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Award-Winning Artistry: MEGA MOBILIARIO celebrates its Craftsmanship Award of the Valencian Community

December 5 / 2023

Ever wondered where true craftsmanship meets innovation in the heart of Valencia? Discover the answer with MEGA MOBILIARIO, an artisanal furniture company located in Silla (Valencia), recently celebrated with the prestigious Craftsmanship Award of the Valencian Community. This accolade, unveiled at the Craft Centre CV, applauds one of MEGA MOBILIARIO’s most iconic masterpieces—the CREA sideboard—and underscores the artistry of this family-owned gem in the world of artisanal furniture.


María García and Vicent Vila, CEO and Product Manager of MEGA MOBILIARIO, with the CREA sideboard

Created by the talented Valencian designer, Víctor Pinto, the CREA collection is a shining example of MEGA MOBILIARIO’s unwavering dedication to excellence in execution. After being finalists thrice before, with another piece making waves in the Vanguard category, MEGA MOBILIARIO finally clinched the prestigious award, honouring their four-decade journey and their embodiment of artisanal values: quality, tradition, mastery, and commitment to good quality.

CREA sideboard, Craftsmanship Award of Valencian Community

Beyond their craftsmanship, this accolade celebrates MEGA MOBILIARIO’s prowess in the market. Since 1999, this family-owned business has been exporting 20% of its meticulously crafted pieces to Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. The award also commends MEGA MOBILIARIO’s ability to seamlessly blend artisanal production with cutting-edge technology, innovation, and avant-garde design.


CREA side table, finalist in the Vanguard category

María García and Vicent Vila, the dynamic duo serving as CEO and Product Manager of MEGA MOBILIARIO, are the torchbearers of the legacy passed down by the company’s founders, Francisco García and Vicenta Muñoz. What started as a humble artisanal furniture venture in 1980 has blossomed into a rich 40-year legacy. Despite transitioning to the second generation, the company remains synonymous with meticulous design, unrivalled quality, and an unwavering commitment to innovation, all while preserving artisanal production techniques like marquetry.


CREA sideboard | Victor Pinto | MEGA MOBILIARIO

In the hands of MEGA MOBILIARIO, every piece tells a story, blending heritage with innovation—a testament to a timeless commitment to craftsmanship and family legacy.

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More at: www.megamobiliario.es

* The finalist and award-winning works can be visited from December 1, 2023, until the end of March 2024 at the Craft Center CV in Valencia. Free admission from Monday to Friday.

Centro de Artesanía de la Comunitat Valenciana, C. del Hospital, 7, 46001 Valencia


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