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Workspace Design Show 2024: iSiMAR, Transforming Workspaces with Mediterranean Flair

February 20 / 2024

In today’s evolving work culture, where the emphasis on employee well-being and comfort has become paramount, iSiMAR, based in Noain, Navarra, leverages its 50-year legacy of craftsmanship to respond to these modern demands. Their expertise in innovative furniture design aligns with the Mediterranean ethos of freedom and vibrant colours, offering solutions that transform workspaces into dynamic, comfortable environments. iSiMAR’s collections are thoughtfully designed for both outdoor and indoor settings, specifically addressing the contemporary need for versatile areas that promote relaxation, productivity, and overall well-being. By combining durable, design-forward pieces with their rich heritage, iSiMAR’s latest collections are ideal for injecting energy and vibrancy into work environments, fostering an engaging and inspiring atmosphere for employees.


Elegance meets versatility in the MARTINI Collection, designed by the Spanish Lagranja Design Studio. This series effortlessly adapts to both indoor and outdoor environments, embodying the concept of versatility across various sectors including hospitality, contract, and leisure. The collection’s ergonomic design ensures comfort, thanks to seats and backs that envelop the user in a cocoon of luxury.

MARTINI Collection | Lagranja Design | iSiMAR

Made from galvanized steel and coated with polyester powder, these pieces are built to withstand the rigours of intensive use, underscoring iSiMAR’s commitment to durability, environmental responsibility, and aesthetic elegance.

BOLONIA Collection. By iSi Design Group

Drawing inspiration from the serene beauty of Bolonia Beach in Tarifa, the BOLONIA Collection mirrors the undulating waves and smooth lines of the coastal dunes. This emblematic range, featuring chairs, stools, armchairs, lounge chairs, dining and bar tables, side and coffee tables, is designed to cultivate tranquil and inviting workspaces.

BOLONIA Collection | iSiMAR

The introduction of pouffes in various sizes adds a versatile element to the collection, perfect for informal coworking spaces, office relax areas, and beyond.

New BOLONIA poufs | iSiMAR

The possibility to customize frames and tabletops in a plethora of finishes ensures that each piece can be tailored to fit any design vision, indoor or outdoor.


The LAGARTO Collection offers a dynamic, versatile furniture system with UV-resistant pieces suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Its range, including a modular sofa, stools, armchairs, and a table, is designed to adapt seamlessly to any environment.


The collection’s hallmark is its modular sofa, featuring a sinuous silhouette that mimics a lizard—aptly named “lagarto.” This piece combines a lightweight metal structure with plush seating to offer various configurations, from expansive arrangements for large areas to cosy corners for intimate spaces.

LAGARTO table & stools | ILMIODESIGN | iSiMAR

This innovative approach not only enhances the character and identity of spaces but also introduces a new level of style and comfort to breaks and informal meetings, underlining the collection’s success and its expansive range of design options.

PARADISO Collection. By IlMIODESIGN Studio

Drawing inspiration from the retro flair of 1950s Miami Modern (MiMo) aesthetics, the PARADISO Collection offers a complete range of seating and table options designed for utmost comfort in any situation. With a broad palette of colours for both the structure and upholstery, this collection ensures flawless integration into both indoor and outdoor settings.

PARADISO sofa & armchair | ILMIODESIGN | iSiMAR

Including chairs, sofas, armchairs, daybeds, loungers, high benches, and a variety of tables, the PARADISE Collection is a versatile choice for any design project, enhancing spaces with its unique blend of retro charm and contemporary functionality.

PARADISO stools, chairs & tables | ILMIODESIGN | iSiMAR

At iSiMAR, sustainability shapes their approach, with products that are 100% recycled and recyclable, made using renewable energy. At the Workspace Design Show, iSiMAR’s collections—MARTINI, BOLONIA, LAGARTO, and PARADISE—will showcase their commitment to eco-friendly practices, comfort, and Mediterranean vibrancy. These offerings represent a blend of innovation, environmental stewardship, and design versatility, marking a new era in workspace design for interior professionals.

iSiMAR on Furniture from Spain


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