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Salone del Mobile. Milano 2019. The richness in textures and details, trends in the Spanish haute decor

March 7 / 2019

The sensory richness and the luxurious details, the colours, the textures and the finishes will be in fashion this year for high class interior design, a sector that will be widely represented at the trade fair of Salone del Mobile.Milano, from the 9th to the 14th of April, by many Spanish firms, including GUADARTE, AMBOAN, COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA, SOHER, TOMAS & SAEZ DISSENY and MARINER.

The Interior Trends Guide released by the Furnishing Trends Observatory, highlights that decoration, symbolism and the search for theatrical effects have gained importance again this season in the area of haute décor allowing the creation of spaces of personal expression. Spanish brands have used all these features to emphasize sophistication and exclusiveness introducing in their furniture materials rich in details, dark tones, bold colours, glamourous ornaments and eye-catching fabrics.

Noble materials, such as the natural stone and the marble, come in combination with velvets and ceramics to create spaces that are functional as they are decorative and that stand out for the intriguing, dramatic atmospheres they can evoke.


This richness in materials, shapes and colours, as well as the opulence of the decorative offer, are the hallmarks of the CENTURY collection that Spanish furniture manufacturer GUADARTE will put on display in Milan. The vibrant colours combine with more traditional materials, such as the wrought iron, and geometric designs to bring living and dining room spaces to life. Marbles, natural wood and high-gloss lacquers become the essential ingredients of the new unique environments that the Spanish designer and decorator José Gris has created for the brand.



The fusion of contemporary pieces and classic models, which is the result of the cultural heritage and evolution of the Seville-based Guadarte, is widely used to inspire and stimulate the senses and increase the bold look of spaces. Its catalogue includes furniture, wrought iron items, lighting, sofas, armchairs, paintings, mirrors, mosaics and many other furnishing objects that add visual interest and increase the eclectic allure of the Guadarte mise-en-scène at fairs.



This know-how and broad-mindedness have given as a result the creation of an integral furnishing offer being the CENTURY collection its maximum expression. The geometric lines of the mirrors, the animal prints, the brightly coloured upholstery have been combined with rustic wood and high gloss neutral and dark lacquers to create exclusive atmospheres for luxury homes and hotels.


Home bar furniture from the CENTURY and NOUVEAU BAROQUE collection. GUADARTE

Metal, as a symbol of distinction, is present in the golden furniture lacquers, handles, table bases, sofa legs and other decorative elements.

Colección Alexandra

Perfect craftsmanship and an exceptional, unique style are what distinguish the furnishing proposal of COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA, a company whose all-round concept encompasses luxury interior décor, furniture, textiles and lighting, all of them handmade in Spain. In Milan, COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA will showcase its GEORGE, THE ONE, CRICKET and ARTEDO collections, which have been created by the Spanish designers estudi{H}ac, JM Ferrer, María J. Guinot and the young Chinese talent Ben Wu.

As a result of the collaboration with Be Wu, THE ONE captures one of the leading trends in luxury interior design: drawing from different cultures and traditions to create outstanding iconic pieces. Ben Wu combines the elegance of the ancient Chinese culture and its calligraphy, with the sobriety of western technical architecture. The line is made up of different pieces that feature a solid ash wood structure: the CHU sideboard, the SOU dining table, the SHI dining chair and the YUAN armchair.



There is also room for the British culture among the new designs of COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA for the Milan Salone. This is the case of the new CRICKET seat collection by the Valencia-based estudi{H}ac, inspired by the unique clothing of the cricket players. The batting pads have inspired the backrest upholstery which combines padded parts with plain material. The legs of this collection, which consists in a chair and stool, are available in turned wood or metal.


CRICKET chairs. JM Ferrero – estudi{h}ac. COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA

The ARTEDO cupboard designed by María J. Guinot and the GEORGE cocktail cabinet by estudi{H}ac are other pieces that will be presented to the international audience at the Salone.



The first is an eclectic piece with classic details, such as its base with a carved support and legs, the crest and the wooden handle with decorative carving and a straight-lined body finished with high gloss lacquers.


GEORGE cabinet. JM Ferrero – estudi{h}ac. COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA

As for GEORGE, it opens up new horizons with its irregular geometric pattern on the front and its fusion of different materials, such as the ceramics, the leather and the wood.


The emotional impact of nature, which imbues the luxury furniture segment this year, plays a prominent role in the AMBOAN SELECTION line, which the Valencia-based furniture manufacturer AMBOAN will present to the thousands of visitors in Milan. Made of quality oak and walnut veneers, treated using rustic techniques and dyed in natural colours, the AMBOAN SELECTION stands out for the refinement of its finishes and decorative elements that make each piece unique.


AMBOAN SELECTION. MITHOS dining room. José Vicente Puchades. AMBOAN

In the Amboan Selection line, MITHOS, the latest creation by José Vicente Puchades for the brand, reflects the “New Classic” concept by Amboan. Through the application of artisan techniques and the use of modern technology and materials, the firm has created refined pieces that reinterpret classic styles in a more contemporary way.


AMBOAN SELECTION. MITHOS living room. José Vicente Puchades. AMBOAN

Fresh yet distinguished, the MITHOS appeals to a younger audience and is suitable for different environments where a warm, relaxed atmosphere is required.


AMBOAN SELECTION. MITHOS bar cabinet. José Vicente Puchades. AMBOAN

MITHOS has been extended with new items that will be unveiled at the Salone: coffee and side tables, console tables, a dressing table, a bar cabinet and a sideboard with some new features, such as the mitred cornice moulding.


AMBOAN SELECTION. MITHOS sideboard with mitred cornice moulding. José Vicente Puchades. AMBOAN

Although the collection comes in a variety of designs, all the pieces share some basic aesthetic features – quality wood and the metallic details finished brushed gold or graphite.


SOHER will unveil at the Milan Salone its new MARQUIS collection, a line of living and dining furniture which perfectly combines great craftsmanship and contemporaneity, two of the distinguishing features of this brand renowned for its high-class production of furniture and decorative objects.


MARQUIS collection. SOHER

In MARQUIS the black ebony wood and the precious velvet upholsteries are complemented by metal elements and details that accentuate the eclectic side of the collection and its glam appeal.


The new IRIS armchairs, the best option to create a relaxed yet refined reading corner at home

At the Salone, MARQUIS shares space with the most recent collections from the Spanish firm: the SAVOY bedroom and the EARTH lounge-dining room. With its equilibrium of curved and linear shapes and its decorative design, SAVOY, which is available in wood and high gloss finishes, is the perfect choice for creating impeccable atmospheres.


SAVOY bedroom. SOHER

One of its highlights is the surrounding headboard made of Pau Ferro veneer, a material that is present in all that collection and that accentuates the beauty of the matching bedside tables, the bench and the dressers with metal legs. A gold-plated option is also available.


EARTH dining room. SOHER

Made of curly American walnut or birch wood, the EARTH collection captures the Earth’s beauty and brings its relaxing mood indoors. Its design, which focuses on the details and sinuous lines, reveals the natural beauty of the wood and it is enhanced by Nubuck leather upholstery and bronze plated handles.

Tomás & Sáez Disseny

In the area of furniture and lighting, in which maximalism prevails, TOMÁS & SÁEZ DISSENY will present the new additions to their EMPIRE collection. This is made up of outstanding pieces, whose style comes from the combination of noble wood, leather and the exclusive touch of the methacrylate, which provides furniture with a unique, sophisticated character.


EMPIRE dining room. José Vicente Puchades. TOMÁS & SÁEZ DISSENY

The dyed veneer and the traditional marquetry stand out in the design by José Vicente Puchades, who strives to bring beauty and practicality together in different yet complementary pieces. The offer includes armchairs, sofas, tables, sideboards, auxiliary furniture and lighting proposals, all of them manufactured with a lot of attention to detail.


EMPIRE living room. José Vicente Puchades. TOMÁS & SÁEZ DISSENY

The EMPIRE collection of this Valencian brand is available in endless size and finish options, so that it can adapt to the needs of each project and client.


EMPIRE bedroom. José Vicente Puchades. TOMÁS & SÁEZ DISSENY

Its sophisticated look and the high quality of material make EMPIRE a perfect choice for exclusive spaces at home or in hotels.


The luxury decor brand MARINER will disembark in Milan with two new proposals: SAVOY and MALMAISON. With SAVOY, the artisans at Mariner give shape to exclusive materials, such as the American walnut wood, the Murano glass or the gold leaf inlaid in ebony pieces, to create furniture pieces which are real works of art.


SAVOY living room. MARINEROne of the biggest trends in 2019 consists in revisiting the past and adapting styles from the 20th century to the new era. In line with this trend, SAVOY draws inspiration from the Danish furniture of the 50s, reinterpreting its attention to detail to produce pieces that ooze with glamour, coolness and brightness.


SAVOY living room. MARINER

MALMAISON shares this glance backwards to times gone by to create a renewed classic. In this case, it explores the Parisian style of the 18th century, with its neoclassic architecture and the imperial style as a standard.

mariner-malmaison-dining room


Its sumptuous design and the precious finishes provide spaces with the exclusiveness conveyed by materials such as the ebony wood, the white crackle-lacquers finish and the 24 carat antique gold details.


MALMAISON dining table with marquetry and bronze details. MARINER

Made in Spain luxury and distinction at its best.

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