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SYSTEMTRONIC presents the new WING shelving system and a line of accessories for cool contract spaces

August 24 / 2021

Established in 1988, the Valencia-based SYSTEMTRONIC designs and manufactures highly functional contemporary furniture and homeware for home and contract use. Strongly committed to timeless design, quality and adaptability, the Spanish company keeps up with the latest trends in the market in order to meet the ever-evolving requirements of the market and provide it with the most effective solutions for spaces as diverse as offices and meeting rooms, hotels, education and healthcare centres, restaurants and modern homes.


WING shelving programme for restaurants | Mario Ruiz | SYSTEMTRONIC

Their extensive catalogue is constantly updated with the addition of new products, finishes and functions created by talented designers or by the in-house design team to suit all types of spaces and offer solutions to every problem and space need. Featuring an impeccable design, their ranges include auxiliary furniture, storage systems, accessories, décor complements and furnishing solutions adapted to the new Internet era and equipped with built-in technology to connect to external devices.


HOLD DAILY storage unit | Enblanc Studio | SYSTEMTRONIC

Certified by the AIDIMME Technological Institute, their products are 100% manufactured in Europe from the highest quality materials and using the best sustainable practices. If we add also good, highly personalized customer service, no wonder that SYSTEMTRONIC’s products have been used by some of the most prestigious architectural firms in the world to grace their interior design projects in a number of countries all around the globe.


CELES occasional tables | Victor Carrasco | SYSTEMTRONIC

Stand-out pieces in their new collection include the WING shelving system, the SITA TV stand, the DROP TOP TRIPLE bin, the SECOND TREE coat rack and the HOLD DAILY trolley, all of them specifically designed to add versatility and functionality to modern workspaces, hotels, restaurants and facilities and improve the sustainability of environments.

WING shelving system. By Mario Ruiz

Made from extruded aluminium, the WING shelving programme was designed to be positioned alongside walls or to be a free-standing system. Its refined structure made of essential shapes and subtle profiles evoke a modern sense of lightness and sophistication.


WING shelving system | Mario Ruiz | SYSTEMTRONIC

The modules can be configured in multiple shapes and heights to respond to different needs and spaces, both in the contract and residential areas. The option of integrating sliding panels, an oak or technical stone finish on top shelves, as well as other accessories, make it possible to expand and complement the functional and versatile nature of this innovative shelving system.


WING bookcases | Mario Ruiz | SYSTEMTRONIC

Designed to coordinate with any interior scheme, the aluminium shelving units are finished with a thermosetting polyester powder coating that is available in a choice of vibrant colours and offers excellent protection against corrosion, intense use and chemical agents. Premium top boards are placed on top of the last shelf to hide the fittings and are available in a choice of materials including natural oak and Techlam porcelains.

SITA support for TV and monitors. By STC Studio

Made of steel, SITA (Screen in the Air) is a versatile support for televisions and monitors ideal both for houses, common zones or hotel rooms. It stands out for its elegant back which hides electrical cords keeping them out of sight and organized.


SITA support for TV and computer screens | STC Studio | SYSTEMTRONIC

The version with the shelf or the option with a container module allows to include a DVD player and HI-FI equipment and build a complete media centre. VESA mounting interface standards used are 75, 100, 200, 300 and 400, with possibility of an optional accessory for VESA 600 and 800.


SITA support for TV and computer screens | STC Studio | SYSTEMTRONIC

The monitor can rotate 240º, while the wheels enable moving it all around the room. For maximum TV size 75”and maximum weight of 40 kg.

DROP TOP TRIPLE recycling bin. By STC studio

Thanks to its differentiated compartments, the DROP TOP TRIPLE bin allows multiple recycling in a single container. Different vinyl recycling symbols indicate the type of waste to be deposited in each hole: glass, organic, general, paper, aluminium or plastic.



Made of galvanized steel and painted with baked lacquered thermoset powder, the bin includes an inner ring of galvanized steel that holds the bag.



The total capacity of the three cavities is 120 litres, suitable for 57x100cm garbage bags or 70- or 80-litre garbage bags. It can be also used in roofed outdoors.

SECOND TREE coat stand & rail. By Pablo Gironés

Nature-inspired, the SECOND TREE coat stand pays tribute to the oak-tree’s soul and warmth. Although it features a modern and minimal design, it stands out for its fine craftsmanship, which is a hallmark of the firm, and the contrast that provides combining noble material with steel.


SECOND TREE coat stand | Pablo Gironés | SYSTEMTRONIC

The newly launched SECOND TREE WALL is a coat rail with natural, factory-assembled oak wood hangers that are fixed on a metal plate with no visible joining elements.


SECOND TREE WALL coat stand | Pablo Gironés | SYSTEMTRONIC

HOLD DAILY storage unit on castors. By Estudio Enblanc

Roll it to wherever you need it. Made of folded steel sheets and lacquered with polyester paint, the HOLD DAILY storage unit suits today’s flexible, versatile and dynamic working environments. It’s furniture that is easy to move around thanks to its 64mm castors and use in different ways while being stable, robust and meeting all the demands of efficient storage.


HOLD DAILY storage unit | Enblanc Studio | SYSTEMTRONIC

It’s closed at the backside and available in two versions: HOLD DAILY DR with door and locker or HOLD DAILY BX without the door. The box is offered as an option.


HOLD DAILY storage unit | Enblanc Studio | SYSTEMTRONIC

SYSTEMTRONIC collaborates with some of the most prestigious architectural firms in the world supplying its products for different kinds of interior design projects. Its clientele includes from important multinational corporations and banks, such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Paribas or the BBVA, to renowned hotel chains and clinics, like Meliá Hotels & Resorts, H10 Hotels, Hipotels, Ilunion Hotels etc, and public institutions and universities.


This plurality of clients has allowed the presence of their products in many countries, including Australia, United States, Korea, Morocco, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Austria.

For more information, visit: www.st-systemtronic.com


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