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Virtual Salone Milano 2020: CAPDELL, committed to design and wood for more than 50 years

June 4 / 2020

Since it was founded, CAPDELL, a design company specialized in the manufacture of high-joinery wood furniture, has been involved and committed to the culture of the project, incorporating into its catalogue products of accredited professionals from different design disciplines.

Thus, among its extensive catalogue feature pieces created by international designers and architects such as Carlos Tiscar, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Edeestudio, Fiorenzo Dorigo, Fran Silvestre, Francesc Rifé, Gabriel Teixidó, Kazuko Okamoto, Lucy Kurrein, Marcel Sigel, Mario Ruiz, Patrick Norguet , Rafa Ortega, Salvador Villalba, Vicent Martinez, Vicente Soto and Yonoh, among others.


LIBRIS SYSTEM table | Vicent Martínez | CAPDELL

CAPDELL has been recognized with prestigious international awards as a highly innovative company. Some of the company’s latest proposals are the following…

NIX Chair by Patrick Norguet

The NIX chair designed by Patrick Norguet, besides being versatile and elegant, has an organic and functional shape that adapts to any type of space. Available in various finishes, it is the result of quality and precision when it comes to manufacturing designer furniture.


NIX Chair | Patrick Norguet | CAPDELL

NIX combines technical and aesthetic innovation together with the handmade production of this line of furniture. This piece represents a meeting point between the technical avant-garde and an artisan and iconic design from which emanates a unique identity, with light and pleasant curves on a fine and dynamic structure.


NIX Chair | Patrick Norguet | CAPDELL

Its shape adapts to all types of spaces, creating a polyvalent and elegant furniture, made of quality materials giving the NIX chair a unique personality with different finishes and colours.

The flexibility of the lines, derived from the wood in three dimensions, enhances the comfort of the backrest and the seat while the meticulous assembly of each piece of wood favors its robustness and durability.


NIX Chair | Patrick Norguet | CAPDELL

This design by Patrick Norguet for CAPDELL has obtained the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2018, granted by the International Museum of Architecture and Design of Chicago, and the German RED DOT Award 2019 in the Product Design category.

ISA Seating collection by Vicent Martínez

ISA is a new collection of chairs, armchairs and stools in solid beech wood designed by Vicent Martínez for CAPDELL. Seat, backrest and rear exterior and interior are made of beech laminate. All the pieces are stackable.


ISA Seating collection | Vicent Martínez | CAPDELL

A-COLLECTION by Fran Silvestre

A-COLLECTION design is born by the relation between two elements. On the one hand, the structural metallic frame made of a minimal squared profile with an orthogonal geometry which ensures the piece’s stability. On the other hand, the organic geometry of the wooden chassis provides comfort and ergonomy to the piece.


A-COLLECTION chair | Fran Silvestre | CAPDELL

ICONICA Chair by Gabriel Teixidó

The ICONICA chair by Gabriel Teixidó, a unique armchair capable of adapting to the home and to contract spaces. Mediterranean sensuality goes hand in hand with Scandinavian rigour to create a comfortable, solid and light piece of furniture from beech wood.


ICONICA chair | Gabriel Teixidó | CAPDELL

ICONICA is a timeless piece away from ephemeral fashions. Its unique structure makes it a protagonist in any environment. Its comfort is one of basic characteristics for its ergonomics.

INSULA Sofa system by Patrick Norguet

INSULA is a sofa system designed by Patrick Norguet. This system is based on a construction game where you can create different compositions by combining modules of seats, backrest, tables and panels.


INSULA Sofa system | Patrick Norguet | CAPDELL

INSULA provides great comfort and high flexibility to be adapted to a wide range of spaces, from contract to residential.

PANEL lounge chair by Lucy Kurrein

Thanks to PANEL lounge chair, CAPDELL has been winner of the Design Guild Mark Awards. The honour demonstrates the excellence in design and innovation and PANEL has these good qualities due to shape and comfort combination.


PANEL lounge chair | Lucy Kurrein | CAPDELL

PANEL is a lounge chair made from sheet steel and tailored wool or leather with exposed edges. Shape and comfort have been built directly into a seat made of wool or leather through its carefully contoured surface. The flat section steel frame offers a generous platform for the seat to comfortably rest on.


For more information, visit: www.capdell.com


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