the surrounding environments.

The technological foams and the SUNBRELLA upholstery fabrics, that cover cushions and seat pads, enhance the quality and beauty of the collection while allowing their use in outdoor spaces.

Novocuadro. Original artworks for interior décor

NOVOCUADRO has made a name for itself in the interior decoration market for its ever-evolving collection of original fine and contemporary artworks created mainly by Spanish artists. Its team of art experts works directly with architects, interior designers and property developers to offer exclusive artworks that include oil, watercolour, gouache, and acrylic paintings, mixed techniques on canvas or wooden tables, engravings, lithographs etc. Themes and styles range from abstract and figurative to landscape and cityscape and the street art to suit any style and environment.


AZULES I-II. Artist: Jaime Jurado. Original paint on engraving paper. NOVOCUADRO

The firm’s main objective is to help their clients create astonishing spaces with a unique ambience and style, where good taste and respect for original art can be appreciated. The extended choice of original artworks offers endless possibilities to beautifully complement the decoration and create great impact.

PEOPLE III-IV. Artist: Santiago Navarro. Original painting 120 X 120. Acrylic artwork on canvas; each human silhouette has been created individually by the artist developing unique 3D effects with colours. Box frame optional.


STONEHEAD. Artist: Mario Costa. Original abstract painting 150 H X 120 L. Paint on wood board with white distressed frame.


KOI FISH TANK I-II DIPTYCH. Artist: Jacqui Ashworth. Original painting 120 H X 240 L. Very special artwork on canvas. The shining dots of colours on fishes’ skin give texture while recreating the light of natural environment. Box frame optional.


The more than 750 art pieces of the NOVOCUADRO’s catalogue can be used to decorate private residences, hotels, restaurants, offices and any other spaces where ambience and beauty are desirable.

Comfort, style and artworks come together in the most eagerly awaited collections from MUSOLA, DISCALSA, NOVOCUADRO and ACOMODEL.


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