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MUSOLA, stylish looks for amazing indoor and outdoor contract spaces

November 11 / 2021

Innovation, great style, and durability lie at the heart of Spanish outdoor brand MUSOLA’s business philosophy, something that is tangible from the materials, fabrics and paints chosen for their products and the cutting-edge technology used in the manufacturing process.


SALINAS modular sofa & NANSA armchairs | Santiago Sevillano | MUSOLA

Though MUSOLA was only set up in 2018, it can rely on all expertise of its parent company, Mobiliario Auxiliar de Diseño, the group that owns the brands MOBLIBERICA and DRESSY and that has been committed since its inception in the late seventies to research and innovation. The new brand is dedicated to producing outdoor furniture with a strong emotional appeal and a great personality. Aimed at changing the way we experience the outdoors, all the collections stand out for their innovative designs and materials and their long-lasting quality.


NAO sun loungers | Javier Herrero | MUSOLA

Based in the Southern-eastern part of Spain, that is in a region where people is used to live in the outdoors and enjoy the open-air life with its mix of sun, wind and salt, MUSOLA produces chairs, stools, armchairs, sofas, loungers and tables that have been specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and intense use in contract spaces. In other words, their products fully respect the technical requirements of the outdoor contract market. Resistance and durability is therefore ensured by high quality materials and finishes, such as the stainless steel, the aluminium coated with polyester powder and the Dry Feel hydrophobic foams that add also comfort to spaces.


NANSA chairs | Santiago Sevillano | MUSOLA

Its aesthetic is improved by the colourful Sunbrella fabrics, one of the most renowned brands in the market, and by the innovative ceramic tabletops that are available in 30 different finishes, each resistant not only to weather elements, but also to household chemical products, scratching and abrasion. Pieces are so beautiful that you’ll be tempted to use them in indoors. This is also one of the proposals of the brand that has included most of the pieces in its Q Dreams catalogue aimed at interior designers who work in the hospitality sector.


NANSA armchairs | Santiago Sevillano | MUSOLA

Their new lines of outdoor lounge furniture and dining sets are fruit of the collaboration with big names of Spanish design scene – Santiago Sevillano, Yonoh and Javier Ferrero – who have brought a distinctive style and a unique charm to the collections. So distinctive that you can bring the feel of the outdoors indoors, in lounge spaces, in hotel rooms and suits, in restaurant and bars…

SALINAS modular sofa. By Santiago Sevillano

Inspired by the Mediterranean landscape and its colours, SALINAS is a line of modular sofas with a structure completely made of stainless steel.


SALINAS modular sofa | Santiago Sevillano | MUSOLA

Its main feature is its flexible system of modules in three sizes, which can be configured with or without backrests and allow endless possibilities of configuration.


SALINAS modular sofa | Santiago Sevillano | MUSOLA

The upholstery is removable, and the interiors are protected by a water-repellent polyester covering.

NANSA outdoor furniture collection. By Santiago Sevillano

A stimulating and innovative outdoor furniture collection with an attractive Mediterranean air, NANSA has been conceived to evoke the beautiful sunsets on the Albufera piers, one of the most important wetlands in Spain, where you can enjoy a unique en-plein-air experience and marvellous view over the lagoon. Featuring a conceptual design made of curved tubes inspired by the typical fishing traps of the Albufera, NANSA includes stackable chairs and stools, with a light structure made of aluminium; armchairs and 2-seat and 3-seat sofas with stainless steel structure and highly comfortable, plump cushions that invite to relaxation.


NANSA outdoor lounge furniture | Santiago Sevillano | MUSOLA

The different colours available for both the aluminum structure and the cushions allow to personalize the look bringing a touch of bold originality to the outdoors. Cushions are removable and filled with water-repellent polyurethane foam (Dry Feel) and polyester fibre for extra durability.


NANSA stools | Santiago Sevillano | MUSOLA

The collection is complemented by a series of tables with beautiful ceramic tops available in different sizes and shapes, among them an organic-shaped version that integrate perfectly in natural environments.

NAO sun loungers. By Javier Herrero

Minimalist and elegant, the NAO sun lounger is the result of the first collaboration of the Alicante-based company with the Valencian designer Javier Herrero. Its fresh and simple design makes NAO an elegant and timeless piece, capable of transmitting that vibrant Mediterranean style that distinguishes the brand.


NAO sun loungers | Javier Herrero | MUSOLA

Yet NAO goes one step even further combining aesthetic and inspiration with great functionality and versatility. Easy to move and to stack, it features a structure made of stainless steel that comes with optional rear wheels and an independent cushion.

SORELL chair. By In-house Design Team

SORELL is a chair with an incredibly charming design and great visual lightness. The structure is made of stainless steel and comes with a removable cushion filled with waterproof polyurethane foam (Dry Feel).



In addition, it can be stacked up to 6 chairs, which makes it a very good option for both home and contract use.

SALVIA table. By In-House Design Team

A table with a look for every requirement! Available in three different heights (40, 75, 90 cm), SALVIA is a ceramic top table that comes in 32 sizes for the fixed version and 24 sizes for the version with extending mechanism.



It has a structure made of stainless steel and aluminum while the extension is made of marine board lacquered with UV protection. Some of its features made of SALVIA a perfect option for restaurants and hotel rooms: opening mechanism with sliding legs, integrated handle for semi-automatic opening of extensions, rubber wheels for easy movements and to avoid scratching and noise, fixed legs with adjuster rubber caps…


SALVIA table & CANASTA chairs | MUSOLA

Despite its recent creation, MUSOLA has already received several awards and accolades: the German Design Award 2019 for the NANSA chair, the Gold ADCV 2019 for the CANASTA chair, and the IF DESIGN Award 2021 for the CANASTA chair and SALINAS sofa.


For more information, visit: www.musola.com


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