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Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022. The best designer furniture for stylish outdoor spaces

May 10 / 2022

Much like the trend towards bringing the outdoors in, latest years have also seen a growing trend to migrate the comfort, convenience, and style common to home interiors outdoors. Garden, patios, terraces, and other outdoor areas are increasingly being treated as multi-purpose spaces, not only used for relaxing and entertaining but also for carving out a quiet workspace. In this case, a shade structure or an essential “gazebo” can help to create an office space that fully respond to new hybrid working models.


GIRO outdoor&indoor lounge furniture | Vincent Van Duysen | KETTAL

Already well-established in living rooms, comfy sofas, curvy shapes, the combination of minimalistic designs and calm colours, accent pieces, trendy textures like rattan are making their way into gardens, porches and swimming pool areas reinforcing the room-like feel and the sense of calmness and beauty/luxe.


ONSEN outdoor&indoor lounge furniture | Francesco Meda y David Quincoces | GANDIABLASCO

Modular furniture is also having its moment. Sectionals that can be easily reconfigured and removable covers as well as cushion replacements make it easy to change up the look of outdoor living spaces and adapt them to new needs and styles.


HERITAGE LINEAL outdoor lounge furniture | Mario Ruiz | POINT

On display in Milan, a group of Spanish outdoor furniture manufacturers will wow visitors and professionals of the furnishing sector with their new designer products aimed at turning the outdoors into cozy, vibrant, shaded living spaces. There will be a solution for every activity, a design for every lifestyle, and a product for every need and taste. Have a look…

GANDIABLASCO. Hall 20 Stand C05

According to the postulate that originated it – the will to challenge the limits between indoors and outdoor-, the ONDE furniture family from GANDIABLASCO has expanded to include a dining table, a dining armchair and a club armchair with matching pouf that, thanks to their modular nature, help to explore different combinations and configurations. Stimulated by his own Scandinavian design influences, and in collaboration with a team of experts, Italian designer Luca Nichetto has pushed the possibilities of aluminum to its limits to develop a wide, comfortable and versatile collection that invites you to work, but also to enjoy relaxing breaks either at home (indoor and outdoor spaces) or at the office – in this case, conceived as a more flexible, hybrid space.


ONDE dining set | Luca Nichetto | GANDIABLASCO

The structures of the new furniture are made of welded aluminium profiles and corrugated aluminium sheet obtained by stamping. In the case of tables, on the powder coated aluminium structures, GANDIABLASCO’s favourite material, rests the tabletops made of the Dekton® compact surfaces by Cosentino, which are highly resistant to stains and chemicals.


PERGOLAS, new features for outdoor workspaces | GANDIABLASCO

The seat cushions and the rest of the ONDE seat elements are made up of a foam rubber base and an upper padding made of Triafill microfibers – soft, fresh and breathable. These upholsteries are covered in the essential water-repellent, fully removable fabrics suitable for outdoor use.


GB MODULAR benches & tables | José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales | GANDIABLASCO

Other smart proposals that allow to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors are the GB MODULAR series of tables and benches that, thanks to minimalistic elements and a sophisticated system of tongue-and-groove joinery between profiles, allows to design highly functional dining spaces or working areas both in indoor and outdoor; the new UMBRA folding and rotating sunshade that differs from conventional ones for the axis of its base placed on one side and the comfortable sliding side opening mechanism; the new features introduced in the iconic PERGOLAS collection by José A. Gandía-Blasco, such as the new ceramic finishes by TAU Ceramica and the new ceilings, designed to create fully equipped and personalized indoor&outdoor workspaces with electronic systems. Last but not least the new additions to the successful ONSEN, DNA and SOLANAS collection…

POINT. Hall 6 Stand A29

Straight shapes and a minimal, clean design define the aesthetic of this new collection of outdoor modular sofas. With LONG ISLAND, the challenge for French designer Christophe Pillet was to create an outdoor lounge collection that would be as elegant, comfortable and well finished as those designed for the interiors. Highly versatile, the pieces that make up the collection include an armchair, a sofa, a chaise longue, and a set of occasional tables with porcelain or compact top and aluminium frame.


LONG ISLAND outdoor lounge furniture | Christophe Pillet | POINT

From minimal to tradition, the new launch developed by Spanish industrial designer Mario Ruiz is born from an in-depth analysis of POINT’s history and its most iconic designs. With its genuine Mediterranean look, the HERITAGE outdoor collection is a return to the original essence of the brands. As a matter of fact, Ruiz took POINT’s traditional hand-woven technique as a reference, adapting traditional materials and formats to softer, more modern and fluid languages.


HERITAGE CONTOUR outdoor dining set | Mario Ruiz | POINT

The result are two lines of furniture with two different aesthetic – HERITAGE LINEAL with a conservative style made of straight, clean lines and HERITAGE CONTOUR featuring a softer, more organic silhouette – that can be combined with each other and include multiple versions of sofas, armchairs, chairs, stools, side tables, dining tables, sun loungers and daybeds.

KETTAL. Hall 20 Stand C06-B07

Conceived as a minimalist furnishing solution for informal cafeterias, the RINGER Collection marks the first collaboration between KETTAL and London-based designer Michael Anastassiades. Drawing inspiration from the traditional Chinese horseshoe back chair, Anastassiades has designed a piece that is totally manufactured in aluminium and consists of tubular legs that support the semicircular armrest and the squared seat; all the elements are joined together without visible junctions. The chair is complemented by a round and a square table with optional teak or marble top.


RINGER armchairs & table | Michael Anastassiades | KETTAL

It all started with a rope, and the idea of using it in a different way – by sewing ropes together to create the shape of a new product. That’s how the idea of GIRO outdoor furniture collection took shape. Designed by Vincent Van Duysen for KETTAL, a big source of inspiration was the Orkney Chair, a classic example of vernacular product design. Although based on traditional craftsmanship from the past, GIRO integrates KETTAL’s modern technology and know-how.


GIRO outdoor lounge furniture | Vincent Van Duysen | KETTAL

The traditional ropes have been substituted by a recycled polypropylene rope that can face all types of weather. Teak adds another authentic quality to structures, whereas concrete have been used for side tables and ceramic for tabletops.

EXPORMIM. S.Project. Hall 13 Stand C02-C06

With its clean design but a very sophisticated internal structure, the BLUM dining chair, a creation by Manel Molina for EXPORMIM, has a structure made of high resistance aluminum tube. Two new versions have been added to the original model with hydroformed aluminium legs: the classic 4-legged option and the model with pyramid-shaped base made of FSC certified sapele wood. All the models share an aesthetic that subtly combine elegance, classicism and contemporaneity offering great possibilities of customization through a variety of technical fabrics completely suitable for outdoor use.


BLUM chairs with 4-legged wooden base | Manel Molina | EXPORMIM

The LAPALA family grows this year with two radically contemporary reeditions of the classic chair by Lievore Altherr Molina, formerly launched in the 90s. Maintaining the sober, versatile character of the original design, the new versions bring a significant increase in comfort through their improved ergonomics and the higher resistance to adverse weather conditions.


LAPALA chairs, new wooden leg version | Lievore Altherr Molina | EXPORMIM

With seat and backrest made of hand-woven high resistance rope and the stainless steel frame, the two new models are available with four-legged or pyramid-shaped bases made of FSC sapele wood.

VONDOM. Hall 16 Stand E35-F30

Five-star poolside glamour is ensured by the two new sun loungers recently launched by outdoor furniture specialist VONDOM, both easy to move and made of injected polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass that make them highly resistant to a range of weather conditions, from sunlight and heat to humidity. Created by Karim Rachid, the VOXEL sun lounger, a new addition to the successful VOXEL outdoor furniture collection, wouldn’t look out of place beside an infinity pool in Cancun, and instantly adds a ‘luxury hotel’ vibe to every garden space. It also meets the strict quality standards for hospitality use: it’s sturdy, stackable and has two wheels which make it easier to move. As other pieces in the collection, it stands out for its angular, faceted design and its skate-like shape of its base that prevents it from sinking in the sand when used on the beach.


VOXEL sun lounger | Karim Rachid | VONDOM

Ultra-contemporary with clean, natural forms, the AFRICA sun lounger, a new creation by Catalan designer Eugeni Quitllet, is the other option launched by the Spanish brand. Stackable and available in various colours, it has an adjustable backrest that makes it even more comfortable. The quality Batyline polyester fabric, which is robust and stretchy, not only improves durability and comfort it is also quick drying.


AFRICA sun lounger | Eugeni Quitllet | VONDOM

If you are looking for something truly original, midway between a futuristic design and tradition, then the KIMONO chair is for you. The latest design by Spanish architect and designer Ramón Esteve for the brand, it is the perfect conceptual architectural piece for any space. Inspired by the traditional Japanese kimono, the KIMONO chair presents a unique structural shape, angular and faceted, only possible due to a production by injection molding.


KIMONO chairs | Ramón Esteve | VONDOM

A versatile, accent piece that fits elegantly in both contemporary and classic spaces.

DIABLA. Hall 20 Stand C05

Light, fun and elegant, the VALENTINA UP Collection, which includes a comfortable armchair, a two-seater sofa, a lounger and two tables in different sizes, puts into practice with the originality and creativity that distinguish the brand the famous motto by architect Mies van der Rohe “less is more”. Conceived as a reinterpretation of the former VALENTINA Collection, this new version has incorporated new V-shaped zinc-plated iron rod legs that improve ergonomics and style by raising each element from the ground. The rich variety of colors offered by the DIABLA Outdoor catalogue allows to create fun contrasts or adapt furniture to the surrounding environments.


VALENTINA UP sofa & chaise longue | Alejandra Gandia-Blasco | DIABLA

Another creation by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, the vibrant duo PATOSO and CALCETÍN puts together respectively a pouf and a space divider that make the most of the en plein air life allowing to create in an easy way an intimate atmosphere to read, chat or sunbathe. PATOSO is a pouf filled with recyclable polystyrene pearls with an attractive beanbag style design. The legs attached to the hidden metal structure raise it from the ground turning it into an inviting, cozy lounge chair.


PATOSO lounge chair & CALCETIN space divider | Alejandra Gandía-Blasco | DIABLA

Live and lounge in the sunshine with the new, fresh proposals from Spanish brands and stay tunes for more inspirations next week…

Furniture from Spain. Live. Work. Enjoy. Create…


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