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IMM Cologne 2024: MUSOLA’s Fresh Outdoor Furnishing Wonders

January 4 / 2024

Neuheiten 2024 | MUSOLA Pressemappe | Deutsche Version (PDF)

MUSOLA, a prestigious arm of the MOBLIBERICA Group, stands as a paragon of quality in the Spanish furniture industry with its dedication to 100% local manufacturing of outdoor furniture. The brand is celebrated for its strong personality and commitment to design innovation, exemplified by the work of esteemed Spanish designers Santiago Sevillano, Yonoh, and Javier Ferrero. MUSOLA’s product range, which includes outdoor sofas, tables, garden chairs, and a suite of accessories, is designed for both private residences and commercial settings, ensuring longevity and style through the integration of hydrophobic foams and the esteemed SUNBRELLA® fabric selections.

At the upcoming IMM Cologne 2024, MUSOLA is set to impress with a new line of thoughtfully designed outdoor furniture, ready to define the trends for the 2024 season. This unveiling will mark another milestone for the brand, continuing its legacy of innovation and quality in outdoor furnishings.


MILPA outdoor rug. By Musola Design team

Picture a rug that gracefully withstands spills, resists stains with ease, and dries rapidly, ready for your next outdoor event. The MILPA outdoor rug collection epitomizes this vision, melding practicality with high design. Crafted with precision on mechanical looms, these rugs feature a substantial 6mm thickness of mass-dyed polypropylene, ensuring both environmental respect and complete recyclability.


MILPA outdoor rug | MUSOLA

The MILPA collection is distinguished by its advanced fabric technology, offering liquid repellence and stain resistance, complemented by anti-mold properties and exceptional UV resilience—qualities that preserve its beauty and structural integrity. Despite their hardy nature, these rugs present a swift drying time, proving indispensable amidst the unpredictability of the outdoors.


MILPA outdoor rug | MUSOLA

The MILPA rugs come in a sophisticated palette, with the warp consistent in color and the weft available in eight distinct shades. The trim adds another layer of personalization, matching either the warp’s hue or any of the weft’s eight colors. Offered in sizes up to 300 cm wide, these rugs are designed to integrate seamlessly into any outdoor setting, embodying Musola’s commitment to durability and style.

BRISE table. By Musola Design Team

Embrace simplicity with a twist: the BRISE table combines minimalistic allure with the sophisticated charm of a ceramic top, setting the stage for outdoor elegance. Available in two versions, the collection caters to diverse needs with a fixed table standing at H75 and a versatile coffee table available in heights of H30, H40, and H55. Each table boasts a top made of durable ceramic laminated with glass, encased in a sleek 35×35 mm aluminum profile.


BRISE outdoor table | MUSOLA

With 38 standard and 36 auxiliary sizes, BRISE offers extensive adaptability. The palette of 32 structural colors and 43 ceramic options promises a bespoke piece for every setting, ensuring that each BRISE table is not just a functional item, but a personal statement of style.

ABRIL bench. By Musola Design Team

The ABRIL bench series redefines outdoor seating through its robust stainless-steel construction. Offered with or without a backrest, the ABRIL provides an option for upholstered seats and backs, ensuring comfort doesn’t take a backseat to style.


ABRIL benches | MUSOLA

Available in widths of 140, 160, 180, and 200 cm, and a selection of 32 structural colors alongside 37 fabric references, ABRIL invites you to sit back and admire the scenery in pure comfort.


ABRIL bench, detail | MUSOLA

The unveiling of MUSOLA’s newest collection at IMM Cologne 2024 represents a seamless fusion of aesthetics, utility, and eco-conscious craftsmanship. Beyond mere functionality, these creations are a declaration of MUSOLA’s commitment to pioneering design, offering industry professionals sustainable, chic, and durable outdoor furnishing options.

Hall 4.2 Stand C049 | C041

MUSOLA on Furniture from Spain


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