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RESOL presents its new distinctive designer collections for the contract furniture market

June 29 / 2021

The list of designers who work with RESOL includes some of the biggest names of the Spanish design scene – Josep Lluscá, Joan Gaspar, Jorge Pensi, Vicent Martínez, Antoni Arola, Mario Ruiz, Ricardo Bofill, Jordi Ribaudí, just to name a few -, plus a selected number of internationally renowned architects and industrial designers, such as Monica Armani, Kurt Thut and Fabrizio Batoni. This is a company that has always put design, innovation and creativity at the core of its business and these collaborations have proved the best way to ensure design fertility and style throughout their history.


IKONA chairs | Jorge Pensi | RESOL | IF GOLD AWARD 2021

Based in Northern Catalonia, RESOL was founded more than 60 years ago turning over the years into a leader in the plastics processing sector countrywide. Since they produced their first one-piece plastic injected chair in 1985, they have explored new business models opening to new materials – polypropylene, aluminium, steel, wood, 100% recycled and recyclable plastics, upholsteries… -, products and collaborations. Nowadays, they have the most extensive range of products and accessories for the hospitality and contract markets.


ANTHEA outdoor lounge furniture | Monica Armani | RESOL

With a multifaceted approach to design, at RESOL they are firmly convinced that design has also a strong communication power and can be used to express people’s personality, emotions and create moods. Because in today’s world, spaces are more flexible than ever, they can be both a social environment and a refuge, collective and individual, universal and personal.


SHAPE chairs | Josep Lluscà | RESOL

All their collections express this sort of duality that fosters connections between people and their space and is also the key to their success.

RESOL exports more than 60% of their production and has clients in more than 110 countries all around the world. Chairs such as the elegant WOODY has soon become a success and have been used to provide comfort, style and vibrancy to national and international restaurants, such as the Spanish Diner in the U.S.A., the Camping La Sirène in France and the vibrant Bierwinkel space in Valencia, Spain. New collections have been added to the latest catalogue to cover all the decoration needs for restaurants, hotels, workspaces and residential projects. Let’s have a look!


ANTHEA armchairs & coffee table | Monica Armani | RESOL

BINI Collection. By Joan Gaspar

Made of injected polypropylene with fibreglass and UV protection, the BINI collection is ideal for home and contract use both in indoor and outdoor spaces. Inspired by the traditional cane chair – a classic that the designer has revised in terms of aesthetic and materials -, BINI is available in two versions, chair and lounge chair, and in 6 trendy colours that make it extremely adaptable to every environment.


BINI lounge chairs & coffee tables | Joan Gaspar | RESOL

The light, stackable structure is formed by an integrated arm, a support line and the seat. Both chairs come in combination with matching round tables available in two heights.


BINI chairs & tables | Joan Gaspar | RESOL

Easily to dismantle and pack away, the tables can come in the same colours of the chairs or in contrasting colours, depending on the look required.

SHAPE upholstered armchair. By Josep Lluscá

The variety of versions available makes SHAPE a product extremely versatile and suitable for different spaces at home, in restaurants, in a hotel, at work… The newly launched upholstered version is available in a range of high-performance fabrics and assorted trendy colours that add a hint of style and sophistication to every environment. The wide choice of textures, colours, bases and materials ensures the emotional connection with the user and the surroundings.


SHAPE upholstered chairs | Josep Lluscà | RESOL

Suitable for indoor use, SHAPE has a polypropylene injected fibreglass frame and is offered with different bases – 4 legs, 4 legs with clipping system, sled base, swivel base, four-leg fixed spider base. Available also with quick-drying foams for outdoor use.

ANTHEA Collection. By Monica Armani

Designed by Monica Armani for Indecasa, a brand of the RESOL Group, the ANTHEA outdoor collection perfectly creates a perfect harmony between innovation in forms and fabrics and timeless design. You can see it in the superb styling of the whole collection and the exceptional support and comfort it offers. With a sturdy structure made of mouldable aluminium, ANTHEA is nevertheless smooth and pleasing to the touch with innovative functional elements specifically designed by Monica Armani, such as the made-to-measure extrusions and the die-cast junctions and legs.


ANTHEA outdoor lounge furniture | Monica Armani | RESOL

Another innovative and unique detail are the elastic strips that cover the backrests of chairs and sofas creating an intriguing three-dimensional effect and chromatic vibrancy.


ANTHEA outdoor dining set | Monica Armani | RESOL

Available in different colours, from soft pastels to deep rich tones, the collection includes modular sofas, wide armchairs, lounge chairs, a pool bed, matching tables and accessories that allow configuring cosy, comfortable lounging and dining spaces in the outdoors and indoors.

ANOU lounge chair. By Jorge Pensi

A private escape. Striking beauty, hugging shapes and seating comfort out of this world – this is the essence of the ANOU armchair. With its large and deep enveloping seat, the generously sized ANOU armchair features a perfect combination of strength and softness, sturdiness and cosiness.


ANOU armchairs | Jorge Pensi | RESOL

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it has a shell made of injected polypropylene with fiberglass and a painted iron structure. As per bases, it is possible to choose from different versions: metal or wooden legs, rocking base or swivel base with aluminium structure.


ANOU rocking armchair | Jorge Pensi | RESOL

The removable zipped cushions are upholstered with high performing fabrics that ensure maximum resistance to weather conditions, chemical exposure and fading.

IKONA armchair. By Jorge Pensi. If Gold Award 2021

Conceived to last over time thanks to its timeless design and non-invasive presence, the IKONA chair is made of injected polypropylene and is available in a wide range of trendy colours that blend harmoniously in any architectural context and landscape, bringing personality and style.


IKONA chairs | Jorge Pensi | RESOL | IF GOLD AWARD 2021

Its character is defined by its organic silhouette that embraces and supports the body in a natural, comfortable position. Although it can be used either indoors or outdoors, it is in the open air where this piece really takes the scene thanks to the subtle play of shades created by the rays of sunlight filtered by the horizontal grooves of the backrest.


IKONA chairs | Jorge Pensi | RESOL | IF GOLD AWARD 2021

RESOL designs and manufacturers more than 8,000 references, scrupulously complying with the strictest policies regarding quality control and environmental responsibility.


For more information: www.resol.es


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