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GARCIA REQUEJO receives Silver Prize 2022 IDA Awards for its innovative TRANSFER surface treatment

January 24 / 2023

Innovations in materials are influencing and changing the world of design. That’s why an increasing number of prestigious design awards recognizes not only design excellence but also outstanding contributions to technological development and innovation in materials and surfaces. That’s the case of the International Design Awards (IDA) that every year recognize, celebrate and promote exceptional design visionaries and discover emerging talent in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic and Fashion Design worldwide.


In this design contest, the Spanish company GARCIA REQUEJO, a specialist in lighting and furniture for the contract sector, has just been awarded with the Silver Prize 2022 in the category Home Interior Products | Materials and Surfaces for its latest development, the TRANSFER surface finish.


TRANSFER is an innovative surface treatment that has also a great aesthetic value, as it imitates any pattern on a wide range of materials. Its application achieves not only the integration of the product into different locations, but also the increased durability of products and their resistance to extreme weather conditions and corrosion.



In addition to this, TRANSFER also reduces the environmental impact and actively promotes sustainability by using sustainable materials that imitate any kind of surfaces, including natural resources (wood, metal, iron, aluminium, stone, carbon fibres…). It also protects the underlying material from corrosion and colour degradation phenomena (yellowing), ensuring a longer product life cycle and providing aesthetics unimaginable up to now in the world of exterior decor.


As a matter of fact, its use has made it possible for outdoor lighting to withstand all weather, including the harsh tropical climate. For this reason, GARCIA REQUEJO has been chosen as supplier of lighting products for the five-star Paradisus Los Cayos Hotel located on Cayo Santa María Island, in Cuba. The TRANSFER finish applied to lamps and furniture has not only allowed to harmonize indoor and outdoor spaces creating amazing atmospheres for exclusive, unique guest experiences but also to camouflage the outdoor lighting with the surrounding environment.


GARCÍA REQUEJO has been creating lighting pieces for contract projects for more than 60 years. They design and make quality pieces tailored to the client, offering a personalized service in order to satisfy their decorative needs. They work with the most prestigious architects, decorators, hotels and restaurant chains, who have relied on the originality and quality of their products.

Thanks to technological development, materials and design, GARCÍA REQUEJO has achieved several awards and recognitions at a national and international level. One of his latest advances has been the development of germicidal lamps with UVC light, marketed through his second brand, GERMILED, focused on projects of an industrial and sanitary nature.

GARCIA REQUEJO on Furniture from Spain


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