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Virtual Salone Milano 2020: iSiMAR, contemporary metal furniture suitable for outdoor, indoor, and contract use

May 26 / 2020

Founded in 1964, iSiMAR designs and manufactures contemporary metal furniture inspired by the Mediterranean landscapes. Made of galvanized steel and aluminum, iSiMAR’s collections are weather-resistant, durable, and environment-friendly thanks to its annual investment in energy efficiency to reduce their CO2 footprint. High quality furniture suitable for outdoor, indoor, and contract use. isimar-olivo-daybed

OLIVO daybed | iSiMAR

Together with its own team of designers, iSiMAR collaborates with a large group of nationally and internationally renowned designers, including ILMIODESIGN, Matteo Thun Atelier, Chaput&Guijarro, and Glorimar Santiago. As a result of these collaborations, the company is launching these new products on the market in 2020

COLONIAL collection

Comfort, style, and the Mediterranean Sea as a source of inspiration. The COLONIAL collection is reminiscent of antique chairs made of wicker, typical of Mediterranean landscapes. Its unique design offers maximum comfort, as well as an attractive and innovative aesthetic.


COLONIAL collection | iSiMAR

Two elements make up the COLONIAL collection: an armchair and a table. The armchair is made of galvanized wire, polyester powder coated in a wide choice of metal finishes. Both, armchairs and tables, are suitable for outdoor, indoor, and contract use.


COLONIAL armchair + PARADISO table | iSiMAR


Along with the existing stools, chairs and tables, the PARADISO collection expands its range of products with the addition of new elements: high benches, sofas, and armchairs. Designed by ILMIODESIGN, the PARADISO collection was born from the need to complete the interior design project, defining a product with retro shapes inspired by the MiMo (Miami Modern) aesthetic of the 1950s.


PARADISO high bench + stool | iSiMAR

Its measurements are designed to provide an extremely comfortable seat in any kind of situation, more formal or casual. This collection, available in a wide range of colours in both structure and upholstery, guarantees perfect performance both indoors and outdoors.


PARADISO sofa + poltrona | iSiMAR

ARENA collection

The ARENA table was an undisputed protagonist of iSiMAR’s 2019 launches. Its success has led to the creation of a new family, consisting of a two-seater sofa, a lounge chair, and a high table. Inspired by the Mediterranean landscape and nature, the holes in its structure try to simulate the undulations that the sand leaves on the beaches of the Mediterranean coast.


ARENA sofa + poltrona | iSiMAR

Since its launch, the ARENA collection has become one of the most highly valued collections of the company by interior designers and decoration studios.


ARENA sofa + poltrona | iSiMAR

iSiMAR’s new launches for 2020

Along with the above-mentioned collections, the company has launched new pieces in 2020 that expand its already successful collections. These include the MADRID and PUERTO collections which present their new upholstered version. Versatile, dynamic pieces that can be customised with more than 20 fabrics and a wide range of colours.


MADRID stools + BOLONIA table | iSiMAR

The BARCELONETA collection makes an update of the sun lounger for the 2020 season. With a light structure made of slats and a wheel system, this new sun lounger is easy to move and storage. In addition, both the structure and cushions, are suitable for saline and wet environments.


BARCELONETA sun lounger + EIVISSA table | iSiMAR

Find out more product highlights for the 2020 season by visiting the company’s product gallery and website.


For more information: www.isimar.es


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