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SAC, the most iconic pocket spring mattress collection from GOMARCO

September 16 / 2020

At GOMARCO, sleep wellness lies at the heart of their business since their inception in 1977, that’s why they offer a wide range of mattresses that suit every need and make the most of your night’s sleep. Their commitment to research and innovation, which is something perceivable from the moment you cross the threshold of their avant-garde facilities, ensures the most absolute quality of their products, including mattresses, bases, articulated beds and a series of accessories such as pillows, headboards, bedside tables, toppers and covers.


Constant developments and the search for the perfect custom sleep experience have allowed the brand to lead the market pioneering the latest technologies and materials. The technical qualities of their mattresses bring comfort and wellness to the next level guaranteeing a healthy sleep for the years to come.


The SAC collection: elegance, innovation, and quality at once

The simple beauty of waking-up feeling rested, refreshed and ready-to-go is a luxury everyone should be afforded, which is why GOMARCO has created SAC, a line of top quality mattresses with 15 different models that respond to the needs of different types of sleepers.


Divided in 4 main lines – SAC LUXE, SAC PREMIUM, SAC ESSENTIAL and SAC CASUAL -, the SAC Collection combines the optimal support provided by their patented pocket spring systems with innovative fabrics and materials to reach the highest standards in comfort, adaptability, resistance and breathability.


SPRINGSAC® Technology | SAC Collection | GOMARCO

Enclosed within its own fabric, each pocket spring works independently from each other, reacting only to the pressure applied to that area. The result is a great level of personalised support and response for each sleeper.


COMFORTSAC®7z Technology | SAC Collection | GOMARCO

GOMARCO offers 4 different pocket spring systems that provide each mattress with its own features and adaptability:

  • SPRINGSAC Soft and SPRINGSAC Firm: The SPRINGSAC® pocket spring core provides different tensions on each side of the bed, so that movements on one side of the mattress can be barely perceived on the other. The spring density is of 250 springs/m2. Weight is homogeneously distributed over the entire surface, preventing the mattress from sagging and sinking, and minimizing pressure points.
  • SPRINGSAC® EXTRA FIRM: Thanks to the layer of coconut fibres glued to its upper part, the SPRINGSAC®EXTRA FIRM pocket spring core provides greater support, firmness, and stability.
  • COMFORTSAC®7z: The COMFORTSAC®7z pocket spring core features a spring density of 520 springs/m2 and offers 7 comfort zones made of different wire gauges. It helps to cradles the body contours and to properly align the spine when resting.
  • NANOSAC®: the 2 cm mini pocket springs absorb movements enhancing the adaptability and making the mattress extremely soft and comfortable.

Each mattress features different layers made of natural or technological materials that blend optimum temperature regulation with indulgent comfort allowing the perfect night-time retreat for every season. Layers of VISCO TITANIUM GEL, SUPER SOFT and LATEX improve comfort and ergonomic. For hot sleepers, the THERMO FIBER layer and the HIGHFOAM and AQUAPUR open-celled structures facilitate the internal circulation dissipating heat and sweat.


As per fabrics, the range includes from natural textiles, such as cotton or viscose, that improve freshness and breathability to the stretch fabrics for extra comfort and adaptability – STRETCH HI, STRETCH 4D, DAMA STRETCH and TECNOFRESH TECHNOLOGY -. AIR FRESH 3D and AIR FRESH SPACE comfort layers are made of fabrics that further improve air circulation for an extra sensation of freshness during the sleep. Non-woven fabrics, such as the TEX REFORCED, are used in several models to stabilize inner layers.


The quilted and embroidered perimeter bands – MultiStitch Luxe, MultiStich, MultiQuilt Luxe and MultiQuilt- add the finishing touch, allowing you to enjoy a tailored design and add a luxurious feel to your night’s sleep. The extra-firm perforated frame, REINFORCED FRAME, ensure breathability while preventing springs from moving sideways when sitting on the edge.


ELEGANT and MERCURY PLUS: the iconic models of the SAC Collection

Elegant, firm and natural. The ELEGANT mattress combines design and technology to improve wellness and comfort. Provided with the COMFORTSAC®7D pocket spring core, it features 7 different comfort zones that easily adapt to all sleeping positions in a progressive way, maintaining the correct alignment of the spine.


ELEGANT mattress | SAC PREMIUM | SAC Collection | GOMARCO

Thermo-controlling materials and fabrics (VISCO Titanium Gel, THERMO FIBER layer, AQUAPUR FIRM and HIGHFOAM) work throughout the night to constantly absorb, store and release heat from the body.

Adaptable & cosy, these are the words that best define the MERCURY PLUS mattress. Its SPRINGSAC Firm core ensures a custom sleep experience and a greater level of personalised support and response for each person sleeping on the mattress.



Both in ELEGANT and MERCURY PLUS, breathability and wellness are provided by the combinations of innovative thermo-controlling materials, such as the VISCOTITANIUM® Gel, the THERMO FIBER layer or the AIR FRESH fabric, this one used for the lower layer.


All the components and materials used in the manufacturing process of the SAC mattress collection are certified free of toxic substances by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1 Certification which guarantees the high security of GOMARCO’s products.


The first steps of GOMARCO go back to the 70s and after more than 40 years of activity and development, it has become one of the leading Spanish brands in the manufacture of mattresses with a distribution network of more than 1,000 stores in Spain, Portugal and France.


For more information, visit: www.gomarco.com


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