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imm cologne 2020: KETTAL. Outdoor furniture with a refined timeless identity

January 7 / 2020

A family-owned furniture manufacturer based in Barcelona, KETTAL produces high-end outdoor furniture, which is timeless, elegant, environment-friendly and looks great in indoors too. Since its foundation in 1964, the brand has made a clear statement about excellence and design, and through collaborations with big names including Patricia Urquiola, Doshi Levien, Jasper Morrison and Rodolfo Dordoni, it has strived to create products that represent the contemporary culture providing solutions to the emerging need of modern life.

KETTAL BAND chairs and club armchair. Patricia Urquiola | VDL Pavilion. Dion & Richard Neutra
Their gorgeous outdoor range is made from natural woods, such as the teak, and cutting-edge materials and fabrics which are weather resistant making it possible its use in different outdoor environments: porches, gardens, swimming pool areas, roof-top terraces


ROLL outdoor collection. Patricia Urquiola

The innovative manufacturing processes allows a close attention to detail as well as the ability to customise the products to meet every clients needs. This way, each piece of furniture is unique and exclusive and stands out for the impeccable blend of pleasing aesthetics, functionality and durability.

Strongly committed to the environment, KETTAL uses 100% eco-friendly paints and wood coming from forest protected by the Perurn Perhutani certification.


CALA armchair. Doshi Levien | MESH outdoor lounge collection. Patricia Urquiola

KETTAL will be present at the imm cologne, in the Pure Editions hall, with the first 2020 launches which include the sophisticated Urquiolas BAND chair family, the refined MOLO modular outdoor sofa by the Italian designer Rodoldo Dordoni and two new lighting products: the lamps HALF DOME by Naoto Fukasawa and the BELA lamps, another design by Doshi Levien for the brand.

KETTAL BAND chair family. By Patricia Urquiola

With BAND the ingenious Patricia Urquiola has achieved to deconstruct the form of a classic chair design reassembling it into a totally renewed object that defy conventionality to give shape to a new conceptual programme.


BAND chairs. Patricia Urquiola

The schematic design of this new line of dining chairs and club armchairs is made of repetitive angular shapes that give centre stage to its core materials: aluminium, teak wood and the amazing Terrain fabrics.


BAND club armchair. Patricia Urquiola | VDL Penthouse. Dion & Richard Neutra

These new seats are both attractive and comfortable; they stand out for their great personality and the authentic charm that all Patricia Urquiolas creations instill.

KETTAL MOLO collection: modular sofas, deckchairs and centre tables. By Rodolfo Dordoni

A lounge space is not complete without the right furniture, where the sofa must reign and be noticed, in addition to meeting rigorous design requirements such as those offered by the KETTAL MOLO collection. Manufactured in aluminium, teak, concrete and Terrain Fabrics, the collection is composed of sofas, a deck chair and a centre table.


MOLO outdoor lounge collection. Rodolfo Dordoni

With a minimalistic design made of intentionally oversized pieces, KETTAL MOLO is a modular sofa in its purest expression. Its rectangular modularity, based on orthogonal geometry, makes it possible to adapt it easily to every environment optimising the space in which it sits.


MOLO oudoor modular sofas and chaises longues. Rodolfo Dordoni

Each module can be taken apart and re-organised, creating new uses and configurations.

KETTAL METEO parasol collection. By Konstantin Grcic

METEO has marked the beginning of a collaboration between KETTAL and German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic. Main aim of this project was to explore new potential uses of modern parasols and create a renewed approach to this specialized product category which, by the way, are once again on-trend for the furnishing of modern cityscapes, recreational resorts and private terraces.


METEO parasols & daybeds. Konstantin Grcic

Formerly launched in 2018, the collection is now adding three additional functionalities for the parasols base which allow to keep the foot out of the way and sight: a sofa/daybed, a table, a planter. Each item offers a useful functionality to this otherwise bulky element and open to new design ideas for outdoor spaces.

BELA indoor/outdoor lamps. By Doshi Levien

With the BELA lamps lighting takes on a new dimension where fabrics, design and technology fuses to add warmth and depth to both indoor and outdoor contemporary spaces.


KETTAL OBJECTS. BELA lamp. Doshi Levien.

Doshi Levien saw the opportunity of using the BELA ropes, a textile material designed in 2017 specifically for KETTALs outdoor furniture, to create a collection of lamps available in the 17 colours offered for the ropes.


KETTAL OBJECTS. BELA standing and floor lamps. Doshi Levien.

Drawing inspiration from both the traditional handwoven lanterns and the colourful strings that adorned the enormous kites of the International Kite Festival in Gujarat (India), Doshi Levien has designed this amazing collections of lamps that can be placed directly on the floor, suspended or used as a standing lamp.

VDL Penthouse and Pavilion. By Dion & Richard Neutra

KETTAL has partnered with Richard Neutra’s son to offer replicas of the architect’s famous Glass Penthouse, a project that embodies Neutra’s architectural theory of biorealism and incorporates many of his architectural features: modular composition, passive climate control, and interaction with the natural environment.


KETTAL PAVILIONS. VDL pentahouse. Dion & Richard Neutra

KETTAL has created two replicas of the space: a true-to-form building called the VDL Penthouse, and another version with no glass sliding doors called the VDL Pavilion. The replicas align with Dion and Richard Neutra’s original design, although KETTAL has updated the materials and construction techniques to today’s standards.


KETTAL PAVILIONS. VDL pergola. Dion & Richard Neutra

Both replica structures are designed to be ordered and installed in a variety of spaces, such as gardens, on rooftops or as part of existing properties. They will be a perfect setting for some of the latest collections of the brand, namely the BAND, MOLO, VIMINI, ROLL and BITTA collections, with the BELA and HALF DOME lamps setting the mood…

Imm cologne location: Hall 3.2 | Pure Editions | Stand E020

More information: www.kettal.com


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