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Imm cologne 2020. ONDARRETA. Charming tables and chairs for the domestic and contract market

January 2 / 2020

Founded in 1977, ONDARRETA is a family business which manufactures tables, chairs, stool, lounge seats and shelves for the domestic and contract markets. It took its name and inspiration from one of the three beautiful beaches in San Sebastián (Basque country), located a few minutes away from the firm’s HQ.

LANA lounge seating collection. Yonoh Studio. ONDARRETA

Focused on interior design and architecture, ONDARRETA is a dynamic company that has been adapting itself to the need of modern lifestyle while staying true to its foundational values and elements. All their collections have been conceived with great respect to their heritage and credo: their artisanal tradition – that has been alive and evolving for over forty years now; a balance between beauty and function, between craft and technology; a lively, vibrant style.


BAI WOOD chair. Ander Lisazo | SILU table. Ben van Berkel / UN Studio | ONDARRETA

ONDARRETA, designs that express harmony, joy and connection

ONDARRETA knows well that furniture goes beyond fulfilling a function. Maintaining a harmonious relationship among the elements throughout design, conceptualization and production processes is the main concern at ONDARRETA. The company is strongly committed to designing and crafting furniture with a soul, pieces that infuse harmony, connectivity and joy into human relationships. The principles of empathy, sustainability, artistry and technology mark from the very start the conceptualization and manufacturing phases. Final products foster above all softness and proportion; they are unique objects that welcome people and ergonomically adapt to human anatomy and movements.


DRY double table. Ondarreta Team | BAI swivel adjustable office chair with castors. Ander Lisazo | ONDARRETA

At the imm cologne, in the Pure Editions hall, ONDARRETA will be displaying a selection of its latest successful collections (DRY, LANA, BAI), plus three new launches full of charm and style that mark the beginning of new collaborations with emerging designers who have a certain prestige: the HARY seat collection, by estudi{H}ac, the ALO chair by Gabriel Teixidó and the OLA room divider by Silvia Señal.

HARI seat collection. By estudi{H}ac

HARI is the result of a new collaboration between the firm and the Spanish design atelier estudi{H}ac. With its industrial look, made of a simple steel modular frame, the collection includes chairs, stools and lounge pieces.

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HARI seating collection. estudi{H}ac. ONDARRETA

The delicate sewing thread and the smooth curves of the seat soften the look adding elegance and subtlety.


HARI chair. estudi{H}ac. ONDARRETA

The combination of materials – stained wood, fabrics, steel and polypropylene – and colours provide HARI with a unique personality and make it easily adaptable to different settings.

OLA modular room divider. By Silvia Ceñal

The colours and the beaches of the Cantabric Sea are the true inspiration behind the newly launched OLA room divider. OLA allows you to separate spaces in an easy and flexible way and play with its different elements and accessories to adapt to different spaces, whether at home, in an office or in a waiting room or lounge.


OLA room divider. Gabriel Teixidó | HARI XL chair. estudi{H}ac | ONDARRETA

Made of steel lacquered in epoxy colours, the folding screens can be used individually or linked together starting from a basic module. The upholstery that covers the structure helps to improve the acoustic of spaces.ondarreta-ola-space-divider

OLA room divider eith accessories. Gabriel Teixidó. ONDARRETA

OLA come complemented by a series of accessories that include hooks, shelves, magnetic boards and coat racks.

ALO seat collection. By Gabriel Teixidó

ALO, the elegant chair designed by Gabriel Teixidó, features a steel structure that supports a seat shell offered in different finishes: varnished, laminated or upholstered wood. The space between the structure and the seat shell gives the piece a sense of lightness and elegance.


ALO chairs. Gabriel Teixidó. ONDARRETA

The familiy of chairs, lounge XL chair and stools continue to grow, including now an outdoor version. The long steel ribbons that shape the seat, surrounded by its typical steel structure, accentuate even more the lightness of the piece that will make a stand-out impression in every outdoor space, be it a garden a small urban balcony or an open terrace.


ALO outdoor chairs. Gabriel Teixidó. ONDARRETA

At the imm cologne 2020, the company will also exhibit some of its most iconic collections, all of them available with new features, colours and versions. The DRY collection has been extended with new double and triple tables that come in different heights, widths and lengths. The LANA lounge seating collection, designed by Yonoh, will present new possibilities of personalization that can be combined and include new stained beech options, new epoxy colours, as well as new fabrics. The BAI collection, a creation by Ander Lizaso, reaches its full maturity, being offered with or without upholstery with a full range of structures.

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BAI sled chair in the new babana colour. Ander Lizaso. ONDARRETA

Imm cologne location: 2.2 hall | Pure Editions | Stand A68

For more information: www.ondarreta.com


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