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Occasional furniture that makes the difference in office design: the case of KENDO

December 19 / 2018

As detected at the latest ORGATEC (October 23 to 27), digitalisation and networking are progressively transforming the work culture and shaping innovative, dynamic workplaces. The modern culture of work and the new forms of spatial collaborations require to put the emphasis on concepts such as mobility, creativity and flexibility. On the other hand, well-being, sustainability and the integration of technology are still hot topics that lead to new and exciting office design opportunities and workplace experimentation.


The RITA coffee table, ideal for meeting and coworking areas

Another trend that emerges clearly is the importance of office design in the creation of corporate identity. Companies have a story to tell, and the way the building is constructed and the interiors are designed expresses the corporate identity, inspiring both the employees and the community in which the firm operates.

Lounges, quiet zones and other wellness-oriented office areas are therefore becoming increasingly important as they are also used to welcome visitors and transmit the professionalism of a firm. Manufacturers are responding with designs that are comfy, inspiring and perfectly adaptable to the surrounding space.


Create a charming focal point in rest areas with the stylish VAN coffee table, a design by Francesc Rifé…

A specialist in occasional furniture, the Valencia-based KENDO has always put design at the core of its business. Its ranges of coffee and side tables have been specifically designed to beautifully complement sofas and armchairs bringing flair and distinction inside the offices, in lounges and in reception areas.

Over the latest years, law firms, fashion houses, banks and important technological companies have selected KENDO’s furniture items to furnish their collaborative spaces, meeting areas and waiting rooms. We have followed some of the KENDO’s occasional beauties along a journey that starts in Madrid and continues on to other important hubs of design, London and Dubai. Here is our report…

Madrid. Linkedin’s offices

Stimulating colours, dynamic forms and references to local tradition blend perfectly to create spaces full of energy and attractiveness at the new Spanish branch of the professional platform Linkedin, designed by the Italian Il Prisma team.

kendo-linkedin-offices- yoshi-table

Designed for socialization, communication, and convivial moments, “El Patio de Luz” is the heart of the project, the point of convergence of the orbits of all the other spaces, inspired by the dynamism of solar system. With its wood pergola, retro-illuminated ceiling and the ceramic flooring inspired by traditional motifs, it conveys the essence and the quality of the typical Iberian patio. The YOHSI side tables, designed by Discoh for Kendo, beautifully complement the set lounge chairs enhancing the elegance of the space. In other spaces public spaces, the TRIA tables by PerezOchando bring verve and style.

London. Kingsley Napley law firm

For this London-based firm the office design specialist, KKS has developed a dynamic open-plan layout that includes also a welcoming reception space with an elegant multifunctional lounge space. Here, the colours of the armchairs are beautifully complemented by the noble materials of the LOTTA tables by Spanish designer Antoni Arola.


The purity of its design, which consists of a wooden base and a marble top, fits the ambience like a glove highlighting the sense of efficiency and intimacy at the same time.

London. Algomi banking data company

At the new headquarters of the banking data firm Algomi the different ambiences reflect the ethos of this energetic and visionary business. The twisting logo of the firm has served as inspiration for both the colour scheme, which is essentially black and white with a hint of the Algomi turquoise blue, and the space that gravitates around a central hub, with a bar and breakout area, with workspace and meeting areas around the perimeter.


The dynamism of this company is perfectly perceivable from the very entrance that hosts a reception with a well-appointed business lounge. This ambience has been equipped with one of the RITA coffee tables, in ecru and black, two tones that boost the palette while adding a sense of distinction.

London. Stallergenes Greer

RITA has also become the focus of attention in the main meeting room at the London headquarters of the biopharmaceutical company Stallergenes Greer, a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies.


The glossy black finish of this occasional table by Antoni Arola contrasts with the warm, soft tones that define this welcoming space, adding subtlety and sophistication.

Dubai. Chanel Fashion House

Think of Chanel and the first words that come to mind are elegance and effortless sophistication. The fashion house of the brand in Dubai must live up to its reputation and evokes the essence of the famous maison.


An avant-garde, stylised piece, the TRAY table by Antoni Arola exudes design and style from all sides integrating perfectly with the refined, contemporary rest areas of the showroom.

Dubai. Allen & Overy law firm

The law firm Allen & Overy in Dubai has luminous offices, enriched with iconic design pieces such as the KENDO’s PLAT coffee table by Antoni Arolas, which provides the main waiting room with style and function.


The journey continues in other countries and towns, where KENDO has participated in the decoration of private residences, yachts, hotels and restaurants.

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For more information, visit: www.kendomobiliario.com


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