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Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022. Top designer furniture & decor solutions for home and hospitality use (1)

June 1 / 2022

Sustainability, biophilia, curves, neutral colours. Main trends in interior design are more focused on making people happier and comfortable rather than slave to fashion. After a destabilizing couple of years, the overarching trend in the design of home and hospitality spaces is to create escapes from the outside world – restful, tranquil, relaxed back-to-nature spaces that are both functional and emotional.


DUO MINI sofas | Rafa García | SANCAL

If personalization stays high in current home décor, the demand for more personalized experiences and unique surroundings has also increased in the hospitality sector. Hotel rooms and lobbies promise homely atmospheres and a stronger emotional value that, together with an all-encompassing approach, can elevate the guest experience to an unprecedented level.


BERNARDES chairs & benches | Andreu Carulla | VERGÉS

Technology and sustainability here are other key concepts that help to make stays and the restaurant experience even more enjoyable and comfortable. Smart furniture, last generation textiles, innovative materials, and finishes, all of them meeting the strictest standards and compliances in terms of quality, safety, and durability, are providing amazing aesthetic solutions inside safe, healthy and performing hospitality environments.


ULIS armchair | Sebastian Herkner | CAPDELL

The latest developments in hospitality design reveal that there is also another consistent trend picking up steam lately: since work from home is becoming quite common in every sector, we are seeing the rise of workcation, i.e., work while you travel. The hospitality industry took this as a perfect opportunity to adapt their spaces to these new hybrid hospitality models, where the lines between working and social interaction are often blurred.


HAPPY kilim | Sandra Figuerola | GAN

In Milan, you will see how Spanish brands react to these trends and set the bar high with designer furnishing products for spaces that are attractive as they are functional and enjoyable. Have a look…

SANCAL. Hall 15. S.Project. Stand F19-F21

A family, two flexible solutions for different space needs. Eighteen years later, Spanish designer Rafa García has boldly reinterpreted his former DUO sofa, replacing it with two new versions of the same: DUO MINI & DUO MAXI. The two versions, created for SANCAL, share the same sectional design and the soft, floor-level volumes that give them a flexible, versatile identity, accentuate by the sizes. The difference lies in the depth of seats and modules available.


DUO MINI sofas | Rafa García | SANCAL

With its reduced dimensions, the DUO MINI sofa is the idea choice to furnish compact spaces typical of large cities. Each module can even be used as a small independent armchair.


DUO MAXI sofa | Rafa García | SANCAL

On the other hand, the DUO MAXI sofa extends the width of some modules to form single-piece sofa with generous dimensions. Its wide selection of modules includes elements with or without armrests, end and corner modules and a pouf. They can be combined and even reconfigured to create almost infinite designs, ideal for lobbies and other open public spaces. Anther new feature is the possibility of creating curved compositions with soft corners.


PION table & stools | Ionna Vautrin | SANCAL

The company has also expanded PION, the successful collection of tables and stools created by French designer Ionna Vautrin, with new finishes and sizes. New high-gloss lacquered colours and extra matt lacquers has been added for bases. As per tops, in addition to the classic stained linden top for PION TILO side tables, the firm has launched the PION FRESNO version with new ash wood tops. The PION PETRA tables maintain their attractive Emperador Gold and Carrara marble tops.


PION side table & ALPINO armchair | Ioanna Vautrin | Rafa García | SANCAL

To meet contemporary trends and commercial demands, they have also extended the sizes available launching the new bistro tables (H74-D68 and H74-65X65) and the medium height lounge versions (H60) with multiple top diameters, ideal for combining with lounge chairs.

CAPDELL. Hall 6 Stand B23

SIT.THINK. IMAGINE. True to their motto, Spanish furniture manufacturer CAPDELL puts two new inspiring seating collections on the market: NODAL and ULIS. Two innovative designs that invite to sit down in comfort and style…


NODAL sofa | Luca Nichetto | CAPDELL

Designed by Luca Nichetto, NODAL is a sofa system whose modularity allows multiple configurations. Starting from a platform with 1, 2 or 3 seats, a number of individual pieces can be arranged into a shape to suit any modern living space, large or small. A table unit, finished in oak or walnut wood, and an angular module are also available to increase the possibilities of this spectacular seating system.


NODAL armchair | Luca Nichetto | CAPDELL

It has a black powder-coated metal base with adjustable metal glides and it is complemented by rectangular pieces that form the armrests and support the backrest.


ULIS armchair | Sebastian Herkner | CAPDELL

The ULIS LOUNGE chair adapts perfectly to both residential and contract spaces. Sebastian Herkner defines it as his idea of modern comfort. Its smooth design, the generous padded seat, and the reclined position of the backrest have been conceived to wrap and hug, turning spaces into welcoming, fully enjoyable spots. Base options include legs made of black metal tube or a rotating central foot, which combines metal and oak wood. Available with high or low backrest, it can be personalized using different fabrics for the inner and external shell.

GAN. Hall 20 Stand C05

With a view to the future, Spanish rug specialist GAN is working hard on both encouraging the environmental and social sustainability of design and on preserving and revaluating the artisanal techniques in the production of rugs. These are the main issues that have inspired their new launches, to be presented in Milan to the international audience. Six new rug collections, handcrafted in India and fruit of a successful collaboration with great, international creative talents…


GOZ TSUCHI rug | Kengo Kuma | GAN

GOZ by Kengo Kuma is a rug collection that captures the essence of Kengo Kuma and Associates work, understanding materiality as a fundamental component of architecture and design. The technique has been expressly developed by GAN: on a manual loom, expert craftspeople interweave teak wood rods -of circular, semicircular, or square cross-section- in a framework of virgin wool. The three rugs that make up the collection are KIRI, AME, AND TSUCHI —the terms for fog, rain, and soil in Japanese.


INDUS rug, PLASTIC RIVERS Collection | Álvaro Catalán de Ocón | GAN

Designed by Álvaro Catalán de Ocón and manufactured by artisans in India using the hand-tufted technique, PLASTIC RIVERS is a series of four map-rugs made by hand of 100% recycled plastic yarns that paradoxically reproduce the aerial views of four of the most polluted rivers on the planet: Yangtze, Indus, Niger, and Ganges.


REVERSIBLE rug, GAN SPACE | Charlotte Lancelot | GAN

REVERSIBLE, by Charlotte Lancelot, is an innovative GAN space that has no wrong sides: you can easily turn your rugs and poufs upside down to show their cozy, wool side in the winter months and their cotton side and linen side in the warmer season for a fresher look.


TRIO MIX rug, THE CROCHET Collection | Clara von Zweigbergk | GAN

THE CROCHET COLLECTION represents the first collaboration by graphic designer and art director Clara von Zweigbergk for GAN. Inspired by traditional crochet rugs, shawls, and oval mandala-style rugs, von Zweigbergk has created four contemporary designs in which a subtle use of colours enhances the infinite possibilities of crochet in the world of decoration.

GAN’s kilim collection expands with a new creation by Sandra Figuerola, a regular contributor to the brand. The strong graphic character of HAPPY denotes the designer’s taste for geometric patterns, as well as her expressive mastery of color. Hand-knotted in 100% virgin wool from New Zealand, the ECHO rugs by London-based designer Samuel Wilkinson, originally in two colours – green and red -, are now available in a greyscale pattern.

KRISKADECOR. Hall 10 Stand F35

Since its foundation in 1926, KRISKADECOR has specialized in the creation of highly customized projects made with anodized aluminum links. Incredible as it may seem, these tiny elements allow the company to offer architects and interior designers a wide variety of solutions for any residential or contract space such as wallcoverings, ceilings, façades, claddings, space dividers, and lamps. This year, at the Milan Salone, the firm will present new decorative solutions and finishes in an amazing stand designed by José Manuel Ferrero from estudi{H}ac studio.


VOLUME aluminium links, modular system for ceiling structures | Gaudí’s Casa Batlló, Barcelona, Spain | KRISKADECOR

New for 2022, VOLUME is an innovative modular system developed by KRISKADECOR for decorating ceilings. It has already been installed in Kengo Kuma’s recent architectural intervention in Gaudí’s Casa Batlló, in Barcelona. Easy to install, VOLUME allows to combine different chain densities and lengths, colours and patterns to achieve surprising effects and volumes and create highly customizable ceiling structures. Chains are attached to panels by means of a pin system that replaces the profiles, providing versatility. They can also incorporate lighting.

VOLUME aluminium links, modular system for ceiling structures | Gaudí’s Casa Batlló, Barcelona, Spain | KRISKADECOR

The range of lacquer finishes for aluminium links has also been extended with the introduction of LUXE EDITION, a new option that allows total customization thanks to the extensive RAL and Pantone colour palettes. The variety of shades that is possible to obtain is so rich that makes it easy to reproduce faithfully any image or pattern.


LUXE EDITION metal links, new finish | NANDO Restaurant, Altricham, UK | KRISKADECOR

The quality of the paint and its application process ensure both the complete coverage of surfaces and a soft feel. The varnish used provides also great durability. The new finish didn’t go unnoticed to the STAC Architecture Studio that used it for metal chain décor at the Nando’s restaurant in Altrincham, UK.

KRISKADECOR’s chain links are made from 99.99% aluminium, including 20% recycled material, so their production consumes fewer resources and reduces the firm’s carbon footprint. This metal can also be infinitely recycled without any loss of quality.

VERGÉS. Hall 6 Stand F42

VERGÉS’ creations exude nature and tradition in their purest essence. That’s what distinguish the brands and what makes their product so successful in the hospitality and contract markets.


BOGART chair | Manel Molina | VERGÉS

Take for example the BOGART chair collection. Based on a contemporary language, the chair is Manel Molina’s reinterpretation of the first wicker chairs created by the company in the 1970s. The new version has acquired a timeless appeal and versatile features that make it perfect for different environments. It has a stackable structure in ash wood or solid oak, and it can be finished in different ways: in natural colours, stained or open pore lacquered.


BOGART chair | Manel Molina | VERGÉS

The firm also offers a series of versions that increase its possibilities of use in different context: with or without arms; upholstered seat and backrest or upholstered seat only; seat made of dyed acrylic polyester straps; seat made of recycled leather straps; seat made of full grain leather etc. The paper cord seat is the result of a totally handmade process that requires expert craftsmanship and time to achieve the impeccable, high-quality finish that makes BOGART so unique.


GOOSE chairs | Emiliana Design Studio | VERGÉS

Created by Emiliana Design Studio, GOOSE is a collection of chairs and stools that features an organic design made of pure, curved lines. Ingeniously shaped from a single sheet of plywood, joined in the middle of the seat, GOOSE takes full advantage of the technical and expressive possibilities of bentwood. Designed for restaurant areas and soft office use, these chairs are available in five different shell designs and various options for legs and upholstery embodying the concept of flexible pieces that are comfortable and beautiful.


GOOSE chairs | Emiliana Design Studio | VERGÉS

The aesthetics and stunning design of these new proposals from Spanish brands bring the vibe and captivate the interest of the audience. Their creative solutions allow to adapt furniture and finishes to different need, uses and spaces. Meet them in Milan and get ideas!

Furniture from Spain. Live. Work. Enjoy. Create…


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