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Spanish brands triumph at the latest awards in the USA, Europe and Australia

February 8 / 2022

2021 has been a challenging year for most brands of the Spanish furniture industry. The achievements of the brands and designers who have strived to make our spaces happier, enjoyable, more original, and sustainable have been recognized with important awards both in Europe and across the pond.


The second semester of the year was as rich in awards as the first. Spanish brands performed pretty well at international competitions taking home important accolades and honoree nominations, such as the Best of NeoCon, the BoY Awards or the Good Design Awards.

Nine pieces from ANDREU WORLD have won awards at the 52nd NeoCon 2021, the US’s most relevant commercial design event since 1968, held in Chicago from 4 to 6 October. The “Best of NeoCon” prize recognizes quality and innovation in product design for workspaces. The group of 50 Best of NeoCon jurors presented 97 awards across 52 categories including acoustics, lighting, upholstery, flooring, and furniture.

ANDREU WORLD has won two Gold Awards, the highest recognition in their categories, for the NUEZ LOUNGE BIO® chair in the Seating: sofas and lounge category and the CAPRI EXECUTIVE chair in the Seating: conference category.


CAPRI EXECUTIVE chair | Piergiorgio Cazzaniga | ANDREU WORLD

Iconic, sophisticated and ergonomic the CAPRI EXECUTIVE chair has a versatile design that adapts easily to different environments and corporate or executive uses.


NUEZ LOUNGE BIO® chair | Patricia Urquiola | ANDREU WORLD

Made of a thermopolymer generated by living organisms and without fossil fuels, the NUEZ LOUNGE BIO® chair looks particularly elegant and cosy, meeting all the requirements in terms of sustainability, ergonomics, resistance, quality and timelessness. Sustainability concerns also informed other aspects of the chair’s design. A new recyclable fabric collection, called New Circular One Pure Eco, was developed especially for the chair, made from recycled plastic bottles and packaging. That’s why the piece has also received the Sustainability Award in the same category.


FOREST CLUB sofa | Philippe Starck | ANDREU WORLD

The other Sustainability Award went to the FOREST CLUB collection, which has been recognized in the Seating: modular category for its innovative and environmentally friendly design. Designed by Philippe Starck, FOREST CLUB is a collection of modular seats with a refined plywood structure and quality upholsteries. One of its most outstanding features is the “clavet”, a special joint that recovers the essence of ancient cabinetmaking, allowing the disassembling of the entire piece at the end of its useful life and therefore the reuse and recycling of the piece.


ADELA REX chair | Philippe Starck | ANDREU WORLD

The ADELA REX chair obtained an Innovation Award and a Silver Award, both for the Seating: sofas and lounge category. Another creation of Philippe Starck for the Spanish brand, ADELA REX is a collection of wooden chairs made of plywood and 100% natural and sustainable.


LICEO chair | Piergiorgio Cazzaniga | ANDREU WORLD

The LICEO chair, a creation by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, won the other Silver Award in the Seating: guest category. Built to guarantee maximum resistance for even the most demanding uses, both in public and residential spaces, the LICEO chair is all about craftsmanship and formal beauty. Made of solid ash wood, it is the result of the mastery of expert cabinetmakers, combining the warmth and texture of wood with fine stringing work.


GIRO SOFT sofa | Alfredo Häberli | ANDREU WORLD

But that’s not all yet. ANDREU WORLD has also received an Interior Design’s HIP Award for its modular, flexible and cool GIRO SOFT sofa, a creation by Alfredo Häberli, and a #METROPOLISlikes Award for the multipurpose CONNECT table, designed in collaboration with Gensler.


CONNECT multipurpose table | In collaboration with Gensler | ANDREU WORLD

In December the Interior Design magazine revealed the winners of 2021 “Best of Year” (BoY). Of the fourteen Spanish brands that were finalists, ANDREU WORLD won in the Contract seating category for the ADELA REX chair. In addition, the Best of the Year awards recognized also the French designer Philippe Starck, creator of the ADELA REX chair, who won a prize in the Product Visionary category.


PEACH armchairs | Arnau Reyna Studio | MOBBOLI

In its 71st year, the jury of the prestigious GOOD DESIGN Awards selected the best-designed products and graphics making a decision based on the design quality of the products and graphics true to the historic motto “In search of GOOD DESIGN.” Only the best of the best designs received an award and four Spanish furniture brands were among the winners.


CAP chairs | Ximo Roca | MOBBOLI

MOBBOLI received two awards for its PEACH and CAP seating collections, designed respectively by Spanish designers Arnau Reyna Studio and Ximo Roca. Another seating collection that was recognized by the jury was the elegant CHANNEL executive chair, a product that perfectly combines new manufacturing techniques with traditional upholstery techniques. Designed by Fiorenzo Dorigo for OFIFRAN, the chair comes in three different backrest heights, upholstered in leather or fabric offered in a wide range of colours, with or without a natural wood back.


CHANNEL chair | Dorigo Design | OFIFRAN

The stylish yet discreet design of the WING modular shelving system, a creation by Spanish designer Mario Ruiz for SYSTEMTRONIC, has earned it another of these renowned prizes. Made of extruded aluminium, the shelving system is made of modules that can be configured in multiple ways to create wall or free-standing shelving solutions easily adaptable to diverse needs and spaces both in contract and residential environments.


WING modular shelving system | Mario Ruiz | SYSTEMTRONIC

In the outdoor category, the GOOD DESIGN Awards went to the AFRICA and VOXEL sun loungers from Spanish outdoor furniture specialist VONDOM. With its simple, organic design, created by Eugenui Quitllet, the AFRICA sun lounger is a new addition to the former successful collections of chairs and stools.


AFRICA sun lounger | Eugeni Quitllet | VONDOM

On the other hand, geometric, angled, and faceted shapes feature in the stylish design of the VOXEL sun lounger which is a new entry in the already existing family of chairs, stools, armchairs and side tables created by Karim Rashid for the brand.


VOXEL sun lounger | Karim Rashid | VONDOM

Both collections are made of injected polypropylene reinforced with fibreglass, a light yet highly resistant material that is the hallmark of the brand.


GATSBY lamp | Ramón Esteve | VONDOM

VONDOM has also received another GOOD DESIGN Award for the GATSBY lamp, a creation by Ramón Esteve that recall the Art Decó lighting and the Roaring 20s era.

The innovative and stylish NUEZ LOUNGE BIO® chair from ANDREU WORLD is also a huge success in the southern hemisphere, where it has been awarded the Gold prize of the prestigious GOOD DESIGN AUSTRALIA Awards, a competition that is committed to recognising excellence in design from the grassroots to the international level.



One of our lighting brands, GARCIA REQUEJO, has also been recognized with the LIT Design Awards that celebrate creativity and innovation in the fields of lighting products and applications and the International Design Awards (IDA) . The Germiled’s HALO lamp has been awarded a LIT prize in the Healthcare Lighting category for its triple function that consists in decorating, illuminating and purifying the air through its innovative UVC disinfection system.



As for the FLY pendant lamp, it has been recognized in the Pendant Lighting category for its intriguing design inspired by Nature and the flying action. The two lamps have also received the Bronce Prize of the IDA Awards in the categories Illumination / Designer Lighting and Illumination / Special Purpose Lighting, respectively.

Spanish brands are already preparing their participation in major events and competitions of the sector. Stay tuned for more information…


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