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Virtual Salone Milano 2020: RESOL, high-performance furniture for the hospitality sector

March 10 / 2020

After 50 years sharing knowledge, experience and constant innovation, RESOL is clearly committed to design, cutting-edge innovation and creativity to create unique furniture specially designed to bring any room to life. The Spanish brand collaborates with renowned international designers such as Josep Lluscá, Joan Gaspar, Jorge Pensi, Ton Haas and David Carrasco Barceló, among others.


SUE chair | Joan Gaspar | RESOL

RESOL has a wide range of high-performance, durable, functional furniture with high-quality finishes for the professional sector; currently, it has one of the most extensive ranges for hospitality in the professional market. All the products are 100% recyclable.


SHAPE armchair | Josep Lluscá | RESOL

With its sight set on the international market, RESOL is present in more than 110 countries. The company exports over 50% of its production, offering the most comprehensive range of designer furniture and accesories for the hospitality sector and the office industry.

This year 2020 RESOL presents following new collections.

SHAPE armchair

Designed by Josep Lluscá, SHAPE armchair suggests comfort at first sight.


SHAPE armchair | Josep Lluscá | RESOL

The possibility of combining different legs and shells provides a high versatility and a wide range of combinations intended for different uses (four legs chair, click four legs chair, sled-base chair, spider legs chair, bench seating…).


SHAPE armchair | Josep Lluscá | RESOL

The seat and the structure are injected in polypropylene and fiberglass. Optional upholstered seat.

IKONA chair

Chair designed by Jorge Pensi Studio. Although it can be used both indoors and outdoors, it is in the open air that this piece truly seduces as rays of sunlight pass through its subtle horizontal grooves and cast enchanting shadows onto the pavestones.


IKONA chair | Jorge Pensi Studio | RESOL

Injected in polypropylene and fiberglass. The chair is stackable and offers UV protection.


IKONA chair | Jorge Pensi Studio | RESOL

SUE chair

Chair for indoor and outdoor use designed by Joan Gaspar. The chair is stackable and offers UV protection.


SUE chair | Joan Gaspar | RESOL

SUE is built of injected polypropylene and fiberglass.


SUE chair | Joan Gaspar | RESOL

ANTHEA collection

Designed by Monica Armani for Indecasa (RESOL Group), the ANTHEA outdoor collection is a celebration of innovation in the application of colour, textiles and forms. From soft pastels to deep rich tones, colour is at the forefront of this collection and all its coordinating pieces.


ANTHEA outdoor collection | Monica Armani | Indecasa (RESOL Group)

From the dining table to the matching chairs to the table top itself, the monochromatic application of colour is a unique and captivating design element of ANTHEA.


Modular sofas, wide armchairs, lounge chairs, a pool bed and various accessory tables complement the vast array of seating choices in this offering.


ANTHEA is built of strong and moldable aluminum, yet is smooth and pleasing to the touch with elastic ribbon specially designed by Monica Armani for exceptional support and comfort.


For more information: www.resol.es


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