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Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023. Creative solutions from Spain for highly-personalized, inviting hospitality and work environments

March 21 / 2023

Modern trends in hospitality and work environment design show that standardization is no longer the norm. It is becoming critical to personalize and tailor spaces to the preferences of travelers and promote employee well-being and vitality. In hotels, rooms are no longer the main attraction and in offices the trend for a more flexible, evolutive approach is still high.


CLICK sofa & armchairs | Estudio Sancal | SANCAL

So, stranger as it may seems, the way the two sectors are approaching the design of spaces is similar in many aspects. The need for community and connection is rapidly increasing both in hotels and workspaces and, while hospitality venues are turning themselves into remote working hotspots for locals and traveler’s alike, more and more office spaces are turning towards the hospitality and retail sectors for inspiration. The most successful workspaces will have the plush interiors of a posh social club, or they should at least feel cozier and more inviting than an average corporate environment.


WUDI lounge furniture | Francesc Rifé | INCLASS

To meet these new demands, Spanish brands have developed solutions specifically conceived to make hotels, restaurants and work environments much more comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing places to be. Their stimulating and inspiring furnishing products contribute to higher levels of engagement, productivity, innovation and retention.

LINK & LOOP sofas. By Raw | SANCAL

Hall 2 Stand H25/H27

With its ability to evoke a feeling of nostalgia for childhood’s past and its emphasis on creating an organic and comforting environment, Neotenic Design is an innovative approach to creating interiors that elicit a positive emotion response through the combination of soft lines, sweet colors, and plush materials in curved furniture. A trend that has inspired the design of the attractive LINK & LOOP sofas, created by Dutch industrial designer studio Raw Color for SANCAL.


LINK sofa & DIWAN armchairs | Raw Color Studio | PerezOchando | SANCAL

Based on the creative use of cylindric volumes, the duo of playful upholstered sofas challenges any conventionalism associated with resting and socializing while encouraging a sense of fun and connection among users. Their curved silhouette is ideal to soften linear architecture and make spaces more comfortable and friendlier.


LINK & LOOP sofa with ELLE MINI lounge chair | Raw Color Studio | Rafa García | SANCAL

Inspired by the sinuous volumes of a chain, the sculptural LINK seats form a series of connections that can be steadily increased. LINK is available in a carefully selected range of 6 plain colours and a couple of multicolour versions: multitone bold & multitone pastel, and the Kvadrat x Febrik Sprinkles sample collections.


LOOP sofa | Raw Color Studio | SANCAL

The playful, enveloping LOOP sofa is offered in different sizes and in two versions: Standard Edition in a wide selection of fabrics or “Designer’s Edition”, in a patchwork finish of various tones of either red, blue, yellow, or green.

FEEL FREE space divider. By estudi{h}ac | KRISKADECOR

Hall 10 Stand F35

Feel free to zone an open plan space or to shape an intimate, separate space in places like offices and hotels. With the innovative FEEL FREE system, you can! Designed by estudi{h}ac, the Valencia-based studio founded by José Manuel Ferrero, FEEL FREE is an innovative free-standing structure that allows the installation of KRISKADECOR’s metal chain-link partitions in any area without the need for any support or fixing.


FEEL FREE space divider | estudi{h}ac | KRISKADECOR

The core of this new product is an extendable vertical axis with a base that can be arranged to form linear or curved structures. A top cap can be applied to join the profiles and achieve endless compositions, creating thus a whole system of unique spatial forms.


FEEL FREE space divider | estudi{h}ac | KRISKADECOR

Made of recyclable steel and aluminium, the FEEL FREE system is available in 4 shades that blend in well with any design and space creating light, airy multidisciplinary spaces in waiting rooms, workspaces, reception areas, outdoor lounge spaces, etc.

LIN TAPIZ & LIN WOOD seating system. By Inclass Studio | Inclass

Hall 10 Stand A05

Add dynamism and functionality to lounge spaces with the innovative LIN modular seating system from Spanish office furniture manufacturer INCLASS. Featuring a refined, timeless design, the collection includes several modules that can be joined together to create dynamic layouts suitable for busy workspaces and other high-traffic public spaces. The structure and arms of the benches are entirely made of aluminum alloy, a sustainable, 100% recyclable material which is resistant and light. Interconnecting tables and intermediate legs allow to create expansive compositions with different shapes.


LIN WOOD modular seating system | Inclass Studio | INCLASS

LIN is available in two versions, LIN WOOD and LIN TAPIZ, with seats that can come with or without arms and backrest.


LIN WOOD modular seating system | Inclass Studio | INCLASS

The seat shell of the LIN WOOD version is made of curved oak plywood that can be finished in all the colours of the firm’s swatch card. For greater comfort, LIN WOOD can come fully covered with an upholstered pad – plain or with parallel upholstery stitching – or with upholstered seat pad only.


LIN TAPIZ modular seating system, upholstred in top-quality leather | Inclass Studio | INCLASS

On the other hand, LIN TAPIZ has a fully upholstered seat shell that can be plain or with horizontal stitching. The internal structure of curved wood is covered with injected polyurethane CMHR foam with density 60kg/m3. The upholstery is available in all the fabrics and leathers included in the firm’s finishing book.

GARDEN LAYERS outdoor space. By Patricia Urquiola | GAN

Hall 2 Stand D19/D21

The innovation in design, materials and handcrafted manufacturing techniques that is inherent to GAN’s DNA reveals its fresh, light, vibrant and durable side in GAN OUTDOOR, a line that responds to the trend that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.


GARDEN LAYER collection | Patricia Urquiola | GAN

Drawing inspirations and ideas from the Mughal architecture and culture, Patricia Urquiola created GARDEN LAYERS which not only is one of the outstanding collections of the outdoor line but it also represents the first adaptation of the successful indoor GAN Spaces to the outdoor environments. It includes rugs, tables, mats, rolls, and cushions that can be arranged in different ways to create endless furnishing possibilities in en plein air spaces.


GARDEN LAYER collection | Patricia Urquiola | GAN

The Spanish designer achieved to imbue the contemporary and universal aesthetic of GARDEN LAYERS with clear references to the Indian Mughal’s world, something which is detectable in the relaxed atmosphere inspired by the colourful rugs, mats and plump cushions and roll pillows. It can also be perceived in the fringes, the finishes and the geometries of its motifs.


GARDEN LAYER collection | Patricia Urquiola | GAN

Available in four colour groups (terracotta, green, grey, blue), the collection is made of high tech materials which include weather-resistant yarns made of 100% recycled PET and 100% dry fast foams and ensure the best performances in the outdoors.

WING modular shelving system. By Mario Ruiz | SYSTEMTRONIC

Hall 10 Stand C05

Designed to be positioned alongside walls or to be a free-standing system, the WING modular shelving programme is one of the latest solutions created by Mario Ruiz for SYSTEMTRONIC for dynamic, fluid spaces.


WING modular shelving system | Mario Ruiz | SYSTEMTRONIC

It boasts a refined structure made of extruded aluminium that evokes a modern sense of lightness and sophistication. The modules can be configured in multiple shapes and heights to respond to different needs and spaces, both in contract and residential areas. The option of integrating sliding panels, an oak or technical stone finish on top shelves, as well as other accessories, make it possible to expand and complement the functional and versatile nature of this innovative shelving system.


WING modular shelving system | Mario Ruiz | SYSTEMTRONIC

New elements have been added (bench, wardrobe, desk, TV stand) to further extend the possibilities and functionality of the programme. Its light, tubular metal structure make it possible to turn WING into “non-separating space dividers” that are perfect to design different spaces in work environments or in large lounge areas and restaurants.


WING modular shelving system | Mario Ruiz | SYSTEMTRONIC

Visit the Spanish stands and find the best offer to shape your hospitality projects and workspaces!


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