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Home sweet home-office: the best Spanish solutions for a highly functional workspace at home [1]

September 3 / 2020

The nature of work is changing and with it our places. Technology allows us to work anytime, anyplace, and our team connections often take place virtually. More recently, the pandemic has required companies to shift to remote work with many office workers experiencing working from home for the first time.

As a result, home-office furniture has turned more popular than ever, with sales picking up, particularly via e-commerce channels. Although pandemic has forced the change, according to recent research the slow but steady trend toward remote working is likely to gather pace as employers and employees alike realize and appreciate its benefits [1].


TRIM office chair | Alegre Design | VITAL office table | ACTIU

It’s a major shift that presents exciting new challenges for office furniture producers who are seeing a spike in the business and are hoping those sales will also consolidate in the near future. Spanish furniture producers have been exploring the market reacting to new demands for home-office with new models of chairs, desks, bookcases, cabinets and new design solutions that suit different tastes and spaces. Keep on reading and find ideas for your interior design projects and retail…

The best design ideas for a home-office that inspires creativity and productivity

Creating a work environment is a challenge since it is much more than placing the computer and having a Wi-Fi point. Although it admits certain flexibility, teleworking requires an environment of concentration, efficiency, and well-being.

Whether you work in a modern office or from your own home, Spanish contemporary furniture brands offer products designed to adapt to any environment while maintaining the work-life balance with style. Interesting colours, clever designs, innovative materials give your home-office the stylish upgrade, while still including ergonomic support, comfort and, why not, a large dose of appeal.


KOTAI table & HUMA chairs | Mario Ruiz | EXPORMIM

But it’s not just a matter of style. Experts warn that home office furniture must meet the same health and safety requirements as in the office. Regulations UNE-EN1335 and UNE-EN527 establish clear criteria regarding safety and dimensions for office chairs and desks.


NUEZ chair | Patricia Urquiola | ANDREU WORLD

They must be sufficiently adjustable to adapt to a wide variety of anthropometric measurements, impact-resistant, and able to withstand intense use over long periods.It is also crucial that they do not have any sharp edges or corners and that they are sufficiently stable not to tip over.

ACTIU. MOBILITY height-adjustable table & TNK 50 office chair. Innovative solutions for an avant-garde workspace

With well-being at the core of their business, the office furniture specialist ACTIU offers plenty of solutions to design a perfect workplace both in the office or at home. Chairs, such as the TNK FLEX model, are renowned for their ergonomic qualities and their ability to protect people’s back and posture; or in the case of the STAY and TRIM chairs, to provide comfort and different functionalities for day-to-day work.

NOOM 50 is a chair designed to serve as a liaison between spaces and its multiple uses. Its options include three finishes: plastic seat shell, fully upholstered monoblock frame, with upholstered seat, which becomes an elegant guest chair for home office environments.


NOOM 50 chair & NOOM 30 office chair | Alegre Design | LONGO table | ACTIU

When working or studying from home, NOOM 50 provides a practical, aesthetically pleasing and, above all, comfortable solution.



MOBILITY height-adjustable table | Javier Cuñado | TNK 500 chair | Alegre Design | WING chairs | Ramos & Bassols | ON TIME cabinet | Alegre Design | ACTIU

Furthermore, ACTIU’s height-adjustable desks can also be adapted to the movement of the body and to each specific task. Height-adjustable models such as the MOBILITY and TALENT are wonderful options for an efficient, comfortable, and safe home-office environment.

ANDREU WORLD. BRANDY armchair & TAO table. Working in style from home

With ANDREU WORLD’s tables and chair you can create the perfect work-from-home scenario out of any hopeless space – a half-landing, a cubbyhole beneath the stairs, a bit leftover corridor or a corner in your living room.


TAO table & BRANDY armchair | Lievore Altherr Molina | ANDREU WORLD

The BRANDY chair and the TAO table, both created by the prestigious Spanish studio Lievore Altherr Molina, make the most of your home-office corner bringing together style, comfort and efficiency. TAO catches the eye for its unique sculptural appeal and impeccable quality. It is beautifully complemented by the BRANDY chair, which comes upholstered in a choice of colours and is available with either metal or wood bases. With its enveloping shape, it is aimed at bringing cosiness and comfort to your working routine.

CAPDELL. NIX chairs and LIBRIS table. The finest cabinetmaking for relaxing workspaces

Should you need a mix of versatility, high quality, and fun for your workplace at home the NIX chair and the LIBRIS table make a perfect option. Designed by Patric Norguet for table and chair specialist CAPDELL, NIX is an elegant, iconic chair that subtly combines solid wood, smart design and comfort (Good Design Award 2018, Red Dot Design Award 2019).


LIBRIS table | Vicent Martínez | NIX chairs | Patric Norguet | CAPDELL

Try it in combination with LIBRIS, designed by Vicent Martínez to extend and fold out like a book with each section bound by a carbon fibre back. The structure is formed by laminated wooden arches that meet solid wooden beams to support the tabletops. Unfold it if you need more space, adapting it to group work or celebrations.

INCLASS. SUI table & ARYN chair. The home-office with the timeless appeal

Keep things simple and functional with INCLASS, a dynamic leader of the office furniture sector. ARYN is a collection of versatile chairs that easily crosses the boundaries between the domestic and workspaces. A transversal, contemporary, light and fresh design that balances form and function being at the same time fascinating from any perspective.


SUI office table | Carlos Tiscar | ARYN chairs | Jonathan Prestwich | INCLASS

It partners perfectly with the elegant, essential and versatile SUI table, a creation by Carlos Tiscar that harmoniously blends in with all kinds of spaces and environments. A choice bound to last over the years without going out of style.


VARYA TASK chair | Simon Pengelly | INCLASS

To create a more professional environment and maximize ergonomic and functionality, an alternative could be the VARYA TASK chair that features a swivel base and a refined quilted upholstery available in different colours.

ONDARRETA. BAI desk & BOB XL chair. Pure lines and noble materials in your working spot

Even the smallest corner in your house can turn into a calm and relaxing workspace with the BAI desk and the unique BOB XL swivel chair from table and chair specialist ONDARRETA. Designed by Ander Lisazo, the BAI desk features a unique steel crossed base and desk grommet for cable management.


BAI desk | Ander Lisazo | BOB XL swivel chair | Nadia Arratibel | ONDARRETA

Comfort and style are maximised by the new BOB XL swivel chair that is offered with a base lacquered in epoxy black or silk, and a fully upholstered seat.

SANCAL. NUDO table, COLLAR chair, accessories & complements. Fun and creativity at work

This Spanish brand SANCAL has all you need to create an exciting and a highly personalized spot for concentrating during your working tasks. Add the versatile NUDO or TORTUGA tables to your living room and complement it with the MAGNUM, MULLIT, COLLAR, NIDO or TEA operative chairs, all of them available in different colours and upholstery options to tone up with the rest of your home interior design.


COLLAR chair | Skrivo | PERIGALLO stool | SANCAL


NUDO desk | Juan Ibáñez | TEA chair | estudi{h}ac | SANCAL

Once you have created your workplace it’s time to add extra functionalities and adorn it with inspiring accessories and complements, such as the modular ESTANTE storage units and shelves, the BEETLE acoustic panels and the FLOPPY baskets.

SYSTEMTRONIC. FOORK desk, MALVA space divider and accessories for optimizing your homeworking

Functionality is a big issue when it comes to turn a space at home into a private work oasis that improve concentration, well-being and productivity. Office furniture specialist SYSTEMTRONIC has selected some items that combine minimal look and great functionality for the most efficient workspace at home. Key element of this home-office design is the MALVA room divider, which is provided with cast to easily create a cozy, intimate yet flexible space for your work-from-home space.


FOORK desk | MALVA space divider | BALDAS shelves | STORE unit on castors | SYSTEMTRONIC

The versatile FOORK table, a creation by Victor Carrasco for the brand, can be customized combining the colours of their legs with their regulating feet made of solid painted aluminum. Efficiency can be maximized by adding a few elements to the space, such as the SUPPORT laptop stand that allows you to adopt an ergonomically correct posture; the STORE unit on castors thought-out to have your personal items on hand while you work – it includes a magazine rack, an optional try for drinks and a handle that facilitates its movement; the DROP MINI litter bin. Featuring a linear aesthetics, the BALDAS modular shelves can be arranged vertically or horizontally on the wall allowing the free composition of them to suit the needs of each space.

The best wall mounted and compact workspace system

A win-win solution in every aspect. They are so flexible that you just need a vertical wall or a recess in your wall and then let your creativity flows. With a wall-mounted workspace you not only get a surface to work, you also get a multifunctional workplace with plenty of extra storage space for books, decor, and work supplies.

EXPORMIM. Tradition & Innovation for charming work-from-home spots

Thanks to its modularity, the TEAM desk, created by Mario Ruiz for EXPORMIM, allows to play with shelves and cabinets to design multiple symmetrical or asymmetrical combinations. It is made of solid wood from European oaks, being it most distinctive feature the bevelled edges. With a different confirmation, TEAM can also be used as a space partition.


TEAM wall-mounted office & HUMA chair | Mario Ruiz | EXPORMIM

The HUMA chair, with its different base and colour options, is another design by Mario Ruiz and a perfect match for this wall-mounted office system.

PUNT. MALMÖ modular storage system & HUG chair. Art & Craft that inspire your work

Layers of noble materials emerge from the soft curves of wood shaping the elegant design of the MALMÖ storage system, the second collection of sideboards created by Spanish National Design Prize Mario Ruiz for PUNT. The collection which originally included sideboards, cabinets and TV benches, has now been extended with new wall compositions and finishes.


MÄLMO modular home-office | Mario Ruiz | HUG chair | Manel Molina | PUNT

It comes in oak or walnut veneers, which can be natural or stained, and is embellished by refined brass details. Beautifully crafted, the HUG chair, available with different bases and colour options, proved the perfect matches for this amazing wall-mounted home office.

OFIFRAN. PIEM office furniture collection & EASY chair. For compact, functional workspaces

Inspired by Dutch neoplasticism, as a tribute to its precursor Piet Mondrian, and the geometric concept, PIEM is a collection of modular office furniture which include interesting, compact solutions for home-office environments.


PIEM home-office & EASY chair | Dorigo Design | OFIFRAN

Perfectly suitable for workspaces with different swivel bases or fixed, the EASY chair offers excellent comfort thanks to its organic design, the seat cushion and the optional armrests.


PIEM office lounge furniture | Dorigo Design | OFIFRAN

Designed by the Dorigo Design studio for office furniture specialist OFIFRAN, PIEM offers also solutions to create private working spaces at home provided with lounge options, storage units and perfectly adapted to new technologies.

ONDARRETA. DRY table+shelves. The minimal dimension that works

A different concept yet a highly functional combination for small, young spaces. This new option joins the DRY table and shelves to form different home office configurations according to your space and need.


DRY table+shelves | ONDARRETA

Grommets for cable management are also available.

Separate your home-office with style

Room dividers are practical for helping define space in open floor plans, but they can also be a useful option to delimit a space dedicated to concentration and work. Both stylish and useful, they can effectively separate the work area from the nearby lounge space or just create the illusion of “going home” after a long day at the “office.”

KRISKADECOR. SHAPED FRAME privacy screen. New uses for metal chain links

If good lighting is a problem and you are looking for an original way to separate your home-office without using rigid or opaque materials, the highly customizable room dividers from Spanish KRISKADECOR are your choice.



They are made from light aluminum chain links that allow light to pass through while adding a creative touch to your space.

PUNT. LITERATURA OPEN bookcase. An amazing bookcase, an incredible space divider

With the LITERATURA OPEN shelving system, Spanish maker PUNT adds an open-framework option to its ingenious double-shelf system. A design classic recognized with several prizes and a National Design Award in 1997, the wheeled front unit slides to either side for access to the back shelves.


LITERATURA OPEN bookcase | Vicent Martínez | PUNT

The completely modular arrangement can be placed against a wall or out in the open as a partition. With adjustable height shelves, myriad finishes and a variety of available sizes to configure at will, LITERATURA OPEN is as functional as it is handsome.


LITERATURA OPEN desk module | Vicent Martínez | PUNT

For extra functionality, It can also integrate a desk module with storage space for documents and stationery items.

EXPORMIM. FRAMES folding screen. The rustic charm of rattan

If you are looking for something more flexible with a Mediterranean, rustic appeal, then the FRAMES folding screen is for you.


FRAMES folding screen | Jaime Hayon | EXPORMIM

Designed by Jaime Hayon and made of peeled and tinted natural rattan, its curved and organic framework provide comfort and warmth to spaces.

Home-office lounges: work and relax

Gone are the days of sitting at a desk for eight hours. Laptops, smartphones and tablets offer unprecedented mobility, fuelling the idea that work just can happen everywhere. With the desk placed against one of the walls and any necessary paper and appliance storage in built-ins or a closet, the rest of the room is left free for a sofa and chairs, media, TV and more. A well-placed, comfortable lounge area can easily turn into an inspiring space for new ideas. They also offer the perfect resting spot for other members of the family to lounge and read as the parent works.

ANDREU WORLD. DADO modular sofa & ARC table. The perfect duo

The DADO modular seating system and the ARC tables create the impeccable environment to work or wait comfortably. Made of oak, ARC integrates perfectly with any sofa, armchair or furniture element allowing to design dynamic lounge solutions with the warm touch of wood.


DADO modular seating system | Alfredo Häberli | ARC table | Manel Molina | ANDREU WORLD

DADO brings modularity to the extreme and offers the opportunity of playing with different elements to change configurations and adapt to spaces.

CASADESÚS. MEMORY armchairs. A stylish option for a break

A home office should blend in with the house — and also be a seamless space to get work done. Carve your niche for relax and inspiration with the MEMORY armchair from comfortable seating manufacturer CASADESÚS.


MEMORY armchairs | Giancarlo Vegni – Gianfranco Gualtierotti | CASADESÚS

Inspired by more classic designs, MEMORY is available with a low or a high backrest, with legs or swivel base. Feet can come in chromed steel, matt nickel or black graphite.

GAN. GRAPY easychair. A hugging silhouette for working and lounging

Designed by Kensaku Oshiro for GAN and inspired by a jute sack traditionally used in farming, this ultra-comfortable and ergonomic chaise-longue has been conceived for bringing comfort to the next level. GRAPY is available in two different cotton fabrics, canvas and velvet, in five colour choices with reinforced seams with contrasting colours, and a malleable filling that adapt to body movement.


GRAPY easychair | Kensaku Oshiro | GAN

This is just a small selection of the numerous proposals Spanish furniture manufacturers have in store for your home-office projects and for private workspaces. Please, follow the links below to source more products:

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Or just stay tuned for more product ideas in different style and price-range…


[1] According to a 2019 survey by Buffer of nearly 2,500 remote workers, 99% of people would prefer to work remotely, at least part of the time, for the rest of their careers. An IBM survey released in April 2020 and published by Newsweek found that 54% percent of the US 25,000 office workers polled would like to continue to work from home full time, and 75% would like the option to do it occasionally. Once businesses can reopen, 40% of people felt that their employer should offer the option of working remotely, as already major corporates are doing.


The pandemic merely forced a change that is here to stay, and it is now estimated that 25-30% of the workforce will be working-from-home multiple days a week by the end of 2021, according to Global Workplace Analytics.

Facebook has recently announced that they are expecting to have 50% of their workforce working remotely within the next 5-10 years. Twitter has allowed their teams to work from home as well. The truth is that, once employees have crossed the threshold and overcome the fear of hi-res webcams, video conferencing and productivity technology, they discovered that remote work really works and is even challenging.


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